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Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in athletes (and others) with a history of repetitive brain trauma, including symptomatic concussions as well as asymptomatic subconcussive hits to the head. CTE has been known to affect boxers since the 1920s. However, recent reports have been published of neuropathologically confirmed CTE in retired professional football players and other athletes who have a history of repetitive brain trauma. This trauma triggers progressive degeneration of the brain tissue, including the build-up of an abnormal protein called tau.  These changes in the brain can begin months, years, or even decades after the last brain trauma or end of active athletic involvement.  The brain degeneration is associated with memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, and, eventually, progressive dementia.
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This is being talked about a lot lately. It is being linked to deaths in hockey, football, and pro wrestling to name a few. This bothers me on two levels:
1. It scares me that it might be true and that we will see a lot more problems and deaths.
2. It scares me that this will be used as any easy way to blame problems and deaths.

I have heard people talking about CTE causing:
Uncontrollable anger
Financial Problems
Lack of impulse control.

People in all walks of life deal with these issues daily.
Odds say that even with out CTE there will be percentages of athletes that deal with these problems as well. While CTE is a very real problem that can have very adverse affects, it has the strong possibility of being an excuse or a cover up for other causes.
  Both of my boys play football, and have since 3rd grade.  This now has me thinking differently about how they play. I have all of the recent discussion to thank for that. While there is not enough known about this right now, and only time will tell. How do you all feel about the impact and implications of CTE will play out?
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Most physicians will tell you that playing any sport will help your child grow as a person. Gaining the responsibility, friendship and life lessons if you will, out-weigh the potential risks. From what I've seen, and only what I've seen, CTE only affects persons when they get older, with a few exceptions. I don't think your boys are playing nearly as often or at a level of play to where they would ever be affected by this disease. I'm not trying to tell you how to be a parent obviously.

I'm not surprised that this is becoming an issue. The amount of punishment a man takes throughout a game of football or hockey, much less an entire career is absurd. The brain is going to suffer under the amount of punishment the body takes. It is unfortuneate that athlets are going to have to deal with this, but with The Unions these days, they will have the support of the league unlike the AFL/NFL days.

It is sad to see players die so young and early. I'm sure they would have rather lived longer than die to this disease, but I'm guessing they don't regret playing and would do it again.


My boys play at a pretty high level in football and especially wrestling. My oldest is a CB-slot receiver so I'm not too worried. It's my youngest who plays MLB/FB and special teams, he rarely comes off of the field. I'm definitely more open to decreasing blows/hits in practice, but you still have to hit to play the game right. Both are smart, well adjusted young men which will serve them better than many pro athletes that don't have those traits.
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I'm a little wary of any sport that needs heavy padding and helmets to absorb impact from other humans (gridiron football, hockey, etc). Too much possibility for wear and tear, that can go unnoticed and build up.

There are many other ways to show off athleticism, we don't need sports that for some to many of players is basically big horn sheep ramming their heads against each other.
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We don't need sports or to show off athleticism at all. People play sports because they choose to. Humans push the envelope on what their bodies can do. If its not for you, don't play, don't watch, don't support, but it's none of your business if somebody else wants to play sports.
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I've been playing hockey (mostly goalie) for 15 years now....almost all of the friends I have (including the ones who got me into Raw Deal) I have through watching and playing hockey, and if I never saw a game or put a goalie mask on I'd be a totally different person (while most people might think that's for the better :p....that's not the point)....if you ask me...life is about LIVING IT....and while I might be a lil nervous about football (and yes I've been concussed twice one from a cheap shot to the temple and one from an absurd slapshot that got me just right in the mask).....I couldn't think or see me doing or playing anything else....and if I stopped playing hockey I'd be not living anymore.....given I haven't gotten to the point where I messed myself up bad enough that a doctor told me "you need to stop"....I've lost 75 pounds (and still dropping) from my dedication to ice hockey....it's a decision everyone needs to make for themself in their adult life....least that's how I feel about it.....
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