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Started by Mitch!, October 21, 2019, 09:51:38 PM

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This will be used to report any issues found within the OCTGN plugin and will post updates notes as well, also you can suggest things to improve how the plugin plays.

OCTGN Update Log:
10/21/19: Added SSV and Hand Size counters which will add base hand size/SSV automatically when superstar is played, fixed some mis-entered code causing a couple backlash cards to be smaller than usual.
10/22/19: Added "Send to Bottom" to all piles, added shortcut for randomly putting 1 card from hand on bottom. Hitting enter now says "Passes". Fixed an issue with title belts not aligning automatically.
OCTGN Update:
10/23/19:Added some missing cards "Help's on the Way", Commish(TB), Ric Flair Interferes, Get Him, Boyz!, Where the HELL did everyone go??!?, Volley This!(tb). Added alternate art for Kevin Ownes, Sami Zayn, Charlotte, Xavier Woods, The New Day, The Usos, The Rhodes Brothers,Rusev(2017 alt arts). Fixed an issue with fortitude counter not removing fortitude when a card was put directly on bottom of arsenal. Added function to move bottom card to table.
10/24/19:Found some missing cards: Rattlesnake Rulz, Do You Smell What the Rock is Cooking?
10/25/19: Hold On! It's Not Time to Show Yet was put in place of the TB version by accident resulting in no TB version, fixed the issue.
10/27/19:Classic Power Bomb got put in twice in place of Classic Power Slam, got Classic Power Slam put in.
11/12/19: Managed by WWE Divas and Ivory:Conservative Champion not formatted as backlash correctly.
12/24/19: Added newest virtual set Then, Now, Forever. Also added Missing DX Superstar card.
4/2/20: Added missing cards: Mother Russia, Legendary Management and corrected spelling on two-time!
5/7/20: Added missing Throwback images for Divine Intervention, Champ is here, Restricted Use in this Area, raw deal revolution, Tag Cards and cheap pop/hell cards.
5/20/20: Fixed various errors that have been found, BIG image update there should be no cards left without actual images.
5/27/20: Fixed reports issues, made card movement more descriptive(Example:Sending to bottom shows the card unless its in a non-public area). More image updates, replaced some really bad quality images(Chyna's stuff looks better).
6/3/20: Increased card size and spacing, made enforcer cards show up next to superstar card instead of on top of it, corrected some issues with backlash cards size showing incorrectly.
9/29/20: Fixed reported issues, added 2020 Revisions, added new set V11 Undisputed!
12/27/2020: Finally figured out crashing issue, Added V11B and TNF2.
6/7/2021: Missing Unique Trait on "Censored!" Missing card "Victim of the Revolving Cheap Pop" Misbranded Women's Title Belts from V11 Found SS3 version of "Really, That's Enough" and replaced OG image.
6/21/2021: Added Virtual 12 Limitless.
Mitch of Team Niki Heber and Friends
Only B2B's Deck to Ever Win Worlds!
The Heel HHH of Raw Deal


Mitch of Team Niki Heber and Friends
Only B2B's Deck to Ever Win Worlds!
The Heel HHH of Raw Deal