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Started by Turd Ferguson, February 21, 2010, 08:15:34 PM

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Turd Ferguson

Registration is now opened for characters. For the next 48 hours I want everyone to limit themselves to one real wrestler per person. Valets/Managers do not count for that restriction. To pick up a character PM me don't post it in this thread. Once the rosters are done I'll edit this post and have the thread closed so we have just the roster in this post. Be sure to include the disposition of your character.

Alyssa Mace - JarekMace4
Dilbert - dilbert505
Gavin Payne - dilbert505
Jarek Mace - JarekMace4
Joey Cilo - Joey Cilo
Keldon Bloodsword - JarekMace4
Tony - Anthony Lurty

Alpha - DogtheUnemployed
Kris Yuthakon - Revolution_Payback
Shawn Cortez - Cryonix

Ashley Lane - Turd Ferguson
Awesome Kong - Doctor Barone
Chris Jericho - Joey Cilo
CM Punk - Doctor Barone
Delirious - Commissioner D2
Drew McIntyre - Joey Cilo
Fabien Kaelin - Revolution_Payback
James Altraz - Commissioner D2
Jimmy Jacobs - Commissioner D2
John Bradshaw Layfield - Daeva
Mike DiBiase - Turd Ferguson
Nick Brolic - Doctor Barone
Sean Storm - Rein
Raven - Rein
Steven Richards - Doctor Barone
Ted DiBiase Jr.  - Turd Ferguson
Teddy Hart - Revolution_Payback

Funaki - DogtheUnemployed
Trish Stratus - Turd Ferguson

Ted DiBiase Sr. - Turd Ferguson

Joey Styles - Play by Play Announcer
Chris Nowinski - Color Commentator
Jeremy Borash - Backstage Interviewer
Trish Stratus - Owner