New Raw Deal Rules Document v.1.0

Started by Bronn1, April 15, 2012, 04:06:48 AM

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After getting two separate private messages in 48 hours asking me to do up a Rules Sheet for some reason (since I'm not actually involved in the game), I decided to take the liberty of swiping the Raw Deal rulebook off the Comic Images site and slightly modifying it to be more New Raw Deal friendly.  

Note that this has not in any way been endorsed by Bryson at this time!

Being 2am, I'm not going to add all the different Styles to the document's Glossary or correct the fact that some of the cards used as examples aren't in New Raw Deal, but it will serve the purpose for now for those looking for how to play the game or a document that you can use to teach more people how to play.  The link to my 4Shared folder with the PDFs as well is:

If there are future updates to this document or Bryson nixes it, I'll post here that it has changed.  No copyright infringement is intended (I even left a bunch of copyright in the document :))


hmm the downloads seem not working for me like i clciked on it to download it seems i have to sign up


It seems to work as long as you sign in, or join, I joined this site and such for free, so it isn't too big of a deal.


Hello Bronn

Is there any chance you can re upload this some where or email me direct?



Hi guys, I'm new on town and I found you because a friend tolds me about us.

I think that NRD es awesome and gives new chances to new players or players that have been sold their cards, like me.

But the rules are down, so if someone can share me the rules, I'll thank a lot.



Still no rules? I really need clarification on the styles.