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<R> Rated RKO...looking for help

Started by Brizzyboi, June 26, 2014, 11:43:07 PM

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First time building a REVO deck ,so any advice or thoughts greatly appreciated.

1x Tomorrow's <WWE logo> Legends
1x I'm Not Your Damn Role Model
1x I am the Legend Killer
1x Revolution Judgment Day
1x Revolution Even Good Guys Do Bad Things
1x Revolution WWE Intercontinental Title Belt

1x My Destiny
1x Talk Is Cheap
1x Spinning Kick
1x Keep Your Eyes Open or It's Game Over
1x Caution: You're Entering the O-Zone
1x Sex and Violence

3x Elbow Smash
2x Uppercut
3x Snap Bulldog
1x Desperate Assault
3x Gut Punch
3x Spinning Heel Kick
1x Edge Clipper
1x Third Generation Dropkick
1x Edge's Missile Dropkick
1x Ego Driven Double Team
1x Edge-ucator
1x Ego Cutter
1x The Legendary RKO
1x The Rated R Spear

3x The Second Solution
2x Outmaneuver
1x You'll Never Take What's Mine
3x Only One Solution: Revolution
1x On this Day, I See Clearly
1x Two for the Show...
2x Centred Defense
2x Why Don't You Kiss My Ass
1x My Way
2x That's Extremely Unoriginal
2x Off Your Mark
2x Welcome to my World
2x Inertia

1x Leave it All Behind
1x A Legendary Hit List
3x Melina's Shoot Stretch
1x Help From My Friends
2x Look Under The Ring
2x My Way or the Highway
1x Everything Has Come To Life
1x The One-Man Dynasty
1x Burn In My Light


Solid build.  I was wondering about your strategy against Extremists, though.
- Team NBD
- In <R>evolution, we like to FIGHT!