punjabi Giant Great Khali Deck

Started by kaiten619, May 08, 2011, 12:43:08 PM

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Backstage Area
The Great Khali

Backlash Deck
Punjabi Prison Match
Underrated superstar
Managed by William Regal
Study the tapes x3
Jump the bell x2
In-ring promo x2
The chop of doom
The backlash x2
Go for the cover x3
Slow down x2
Change in programming lineup x2

Brain Claw
Kick x3
Pump kick x3
Hammerlock x3
Headlock x2
Head butt x3
Drop kick x3
Clothesline x2
Ankle lock x2
Triangle choke x3
Half crab x3
Awzm, TulHw, mhw, v'fw, b'fy lok
Elbow to the face x3
Over sell maneuver x3
Block x3
Break the hold x3
No sell maneuver x3
Manager interferes x2
Escape move x2
A celebration Punjabi style
The gm rules x3
Irish whip x4
Maintain hold x3
Set'im up

any suggestions to make the deck better let me know