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Introductions, Count Out Rulings, And Transitioning into Virtual

Started by redyellowedge, December 02, 2015, 01:09:15 PM

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Hi All, I'm the 'Commissioner' for a group of Raw Deal players in Scotland, Long time lurker on this forum, but never posted to introduce myself.
Anyway, my first question is this:
How many times in a game can a player refuse a count out win? We currently play with a one-time refusal (Like a last chance to hit damage scenario) but I realize upon reading the last FAQ from CI that this isn't explicitly stated and is more how we've interpreted it.

My other point if interest is figuring out the best way to move into Virtual Sets, We currently only play Classic All Axxess, with a roster system in place to avoid multiples of the same superstar, and with a league system in place where 3 players are the World, Intercontinental, and European Champions, and they are the only superstars allowed to play Title Belts, which are used as backstage cards, rather than Pre-Match cards.
How viable is this system, moving into virtual sets? Will we still be able to play with no Revolution? Are there any recommended online printers for the virtual sets?
Thanks in advance for any advice/answers


You may refuse a count-out as many times as you like, as long as you still have cards in Arsenal. Once both players' Arsenals are empty, then no one can refuse count-outs anymore, and the game will end in a double loss once the current turn ends.

Your league system should work fine with Virtual, and you'll still be able to play without Revolution cards.
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And a severely belated 'Awesome!' from me about dipping your group's collective toe into Virtual.

The game mode you'd be looking at is 'Virtual Classic', which means all the non-Revo stuff. There's a small, small trickle of things from Revo that still appear (Basically, multi cards that are part Revo-types), but otherwise it's all good ole classic flavor.

There are some threads discussing printing of cards (and online card printers) around, but many of us just use the local FedEx Office or whatnot to print on paper, then sleeve it with random commons and such.

If you end up with any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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