NRD Deckbuilding: Santino Marella

Started by Bronn1, April 20, 2012, 03:16:09 AM

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Santino Marella

Brawler/Clean Fighter

Backlash Deck: (20)

Pre-Match: (10)
Managed By-A The Maria
Hell in a Cell
Pick Your Spots x2
In-Ring Promo x2
Underrated Superstar x2
I Know Judo
The GM's Word is the Law

Mid-Match: (10)
Are YOU A Former Intercontinental Champion Who Has Beaten The Umaga?!
The Backlash!
Sustained Damage
Keep It Clean x3
Debilitating Injury: Torso x2
Ring The Damn Bell!
Fastball Special

Arsenal: (60)

Maneuvers: (23)
Winding up The Elbow
Chop x3
Kick x3
Pump Kick x3
Chop to the Chest x3
Short Arm Rib Breaker x3
Elbow Drop x3
Cross Body Block x2
Splash x2

Reversals: (29)
Ahaha!  You Lose!
Elbow to the Face x3
Block x3
Escape Move x3
Reach for the Ropes x3
Roll Out of the Way x2
Oversell Maneuver x2
There Are Two Things You Can Do... x2
No Chance in Hell x2
Manager Interferes x2
Good Things Sometimes Happen x2
Ax Kick x2
Don't Try This At Home
Crane Kick

Actions: (8)
I've Got Your Delicious Subway Sandwich
Offer Handshake x3
Can You Keep It Up? x2
The GM Rules x2