There's No Escape From ULTIMATE SURVIVOR~!

Started by rachelmon, July 29, 2011, 07:34:15 AM

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Ultimate survivor (smackdown/ heel/ ff)

Backstage 3
5th anniversary
Signing apperance
Backstage signature

Pre-match 10
You couldnt pay me enough
Banned from ringside
Best laid plans
ECW championship belt
The champ is here!
There is no escape
Bitter rivals
Fans loves an underdog (tb)
Managed by stacy keibler (tb)

Mid-match 10
Chase off manager
Road to victory
Introduce brain to mouth
Shoot counter
Mattitude adjustment
Restricted use in this area
Sustained damage

Arsenal 60

Maneuvers 15
Spinning straight elbow
Side effect
Matt's moonsault (TB)
Matt hardy patented leg drop
Tornado takedown of doom
The finisher
Gut punch body slam
Maneuver of doom
Sucker punch
Atomic knee drop
Suicide lariat
Leg lock
Atomic spinebuster
Atomic Suplexbuster DDT of doom
Let me get a shot in

Actions 11
The mattitude era has arrived
Put it all on the line (tb)
Brave H
Macmahon family values
The shirt is off
Shoot action x3
Roar for the fans x3

Reversals 21
Stronger than death
I can slap a tornado
I will not die
MI x3
Revo x3
Elbow x2
It's great to be back.. x2
Hold the phone x2
Coach x2
Get the f out x2
Divine intervention
Raw deal revolution

Hybrids 12
Volley this x3
Dun try
too many refs, too many rules
Sidewalk slam tb
Dynamic finisher
Is us vs them x3
Indestructable soul
Twist of fate
The matt hardy movement has arrived

BASICALLY, u whack matt movement without letting people volley this, although it still can be elbow and once is enough, but i think escaping volley this is good enough.

with the help of banned from ringside, matt movement can be recycled with ur superstar abilty. well, after the 4f, carry on with ur shirt is off and patented leg drop. with the help of there is no escape, ur patented leg drop is a MUST go in. opponent cant play sidewalk slam tb and no according to fine print due to no escape.

after that, keep roaring the fans and whack high damage manuever. this deck works well for me, so i decided to share with u guys.

any comments pls! thanks.


I know this is 9 years later but i just came across this and I'm curious. Why are you packing Hybrid reversals if you plan on using "There is no escape."


Superstar specifics get around no escape and it's only maneuvers that don't get hit by hybrids.