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The Most Electrifying <Revolution> Deck in ALL of Raw Deal!

Started by The Softcore Legend, August 23, 2014, 10:42:29 AM

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The Softcore Legend

<R> ROCK---A Revolution deck by Jake "The Softcore Legend" Weires

Too Extreme For Your Own Good
2x Ring Psychology: Leg
Man of 1000 Moves
The Most Electrifying Man in ALL of Entertainment
Your Chance in the Limelight

Team Bring It!
You Hit Like a Girl!
Talk Is Cheap
Before This Gets Out of Hand
Slow the Match to a Crawl
Keep Your Eyes Open or It's Game Over

The People's Elbow

Judo Takedown
3x Chicken Wing
3x Big Boot
3x Inverted Atomic Drp
Electrifying Spine Buster
Rock Bottom

Desperate Hold
2x Chop Block
3x Double Leg Lock Crab
3x Dragon Sleeper
3x Sharpshooter
3x Figure Four Leg Lock

If You Smell What The Rock Is Cookin'?
3x Centered Defense
3x Head-to-Toe Defense
3x Lateral Flank Defense

2x Masochist at Heart
3x Outmaneuver
Two for the Show...
Flurry of Catchphrases
3x Try To Get Away
Boots to A$$es!
3x I Won't Be Beat Tonight
2x That's Extremely Un-Original
My Way
3x Off Your Mark
2x Inertia

I put this deck together the night before I left for GENCON while watching a movie staring Dwayne Johnson.  I had a Terry Funk Deck all ready to go but I was thinking to myself, "This deck auto-loses to the Rock.  Who else auto loses to the Rock?  Maybe Hardcore Hell Decks?"  Well I don't know how many auto losses there are, but the deck is pretty solid.

Use Your Chance In the Limelight to make your opponent go first.  He will most likely throw a core.  You will take the 1 damage.  (There isn't really anything in this deck that stops cores specifically, so just eat them.)  If he attempts to play ANYTHING else, you should be able to stop him with your Backlash.

Now, start your turn.  You now have lower fortitude.  You should have a chicken wing from Man of 100 Moves in your Hand.  Throw Team Bring it for F:0 and Momentum, because you have Lower fortitude.  You next maneuver now has momentum.  Get 7 fortitude with 1 core. 

At this point you should have access to all of the F:7 target reversals.  This helps like crazy.  Offensively, you do not NEED to play cores anymore unless you are facing an unwanted aggression rule.  Sometimes I actually took the aggression rule just to get to the Double Leg Lock Crabs.  Keep using the Double Leg Lock Crabs in your Ringside to get the rest of your game moving.  Once you burn through all of the Mean reversals, this card has target: Leg and your 2 ring psychology: leg cards will allow you to grab 2 more leg target maneuvers from your Ringside (Sharpshooter & Figure Four) when you successfully play one.  Chop Block and Desperate Hold also have a Leg Target to get this going.

The Rock also has some pretty heavy duty Maneuver/reversal cards that I would hang onto to play as Reversals as long as possible.

There isn't much Antic Hate in this deck.  I pretty much gambled of people being scared to play antics.  I wasn't exactly right about that!  Goth play a TON of Antics, and we had a very enjoyable EPIC game.  The Rock still won though despite his antics.  In no game that I played did an antic played by my opponent actually win him the game.

Drew's Flair deck managed to draw Flair's F:4 antic/momentum Reversal into his opening hand and ruined my starting combo.  Against most of the field, and including that deck, I don't see that happening much.  I had the most fun EVER playing this deck in the Revolution format.  The Format has come a long way.  I hope to play more of it. 

Oh, and it Beat that SICK <R>VD deck of Mitch's too.  Not an Easy Feat!
Do NOT overlook this superstar!


I like this solid build from one of my favorite <R> superstars, especially with <R> Your Chance in the Limelight (not used very often).  It's fortunate your gamble paid off, with not majority of superstars playing Antics.  I'd be interested to see this deck against <R> Christian.

I ran a similar build with <R> 4ever: No Mercy (focusing on selecting recuperative Means) <R> WWE Heavyweight Title Belt (only increasing to +3), and <R> Attitude Adjusters (only to make my opponent randomly discard 1).
- Team NBD
- In <R>evolution, we like to FIGHT!


Note: Desperate Hold was errata'd to make it target Back, not Leg.
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100% reason to remember the name.

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The Softcore Legend

Quote from: BigPimpin on August 24, 2014, 09:38:10 PM
Note: Desperate Hold was errata'd to make it target Back, not Leg.

That's a good note.  I missed that!