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Messages - LawnMowerMan

I love it.
If my opponent were to pass for there action during the pre-match phase and I also pass for my pre-match phase does that end the pre-match phase or do they get 1 last try to play something?
I am going to be dancing my way to victory.
Can't wait it will be my first year showing up and winning.

*ego intensifies*
If I pin myself with old school wrestling match and I activate wrestlemania would it be there turn since it is no longer my turn they can't reverse it right?

Pre-match Pay-Per-View Event
Can only be played when there is a Feud card in any Ring area.
The maximum number of Pre-match cards you may have in your Ring area is increased by 1.
If you are about to lose the game via Pinfall victory, you may instead put this card into your Ringside pile and then all players put their hand on top of their Arsenal and then shuffle # cards from their Ringside pile into their Arsenal, where # is equal to double their Superstar Value. (This is not affected by the card titled Hell in a Cell Match.) End the current turn.
When this card is in your Ringside pile, before your Draw Segment, remove the top card of your Arsenal from the game.
F: 0       D: 0

Old School Wrestling Match - Throwback
Pre-match Stipulation
If any player's turn ends after his Draw Segment without attempting to play a maneuver, he overturns 6 cards.  Turns cannot be skipped, and non-Superstar-specific cards cannot prevent an opponent from playing maneuvers.
When Back to Basics is in your Ring, your Pre-match Capacity is +3, and your opponent cannot play I'm Gonna Break You.
F: 0     D: 0     Unique     Permanent     RMS logo
Classic Deck Reviews / Re: Eddie
July 03, 2018, 04:45:54 PM
Quote from: Suicidal_Sephiroth on September 17, 2017, 08:13:16 PM
I did really well with a eddie deck a while back and ran the venue singapore with the smackdown heavyweight belt to grab maneuver of doom and went into it first turn. Have you looked about maybe slipping in some dynamic flying body press, you can play it as a action to pick it back up then play it as the move. Fun stuff.

Til it ran into a hardcore Dx of sorts......... :)
Fantasy Cards / Kairi Sane
June 28, 2018, 09:10:44 AM
Kairi Sane
Handsize: 6
Superstar value: 2
Ability: your opponent must remove two cards in his ringside from the game to be able to play reversals from there hand to your volley maneuvers.

The Pirate Princess
Backstage Area
Your volley maneuvers are not fan favorite or cheater. During your opponents turn when he successfully plays a maneuver with "reverse" in the text you may put this card into your ring remove the top 5 cards from your arsenal blank the maneuvers text and damage and end your opponents turn.

When this card is in your ring your volley maneuvers are -2f.

The Anchor
Submission volley: 12
F: 15
D: 8
When you have less cards removed from the game than your opponent and less fortitude this card is -5f and a trademark finisher instead.

Walk the Plank
Action volley: 3
F: 5

when this card is in your ring or ringside you may put it on the bottom of your arsenal and your opponent removes the top card of his arsenal from the game

When this card is removed from the game by your opponent double the numbers in your ability your next turn.

Sailing the seven seas

Pre-match event
You may play this card during any pre-match phase. Search your arsenal for the card titled walk the plank. Put it into your ring and shuffle your arsenal.

Ace: during your turn you may remove this card from the game and shuffle 5 cards from your hand and 5 cards from your ringside into your arsenal and draw 2 cards. When you have lower fortitude this effect cannot be reversed.

Seven Seas
F: 25
D: 20
Trademark Finisher + high risk volley: 10

Can only be played after a successfully played volley maneuver or the card titled from the top rope.

When played and your fortitude rating is greater than your opponents and he has at least 20 cards removed from the game this card can only be reversed from arsenal.
From what I'm getting from this thread...,15899.0.html

The card has the text while still in your hand. The only way to play it is to meet the requirement.
The blanking part comes after meeting the requirement of the maneuver.

Basically the card still has the text "can only be played after a maneuver" while still in your hand. So if you do not meet that requirement how is it being played?
Tournament Reports / Re: Funkcon ongoing results
June 23, 2018, 08:08:27 PM
I just want to say I appreciate every single one of the participants in the Funk Con event. I had a goal when I returned to the game and that was to build a large community that people would enjoy. With a turnout of 14 people I could not be more happy with this outcome. 14 might not seem like a whole lot but for a game that has been gone for more than a decade. I was honored to host this event and if everything works out fine we will definitely give it a go next year. This wasn't a me effort this was a group effort. Every single person pitched in to make this event what it was and I am humbled by it. We had people we have NEVER played before, some people we've grown friendships with. I would also like to thank TCO staff we might not see eye to eye sometimes but I owe a big thank you to them.

You all made my dream come true. I felt like I did something right by the community and I will fight for us to do this again next year.
Tournament Reports / Re: Funkcon ongoing results
June 23, 2018, 03:33:59 PM
Test taking a big loss at this Con 😕
Fantasy Cards / Re: SAnity
June 15, 2018, 11:34:19 PM
Quote from: Hogtrail on June 15, 2018, 11:18:29 PM
Looks good. I would add that they're a Stable. And maybe 2 cards is 1 too many.

But they could always have a support card that can do that for them  ;)

Thank you for the feedback. Yeah I'll work on a set based around the hand concept stay tuned :)
Fantasy Cards / SAnity
June 15, 2018, 10:54:24 PM
So I decided to give my own custom card a try after some much needed help from one of our good friends.
I took a lot of time on the card and not much on the ability. any suggestions?

Rules Forum / Touch of Darkness question
May 31, 2018, 02:48:03 AM
Touch of Darkness, Flight of Angels
Backstage Card
Once during each of your turns when you successfully play a non-High-Risk 3D+ maneuver, you may overturn 2 cards and then reduce the Damage to 0; if you do, the card is considered to be resolved, and your opponent may not play reversals to it.
Unique     RMS logo

If I play an RMS maneuver say "atomic lariat" Would the damage of the maneuver be reduced or would my opponent still take the damage for it and not be able to play reversals to it?
Virtual Deck Reviews / Clunky Second Coming
May 29, 2018, 10:34:48 PM
So I'm building the Second Coming and I decided to go BASH with him. I am running into some issues with my build and looking to get advice on what to take out, not take out, etc. I am feeling there are not a whole lot of maneuvers in the deck to fully abuse DAB aside his Superstar maneuvers and the Bash ones. Does the maneuver base look fine? Also any suggestions on the backlash deck? any help is better than no help. :)

Pre-match: 12
1   I'm Gonna BASH Your Brains In!
1   I'll Taunt You, Then I'll BASH You!
3   It's Time for a Great American BASH
1   A Quick BASH-ing
1      I'm better than you
1   Old School Wrestling Match (tb)
1   Bitter Rivals
1   According to Linda and the Board of Executives
1   Drawing a Blank
1      through all these years

1   This Is Going to be an Old School Brawl!
1   The Road to Victory
1   Restricted Use in This Area (tb)
1   Not According to the Fine Print!
1   Superior Acrobatics
1   Don't You Wish You Were Me?
1   Happy You're Here, Happier You're Gone (tb)
1   The End Of The World As You Know It
1   The Gift of Jericho
1   This Is Going Nowhere Fast
1   Panic Throw
1   Living the Good Life

Arsenal: 60
1   You Won't BASH Me!
3   The Return BASH for Scotty's WORM
1   Don't be a Douchebag!
1   Two Time! Two Time!
1   Carlito Says "That's Not Cool!"
1   You Missed Your Chance
1   The Raw Deal Revolution
1   Divine Intervention
3   No Sell Maneuver
2   Over Sell Maneuver
1   Too Many Rules and Too Many Refs
2   Hold the Phone!
1   The Price We Pay
2   Me Llamo ... Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrada
1   The List of Jericho
1   Walls of Jericho
1   Jericho's Ensugiri
1   Don't You Never ... EVER!
1   I'm Here To Save Us.. From You!
1   Roll the Footage, Monkeys!
1   Springboard Drop Kick (tb)
1   Lionsault
1   The Breakdown
1   Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Roll-a (tb)
1   I'm the King of the World
1   My Obscenely Expensive Jeri-tron 5000
1   Y2J
1   The Best In The World
3   Get the "F" Out!
3   Shoot Lock-up
2   German Suplex (tb)
2   Shoot Action
1   Blindside Takedown
3   Shoot Forearm
3   BASH Kick
3   BASH Slam
2   Hip Toss
1   I Stand Alone
1   In My Day, a Maneuver Was a Maneuver
1       Here Comes the Calvary
Online Play / Re: LackeyCCG Errors/Updates
May 29, 2018, 04:50:51 PM
BWO TB missing the ECW Trait.
No sure, Mitch just said I would be getting a badge that's kinda the only way I would be able to go. What's the difference between the normal and VIP?
Quote from: CreedP on May 07, 2018, 12:26:38 PM
Quote from: LawnMowerMan on May 07, 2018, 11:42:40 AM
Quote from: CreedP on May 07, 2018, 11:39:40 AM
FYI - I said this before, but I guess it was missed.  We are NEVER making Enzo (with or without Cass) any more than we're supporting Benoit any further than he was.  Sorry, we have standards, and real world crimes don't sit well with us.
So does this mean Adam Rose is cancelled? Because didn't he beat a woman or something?

Sorry to hijack the thread here, but this pisses me off.  He very much did NOT beat a woman.  Check your facts, please, and don't spread bad information about people.  It's not very nice, any more than you'd like rumors started about you that you're a child molester or some other horrible thing.

Short version - during a heated argument with yelling, his wife freaked and grabbed the phone to call the police, he took the phone away.  Technically under Florida law, that's 'interfering with contacting law enforcement' or something like that, which is a felony.  (EDIT:  "Witness tampering" is the official charge)  Both sides agree he didn't hit or otherwise harm her physically. It's too bad the dirt sheets went for the 'big headline' of domestic violence rather than reporting the facts correctly, then people in the made assumptions and jumped to conclusions, and now his career is over.

But yeah, apples and oranges.  End rant, lol.


Back on topic, confirming what Eric said, they'll have two names to confirm tomorrow.  :)


Edit. ;)
Quote from: CreedP on May 07, 2018, 11:39:40 AM
FYI - I said this before, but I guess it was missed.  We are NEVER making Enzo (with or without Cass) any more than we're supporting Benoit any further than he was.  Sorry, we have standards, and real world crimes don't sit well with us.


So does this mean Adam Rose is cancelled? Because didn't he beat a woman or something?
Quote from: Queensryche on May 06, 2018, 09:53:59 PM
I have registered for the Crystal Cup events. I'll be playing in the Opus VI Sealed on Thursday and then the Saturday Constructed. I am going to be free on Friday. I also signed up for an after-hours event called "Dub That Hentai". I imagine it's going to be sick and twisted................right up my alley in other words.

Mitch does My Gencon badge include this? I love hentai ^~^
I will also be attending Gencon for the first time in my life as well to play in as many of the Raw Deal events as I can. But I'm actually pretty excited to do some walking around and seeing the festivities. I've been so busy with the Funk Con tournament that I haven't really been able to check out what all they have to offer there.

I'm cool with hanging out after events and stuff or walking around. This will be my 2nd comic con I've ever gone to so it would be cool to meet a few new people. I'm also looking to get into a new card game but I don't wanna get into one that's been out for a while. I want a fresh start to something.
Tournament Announcements / Re: What the Funk?
May 06, 2018, 07:23:38 PM
We have added a lot more prizes to our anticipated event!! Message me for details!
Fantasy Cards / Book-Dust
May 03, 2018, 08:56:28 AM
Just kind of a small promo superstar I thought of while I was at work running old Goldust/bookers promos through my head.

Hand size: 5
Superstar Value: 4

Once during each of your turns you may put 2 cards from your hand on the bottom of your arsenal and your next superstar specific maneuver played this turn is considered to have blank text.
You may pack the card titled Freaks are cool, And Booker T and Goldust specific maneuvers and reversals. You cannot play cards with the NWO Logo. You cannot pack any title belt except for the tag team title belts.

Goldust Master of Disguise
Backstage Area
Before the first turn of the game you may put the card titled Freaks are Cool! From your backlash deck into our ring. That card is permanent.
When your opponent reverse a superstar specific maneuver you may put this card into your ringside to make them discard 3 cards.
Tournament Announcements / Re: What the Funk?
April 06, 2018, 08:50:09 AM
Just a little update. There is still some time to sign up.

We did a vote on Facebook and we will be giving away to first place the big gold belt. You can check it out at WWE shop. It's the $319 belt on there website.

There will also be lots of other prizes given away but if anyone else is planning to attend we need you to sign up ASAP!
Classic Raw Deal / Re: Raw Deal playmats exist?
February 05, 2018, 12:02:45 AM
Yeah it was a paper thin 2 player mat. If I remember right it was everything creed said. Blue and had a raw deal logo I believe in the corner.

Ive got a custom one in the works I'm hoping to order for our local events when I have the money here soon. Ill post the design somewhere when I'm done with it.