Tips on Using Lackey to Play Online

Started by Mitch!, January 05, 2013, 12:55:26 AM

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Some helpful things people should know about using lackey to play online:

We have a TCO Raw Deal Discord server here:, which is used to setup games with other players, answer rules questions and discuss just about anything.

1. First thing I would recommend is binding a key combination for overturning cards, dragging cards over 1 at a time for taking damage is just way to tedious and takes too long. You can also bind drawing and other functions as well.  You can bind these functions  under: Preferences -> Key Bindings, I have mine set to Ctrl + R for Overturn and Ctrl + D for Draw.

2. If you use a similar reversal set for lets say Face/Heel or have cards that you just pack in almost all of your decks, make yourself a "Card Set" save file, you can load it up and rename it, which leaves the original file in tact and then you have most of your reversal set done already, for instance I have reversal sets for Face, Heel and BASH and the cards i use the most frequently that go with those sets and my common backlash cards(Restricted, RTV, etc.) and all my common backstage area cards as well.

3. Save while playing, while lackey works well most of the time hitting Ctrl + S every few minutes can save you from losing a game to a server drop or a connection drop, which happens to some more than others depending on your ISP. A good time to save is right after the pre-match phase as we all know sometimes those can last a while depending on the effects.

4. If you are missing a card in your deck or put the wrong one in or something where you need to put a card in the deck after a game has started, if your opponent allow's you to make the change, instead of modifying the deck and reloading it all over you can simply use the Spawn function.  How to do this is just type in /spawn "The cards exact name how it appears in lackey" capitalization does not matter. So if I wanted to spawn a Poke I would simply type in  /spawn poke.

5. Whenever a update is released make sure that you go and update it, if your plugin does not match everyone else's the card image's will not show up correctly, updates are posted here:,12440.0.html

Useful shortcuts you can use during the game:

/draw #  (drawing starting hand size is a good time for this)
/flip  flips a coin
/roll D20  rolls a D20
/roll d# can roll any sided die you like

Random Removal: Right click on the area(Ringside) Move -> Random -> X(Number) -> To the top of -> Removed.
Random Selection: Right click the area(hand) and then Discard X at random -> X OR  Move -> Random -> X(Number) -> To the top of -> Misc
Searching Arsenal: Right Click the area(Arsenal) Reveal to Owner(If your cards) Reveal to Others(To show opponent) Reveal to All(Everybody can see)

Ctrl + Left Click on a card: Flip card face down
Hold Shift + Click/Drag: Select multiple cards
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