So... uh... guys?

Started by Antigoth, September 26, 2014, 12:31:53 AM

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Since you've gone and started your own Raw Deal Website, and haven't posted here in three years - is there any reason for us to maintain this section?

If we haven't heard anything in a month, we'll shut this area down.

-The Management


Last I heard guys like Frankie etc etc don't play raw deal anymore

WARNING: The above post is highly likely to be interpreted as a complaint or a show of ingratitude towards the RDPC. Read at own risk; viewer discretion is advised.


Does it have anything to do with that its in the private forum section? Or can anyone see it regardless of the area
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The Singapore forum was created to be openly visable to the public because at one time we had so many active singaporean players who used this as a vehicle to organize their events. Then a few broke off, and created their own site, and this area has died down since.


Wished there was more going on here but most,if not all, of the admins here have already moved on.
It would make sense to take down this subsection of TCO unless there are plans to do something about it.


Update: some of us are moving into virtual and are hosting tournaments for Classic + VC.

Should I would post my tournament announcement + result in the relevant section or in the SG thread?.

Just curious :D


It will certainly get more exposure in the main areas of the site, rather than trying to get people to come look in this old sub-forum (which we should probably toss, by now...)

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