NRD Deckbuilding: Hornswoggle

Started by Bronn1, April 11, 2012, 03:46:26 AM

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With Hornswoggle, I went with a more action-heavy build rather than relying on him being able to hit one big maneuver as his first play each turn thanks to his Finlay Manager.  There's still a couple of hybrids that he could hit as the first play, but mostly I made sure he could play something at all times at 3 damage or less.  I also considered some other options with him, including a wacky Backstage Politics idea and a Taunt deck idea.


Styles: (2)

Backlash: (20)
Prematch: (10)

Managed by Father Finley
Underrated Superstar x2
Awesome Pyrotechnics
In-Ring Promo x2
Washington, DC
This Is Sports Entertainment At Its Finest
Rules Were Meant To Be Broken
Prematch Handshake

Mid-Match: (10)
Run To Your Home
The Backlash!
Nerve Strike
It's A Trap!
Panic Attack
Keep It Clean x2
Commercial Break x3

Arsenal: (60)
Maneuvers: (13)

Tadpole Splash
Fireman's Carry x3
Arm Drag x3
Arm Bar x3
Chin Lock x2

Reversals: (30)
Elbow to the Face x3
Step Aside x3
Escape Move x3
Reach for the Ropes x3
Roll Out Of The Way x2
Clumsy Opponent x2
Oversell Maneuver x3
There Are Two Things You Can Do x3
Good Things Sometimes Happen x2
Don't Try This At Home x2
What The Hell Is This? x2
Indian Leg Lock
Crane Kick

Actions: (17)
The Luck O' the Irish
Can You Keep It Up? x3
Shake It Off x2
Offer Handshake x3
Smile For The Fans x2
Booby Trap x2
Grab The Mic! x2
Turn The Tide
I'm Absolutely Speechless