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Virtual Raw Deal / King of the Ring online Virtual Classic tournament
« on: April 16, 2021, 10:32:17 PM »
@Raw Dealer After much discussion with @Azarith_Stryffe we are finally ready to announce our next tournament, The King of the Ring!
Registration will take place starting now until Saturday May 8th at midnight EST. We will be requiring deck lists for this and will be using the diversity rule. Please sound off interest in this thread or the accompanying TCO thread. Once ready, please PM your decklists to @dilbert719 prior to the end of registration. We will be verifying decks are legal, and will let you know if changes need to be made prior. Since this is an online tournament and there will be something at stake (we will get to that shortly) we will also be doing a some number of random deck checks via spectator mode on OCTGN. If a deck is found to be different than the decklist sent during registration, this will result in disqualification from the event.

Prizing will be included for this event! We debated a bit as to what to put up for a prize and we eventually came down to this. 1st place will be offered a choice of an undisclosed Backstage Signature card or the choice to have their deck immortalized in foil through Make Playing Cards!
Swiss Rounds will be 1 week long to accommodate our players in different time zones and pairings will be posted Wednesdays starting  May 12th. Please post results in the online-tournament discord thread with each players fortitude values and whether a victory was achieved by Pinfall or Countout. Pinfalls will be worth 3 points and Countouts will be worth 2 points and a Loss will be worth 0 match points. If results are not posted prior to Monday at midnight EST both players will receive a loss unless documentation is provided to show an attempt was made to play the match. We will be reviewing these on a case by case basis. Please title your OCTGN games as King of the Ring Round X Player name vs. Player name, so we are easily able to find your matches. Unless stated otherwise by your opponent, all Backstage Shenanigans cards are considered to be revealed.

Depending on the number of players we will be doing a top cut to either top 8 or top 4 and we would like to record all of these matches, if possible. So once the players have agreed upon a time to play, please let myself or @Azarith_Stryffe know so coordinate recording.

Any changes that would need to be made will be posted in this discord channel and on the TCO thread. Please have fun and I look forward to seeing some awesome decks in the ring.

Classic Raw Deal / Tournament Software
« on: November 29, 2016, 05:44:23 PM »
Does anyone still have access to whatever tournament software was used for Raw Deal? I'm just curious how it was set up to do pairings with diversity rule. Thanks.

Deck Reviews - Standard / Hugo for Block, new player
« on: March 24, 2009, 12:27:09 AM »

Hugo  [all] [death] [earth]

Moves (20)

Gigas Breaker x4  [all] [death] [earth]
Mongolian Trample x3  [all] [earth] [water]
Monster Lariat x4  [all] [death] [earth]
Unholy Terror x2  [chaos] [earth] [life]
Rera Kishima Tek x3  [all] [death] [order]
Gaishiki Lunar Rebellion x4  [earth] [evil] [fire]

Huge Wrestling Army x4 [all] [death] [earth]
Speak the Truth x4 [all] [earth] [fire]
Inhuman Perception x4 [air] [death] [earth]
Criminal Past x4  [all] [death] [earth]
Powerful Style x4 [air] [all] [chaos]
End it All x4  [air] [death] [earth]
Distractible x4 [earth] [life] [order]
Blindsiding Rage x3  [air] [earth] [fire]
M-Style Combat Arts x3  [all] [earth] [water]
Trapped in a Nightmare x3  [all] [chaos] [death]

Ready for Anything x4  [all] [earth] [fire]
A Giant of a Man x4  [all] [death] [earth]
Superhuman Strength x4  [all] [earth] [good]

Yoga Adept x4 [all] [evil] [fire]
Kung-Fu Training x4  [all] [evil] [fire] [life] [void] [water]
Tag Along x3  [air] [all] [earth] [good] [order] [water]

I know its 80 cards, but because Hugo's ability will allow me to draw a lot of cards, and I don't want to deck out. Your Input is appreciated. Thanks.

General Discussion: UFS / The Prodigal Son has Returned
« on: March 19, 2009, 12:26:36 AM »
So um ya, some friends of mine are looking to play UFS with Block Format, we have a little confusion about whether you can still play any face card, if someone could clear that up for me that would be great. Also what are your guys generic thoughts on Block Format, is control Viable seems like its not, I'm really liking the Hugo.... card but he seems like he can just get killed idk, I'm rambling. Just tell me whats decent whats not and I'll be ok.

Your friendly neighborhood Umaga,
Pat Eshghy

Secret Wars - Virtual CCG / Im human again question.
« on: November 15, 2007, 10:20:11 PM »
Can I'm Human Again! HUMAN be your starting super power seems like it should be able to be but not 100%. thanks

Secret Wars - Virtual CCG / "Don't You know who I am..."
« on: November 15, 2007, 02:31:53 AM »
Juggernaut needs to be made period heres what I came up with feel free to comment. All cards are unique with the Juggernaut logo

1E 6F 10S 1I

Unstoppable Force 10
Once during each of your turns, after an opponent counters one of your attacks, you may overturn 3 cards and continue your turn.

Impervious Stamina 5
During your opponent's turn, if you have at least 1 un-used Strength Attribute, you may use all of your Strength Attributes, to counter any card that deals damage or forces you to overturn cards. Your opponent continues his turn.

Helmet of the Juggernaut 5
At the end each of your turns un-use 1 Strength Attribute if you dealt damage to your opponent.

"You Cannot Harm Me" 6S
During your opponent's next 2 turns your opponent's attacks deal 0 damage.

I'm the Goddamn Juggernaut, female dog! 0 (ya i know the name would never get made but who cares)
Headline+Headline Combo
If your next card played is a successful attack, before applying damage search your opponent's deck for up to 2 non-unique applicable counters to that attack and remove them from the game.

Pimp Smack your Ass! 8S 5F (Again feel free to change the name)
Attack:Strength+Strength+Strength Combo

Immovable Being 16
Counter any non Energy, non Unique attack.
Discard 3 cards.
If the card, Unstoppable Force is in Headquarters, your opponent removes his hand from the game.

Juggernaut Squeeze 7S
Choose 1 Attribute Types. The do not un-use during your opponent's next turn

Thanks let me know what ya think spare no deatils.


Secret Wars - Virtual CCG / Practical Joke question
« on: November 15, 2007, 01:02:33 AM »
If I play practical joke and the next card i play is a combo attack will it be a headline+headline combo

Fantasy Cards / Revolution Hornswaggle
« on: September 05, 2007, 10:08:45 AM »
<Revo> Hornswaggle
Starting Handsize: 5
Superstar Value: 1
You can only pack 30 cards in your Arsenal and can not pack maneuvers of 7D or greater. Your opponent can not play Maneuvers with Target "head" or "neck". Once during each of your turns you may discard one card from your Backlash deck: Search your opponents Arsenal for 2 cards: Randomly put one card into his Ringside put the other on top of your opponents arsenal. Then your opponent may draw 1 card, then discard 1 card.

<Revo> Finlay Interferes (Starter Foil)
F:0 D:5
Reversal:non-Unique-Maneuver or non-Unique Antic
Requirement: Finlay In Your Corner in your Ring or Discard 5 cards

<Revo>Underneath the Ring... (Starter Foil)
F:0 D:0
Your Cards titled Revolution Look Under the Ring have Momentum and are -6F.

<Revo> Mini-Spear (Starter Foil)
F:6: D:8
Put any number of Backlash deck cards from your Ringside into your Backlash deck.

<Revo>Luck of the Irish (Starter Foil)
Antic/Reversal: Momentum
F:0 D:0
Shuffle this card into your arsenal. Draw up to 1 card.
Reversal Requirement:Overturned

<Revo>The Tadpole Splash (Starter Foil)
Trademark: Mean: Follow-up Card
F:10 D:10
During your turn, if this card is in your Ring or Ringside you may allow your opponent to shuffle one card from his Ring into his Arsenal:Put this card into your hand.

<Revo> The Leprechaun Bomb (Ultra-Rare)
Trademark:Colossal: Follow up:Maneuver
F:15 D:15
Shuffle up to 15 cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal.
Your opponent can not play cards on his next turn.

<Revo> Finlay In Your Corner (Ultra-Rare)
Pre-match: Corner
Shuffle any number of cards from your hand into your Arsenal and draw the same number of cards shuffled in. Your opponent discards 1 card.
Your Storyline is Permanent.
You cannot play Corners.

<Revo> Mini-Shilleleigh Shot (Ultra-Rare)
Mid-match Trademark: Core
F:5 D:5
This cards is Extreme in addition to its printed type.
Shuffle up to 3 cards from your cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal.

<Revo>Smallest Champion in WWE History (Ultra-Rare)
Pre-match: Storyline
Draw 2 cards.
Superstar Value +2
New Superstar Ability: Ignore the "Requirement: Lower Superstar Value " on your cards. Your opponent can't play cards with "Requirement:Lower Superstar Value". Put all cards with "Requirement: Lower Superstar Value" in the text in your opponent's Ring into his Ringside. Your Fortitude Rating is always considered 10 less than your opponent's Fortitude Rating (to a minimum of 0). Once during each of your turns name a number 7 or less: Both players put that many cards from their Hands and/or Ringside on the bottom of their arsenal.

Thanks for any input that is given. I think the storyline might be a little too good but thats the way i want it.

Fixed some clerical errors

Rules Forum / Ive Trained... vs Agrression Rule
« on: August 01, 2007, 07:26:47 PM »
I’ve Trained for This Day All My Life
Pre-match: Event
The maximum Mid-match you may have in your Ring is increased by 1.
If a non-Trademark card pins you, put this card into your Ringside: shuffle up to 4 cards from your Ringside into your Arsenal and end your opponent’s turn.

If the Aggresion Rule would pin me and I have this card in my Ring can I use the effect to stay alive. I can see both sides of the arguement one one hand, a non-trademark card is killing me so I would get to shuffle but on the other hand I am not losing to a card at all I am losing to the rules of the game. I do not have a clue, Creed some help please.

Rules Forum / Kennedy vs. Factions
« on: July 24, 2007, 12:41:39 PM »
Am I correct in assuming that even if your superstar logo is not printed on a certain faction card, they are still a superstar specific card, thus you would be allowed to play them against Mister Kennedy?

Fantasy Cards / The Great Khali
« on: April 25, 2007, 12:52:22 PM »
The Great Khali
Hand Size:7
Superstar Value:5
Superstar Ability: You cannot pack High Risks, Follow-up Extremes, Non-hybrid Actions, Non-hybrid Antics, or Pre-match Events. Your opponent's maneuvers do not have the restricted modifaction symbol. Your opponent's maneuvers are -8D. For every card after the 2nd you play each turn you must discard 2 cards, then 4 cards, then 6 and so forth.

Sqaush Match
Pre-match Stipulation
Great Khali logo
Can only be played if your superstar value is greater than your opponent's superstar value.
If your superstar value is greater than your opponent's superstar value, draw cards equal to your opponent superstar value.
When this card is your ring area, your opponent must overturn 3 cards to play a card.
Permanent RMS logo

The Brain Chop
Great Khali Logo
This card requires 3 reversals, instead of 2.
Can only be reversed by Step Aside, Powerslam, Leg Drag, A Revolution of the Mind, or Divine Intervention.
When succesfully played, your opponent discards X cards and you draw X cards.
X=Your superstar value minus your oppponent's superstar value.
X can not be lower than 0.
F:15 D:15 **

The Khali Bomb
Trademark Finisher
Great Khali Logo
When successfully played, your opponent discards his backlash deck.
F:30 D:30 ****

Managed by Davari
Pre-match Manager
Great Khali Logo
At the end of the pre match phase, look at your opponents Backlash deck and Arsenal. Then, name 1 non superstar specifc card. When this card is your Ring Area, the named card is +10f.
When this card is in your ring area, you may discard 3 cards or allow your opponent to draw 3 cards,put this card in your ringside pile and your opponent skips his next turn.
F:0 D:0
Universally Unique

Let me know what you guys think.

Edit:Added Managed by Davari

Rules Forum / It has everything to do with me
« on: April 03, 2007, 09:21:53 AM »
Here is the situation:

Player A is Vince he has 4f, Player B has 20f including a pump kick. Vince successfully plays It has everything to do with me. Does Player B have to go 0f or 4? The wording is different than Comeback this is why I ask.

Releveant Card Text

It Has Everything to Do with Me
Requirement: Less Fortitude
Your opponent puts cards of D:1 or greater from his Ring into his Ringside until his Fortitude is less than or equal to yours.
He discards cards equal to the number of cards you have fewer than him.
F:2 D:0

Comeback! (P)   (RUMBLE PACK FOIL)
Discard 1 card.
The player with the highest Fortitude Rating puts Maneuver cards and Reversal cards from his Ring area into his Ringside pile until his Fortitude Rating is not highest.
F: 0      D: 0

#02/24 (FOIL - Vince McMahon logo)
Remember Who Pays Your Salary!
Can only be revealed from your Backstage area when you reveal your Superstar card.
Search your Arsenal for the card titled Don't Cross the Boss, put it into your Ringside pile, and shuffle your Arsenal.
Your Fortitude Rating is considered to be less than your opponent's Fortitude Rating.

Tournament Reports / My Canadain Qualifer
« on: February 26, 2007, 12:39:05 AM »
Hey just got back to my dorm thought that I'd tell about my tourney.
I played Andre the Giant because I felt it was the best vs. the current AA meta with lots of revo moves being thrown.

Round 1
vs. Brian Rouleau (a.k.a. Family Guy) BFM
Tough start, he belted ahead of me and played white wedding  and went with a face stretch into a punch that would have taken my head off but i had an oversell. So I threw some revo move and it got reversed i then proceeded to get 3x Break it out... which emptyed my hand and i got technical splashed in the corner 3 times until I spun divine. then i decided to go all in and hide the backstage card he got i believe get the f out and i got drawing extra heat and headbutt and activated a SCS to search for obey and i eventually won with a slingshot after 8th wonder. (Very nice guy hung out with him all day after that)

Round 2
vs. Adam Shuker Home Team
His pre match was a little interesting including underestimate the competition and cuz the fans demanded it. I got a good start cuz of his lack of hand size I think I hit a revo big boot he played crowd roars into violent vendetta which i got once with a sidewalk slam and took the rest. Then next i hit a atomic driver and searched for obey searched for obey and he drew 4 off of 2 For the love of the games after that he hits let me get a shot in which i reverse on overturn i eventually win with tonight i unleash hell into forceable entry for his whole arsenal then a spirited turn off events for the pin.

Round 3
vs. Alex Solomon Bobby Heenan
This was easily the best game I played all day and Alex if you see this please pm me so I can get your number for what we talked about. So he looks through my arsenal and considers picking the Steph enforcer but says he will stick with his game plan and pick APA. His pre match was something like Jimmy through all these years ecw belt and one more that i cant remember maybe underestimate the competition so he has a 8 card hand so i figure i can actually burn through jimmy and just play my usual game. However this not so and he pounds me with revo moves which forces me to hide the backstage card and got get the F out so i got shock the world and headbutt figuring that he wouldnt have restricted use but he did so he then ran out of steam after I Raw and ready another revo move to search for sucker punch to get on board and hit 8th wonder which slowed him down a lot then i hide 5th anniversary to set up my arsenal to play tonight i unleash hell after a mickie into a look under the ring and i pick up exactly 60 cards from ringside and discard 54 to forceable entry followed by 3x spirited turn of events for the win.

Round 4
Andre Segarra Kennedy
With product endorsements and shenagins he gets the first 2 turns but a pretty low hand size and i was surprised to see no white wedding His first 2 turns he rapes my hand with GM of stevie night heat and entagle in the ropes also improtant to note he played sucker punch and randomly discarded how important is it which could have helped later in the game when i finally get my turn i play a shoot forearm making him play headstrong to stop Stevie from wrecking me. he plays some more heat moves including a atomic body lock and a maneuver of doom but i finally hit a sucker punch and and drive through 8th wonder (didnt kill any moves though but had to kill a beg for mercy which could have hurt) i shock the world into a blantent chokehold into a dynamic finisher and eventually have to win with the good ole forceable entry for his entire arsenal

Round 5
John Chomos Junkyard Dog
I apologize in advance to John Chomos we both (mostly me) made a mistake that could have proved important to the game
He showtimes and does the usual no show for the chain and saves it with break you. I get a volley this in the opener which helps but i blanked out and play a thats broken though an illegal play it was my fault I know its a mistake i wish i could take back but i didnt realize until after the game was over. I got an oversell with broken then hid the backstage card and hit the headbutt and got obey after obey he hits the chain gettin me for 2 cards and he played a move which i oversell alowing me to use my ability to stop from losing. Once again I apologize to John and I still feel guilty about this game.

Top 16
Brian Rouleau (again BFM)
This game was a little different then the first although his prematch was the same. Still face stretch into punch that takes someones head off he picks 8th wonder out of my hand with the assumption of removing it the pending Break it out even though i had a volley this in my hand. But i do some thinking realize with 9 cards in my ringside if i mill 5 to play precision clothsline i would have exactly 14 cards to volley this his Break it out it goes through and he spins he plays technical splash in corner as an action so I was forced to volley this it (ironically i still lose 8th wonder from the game) at this point at 10f i realize that i can just sit on obey and hide the backstage card he gets volley this and i get obey and blantent chokehold play the chokehold which got reversed on overturn. He tried playing around obey but he couldnt do it long enough and eventually win with a spirited turn of events.

Top 8
Nate Weiss A-train
No show underated 2x fans love showtime his opening hand is a tad weak having manager interferes and anything and hate it from his no show for maneuver reversals he pops fans into a technical slam and searchs for technical tope which gets a raw and ready from me and his turn over so with only the manager in hand the odds were on my side so i throw the headbutt with all evens fortitdes in hand he plays his manager draws and immediately plays manager off the top draws again plays powerslam tb (from what appeared to be off the top i have witnesses lol) i was very frustrated at this and took my damage and i apologize to Nate for any harshness that i might have thrown at him. He takes his turn uses his ability for revo press slam i reverse it on i think 15 with its not my fault. At this point I realize the game isnt over yet and calm down, think for a little bit hide 5th anniversy pick up the its not my fault then hide the backstage card he gets the train wreck so i get ankle lock tb and headbutt assuming that with headbutt on board i can live for while on manager and divine but as soon as i play the ankle lock he spins chained heat on 1 his next turn he plays revo powerslam and picks up the trainwreck which at this point i was pretty sure i was dead but i play it out and eventually take a plunged train wreck from the 2nd fans love down to 4 cards and another revo press slam is reversed by divine with 3 cards left i play the headbutt am forced to take the last card in my deck i play shock the world which is then reversed by brain to mouth for the count out.

All in all I think I played well all day and I defeniatly had a great time drinking with MarkF*ckinLaroache, Bunker, and Family Guy afterwards. Good times, Heres hoping for some good luck at LCQ.

Fantasy Cards / Non-Revo Bowser
« on: January 11, 2007, 02:34:10 AM »
Guess I'll go with the crowd.

Hand Size:5 SSV:5
Super villian ability: Before your Draw segment, choose one: Both players search their arsenal for one card and put it in thier hand, both players search each others' arsenals and remove one card from the game, or both players look at each others' hand and remove one card from the game.
You ignore arsenal restrictions while packing BASH cards.
You can only play 2 cards per turn.

Bowser's Castle
Prematch Venue
F:0 D:0
Can be played when there is a venue in an opponent's ring area.
You can not play Pre match cards.
Your opponents' non 0 fortitude cards are +7f

Bowser Junior Interferes!
Mid-match Reversal:Special: Run-in
F:5 D:#
Reverse any non-unique maneuver and end your opponents turn.
# = the number of cards in your opponents ring area.
# reads as 0 in your ring area.

Fire Breath
F:8 D:0
Can only be played if you played a reversal from your hand to end your opponent's last turn and this is the first card played on your turn.
Your opponent over turns 12 cards.
End your turn.

Shell Shocked
F:7 D:8
Can only be reversed from arsenal.
As an action, this card is -8d. Shuffle this card and 2 other cards from your ringside pile into your arsenal and your opponent overturns 2 cards.
As a reversal, reverse any card with the word "remove", "blank", or "win" in the text.

Unstoppable Fire Breath
Trademark Finisher
F:30 D:30
Can only be played if the card title Fire Breath is in your ring area.
Can only be reversed from your opponent's hand or backlash deck.

Leaping Hip Drop
High Risk
F:15 D:30
Can only be played after a successfully played maneuver.
If not reversed from hand or backlash deck can only be reversed by roll out of the way

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