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<R> The Rock

Started by Hayus, July 23, 2014, 08:15:16 PM

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Hi all, could I trouble to you to critique my rock deck (only the second revo deck I have built)? I'm sure there are holes in it, please be kind!

Format: Revo
Superstar: The Rock

John L Changes the Match!
WWE Heavyweight Belt
Attitude Adjusters
The most electrifying man in ALL
Too Extreme for your own good
Don't take this Ass Whoopin Personally

Team Bring It
Burn Out Attitude
Slow this match to a crawl
One for the Money
Talk is Cheap
Keep your eyes open or game over

A Spirited turn of Events x 3
Look Under the Ring
Go Candice, come to daddy x 2
Not what we came to see
Three to get ready
Whoop ass attitude
Undying attitude
Candy Ass Attitude
You need an attitude adjustment
Too much attitude
Four now go cat go
Only one solution x 3
European Uppercut x 1
Rapid fir punches x 2
Discuss Punch x 2
Off your mark x 1
Outmaneuver x 3
Inertia x 1
Second Solution x 3
Boots to asses
Rock Bottom
Electrifyingn Spine Buster
The Rock's Punching Fury
If you smell what the rock...
Flurry of Catch phrases
Press Slam
Welcome to my world x 2
My Way (TB)
Head to toe defense x 2
No, You're Firrrreeed x 2
Centered Defense
Why don't you kiss... x2
Two for the show
People's Elbow
Judo Takedown
Quick Grapple
Quick Strike
Desperate Assault
Elbow Smash x 3
Gut Punch x 3


Not a bad build.  Just one thing to note:

You can't pack Revolution Judo Takedown, Revolution Quick Grapple, and Revolution Quick Strike with Revolution The Second Solution.
- Team NBD
- In <R>evolution, we like to FIGHT!


Hey, great catch, and thanks. Too bad though, because they filled the slot for low F maneuvers, and for Extreme defense. Should I split the three cards between defense and offense, or replace them with 0 F maneuvers? I feel like it's a tough call, because the deck feels like it's lacking in defense against extremes.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it!


I feel you should add more F: 0 Maneuvers.  When you reach F: 7, your defense cards can cover Extremes based on targets, but you need to build Fortitude and F: 0 Maneuvers will help with that.
- Team NBD
- In <R>evolution, we like to FIGHT!