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Supershow / Supershow Going Over 3 days left!
March 21, 2020, 07:21:36 AM

In February we launched a Kickstarter for the latest installment of Supershow the game, with hopes that I would be our biggest campaign yet. We are grateful of the support that so far it has lived up to its hype. With all the craziness that is going in with covid-19 now more then ever we appreciate the overwhelming support. As a token of our appreciation to those who supported us we have unlocked ALL stretch goals for our backers, which were originally aimed at a much higher level. All support is appreciated, sharing, backing of course. I personally greatly appreciate the $1 backing because regardless of your interest in the game or situation you took the time to say, I hope you succeed.
Anyway, most importantly if your quarantined like myself and family, we hope you stay, safe, calm, connected and logical at this time.
Best Regards.
It is going to be surreal. Its wild that Drew McIntyre could win the title with no pop.
I also heard lesnar might not participate, although I'm not sure how true that is.
From my (outdated experience) Go Behind is an amazing card. Ive used it very effectively in Team Angle, many decks do not run fortitude surge, even if they do they must discard 2 cards if the next move is a chain.  This cards seems like the perfect fit since its 1 damage.
Thanks guys,  I'm surprised its 5-7, but I had a strong feeling under 5 just didnt make sense.

Classic Raw Deal / The Longevity of Rawdeal Question
March 04, 2020, 08:13:50 AM
I had a conversation with someone the other day at PAX east about how long the classic version of Rawdeal had lasted "successfully" from a sales stand point. This person (who to my knowledge did not play at all) was certain that according to her research he game did not last 5 years in its original version.. I said I lived through it and it lasted for more than 5 years, citing the card 5th anniversary. Anyway, I didn't have the time to argue this point. I could be wrong, so I am curious if anyone has an knowledge on this.
Supershow Rules / Re: Gia De Los Muertos' gimmick
April 25, 2019, 03:02:46 PM
I know this is old but the topic comes up a lot. You do not draw a card if you play a card on your turn with a Stop Sign.
Last night in Louisville Kentucky, Supershow held its first World Championship Title defense.
This was a historic and special occasion for us as a Traveling title has always been the goal for us.
Sammi "The Draw" Callihan, who won the first World championship on the Chris Jericho, rock and wrestling Rager at sea (playing Sammi Callihan), went up against 2018 breakout star of the year " the Baanomenal "1 Kirk Polka. Polka earned his shot at the gold by winning a number 1 contenders event with AJ Styles.
After months of #notmychampion post from the SRG Universe, (many feel
John Polverino is the true heir to the title by winning a much larger GenCon event that pre dated the actual title), would have his chance to silence the non believers and defend his title.
General Manager John Calace he seemed to support Sammi throughout his tenure as champion, switch side when Polka was named number 1 contender. Calace who had bad blood with Polka had set aside there differences over a contract negotiation that among other things set the match to be a no dq match. This took away the draws champions advantage.

And the match underway.
The Draw (championship)  vs AJ Styles (champion of Kickstarter)
starts by locking the champ in an arm bar. He then sends him
Into the turn buckle and hits a splash in the corner. Sammi tried to rally back with a jaw jammer, but is stopped with a lock up. AJ drops the champ with the STYLES CLASH! Go for the cover and the champ NO SELLS breaking out before the 1 count. The Draw rallies back with an elevated arm bar, then slams the champ into the barricade. He goes for a blindside choke and get hip tossed by the challenger. Sammi grabs his trademark baseball bat and swings at the challenger, who counters with a single leg crab. The Champ rolled through the submission and locks in the Stretch muffler, the crowd chants Tap! Tap! Tap!, JUST before tapping out AJ Breaks the Hold. O-V-E chants break out,
Too sheep chants break out! Crowd is on there feet.
Aj battles back tossing a rolling forearm, but it's counters with a snap headlock, the champ takes over with a ladder setting up for something extreme! The 2 take a huge bump, and Sammi Rises again with the baseball bat! This time it connects.

Your winner and STILL, you LFF World Champion. Sammi Callihan.
Supershow / Re: UpUpDownDown
February 07, 2019, 07:01:19 PM

Thank you for the interest much appreciated, we have 12 stretch goals unlocked which means a lot extras for backers.
Supershow / Re: UpUpDownDown
February 07, 2019, 12:28:28 AM
Thank you. Update. Breezus joint the Supershow under the Prince of Fashion moniker, he cut a dope promo announcing it and also plunged out latest Kickstarter. He played a live stream with Dillinger too on the sweetz. They botched some rules but it was awesome to watch.
Supershow / Re: UpUpDownDown
December 06, 2018, 06:46:30 AM
Prince Pretty was very nice and excited to play. He had a great match with el a Gato Sombrio at our table that went to 4 crowd meter. Later in an UUDD panel, when ask what his favorite game was at the con he said Supershow and the only thing he would change about the game and that is that he's not in it. It was a huge compliment. He actually came back the following day incognito and bought some more stuff.
2129 MacDade Blvd Holmes PA!
Start Time 12:30
This Sunday.
Price. $5 entry fee with all players getting promo cards.

So far was have 15 players pre signed up. The event card features a full event for a number 1 contender spot as well as booked matches for existing titles.
Prizes include autographed spectacle cards, new promos, and store credit!
Join Us, for a Spectacle so GRAND it can only be called... the Supershow.
2018 GenCon Events are just 2 days away!
Grab your event tickets and get promo cards for entering! Generics will be accepted but you will not get the entry promos.

Some of the prize support includes.
Matt Riddle Autographs
Ricochet Autographs
Elite member Autographs
Ric Flair Autographed Robe
Ric Flair autographed action figure
Bret Hart Autographed Title belt (toy)
LFF Replica Title
Being Drawn onto a single card.
And much more!

Underworld Title singles event. Starts 5 pm on Thursday.
Tornado Tag Team Tornament 2 vs 2. Start 5 pm on Friday.
World Championship. Starts Saturday at 4pm.

All events hosted at the orange tables. SRG Booth is number 2637

Classic Raw Deal / Re: Any stores in NYC?
July 19, 2018, 04:56:49 AM
Not sure exactly what you are looking for but I have some sealed starters and premiere packs, and singles that I would part ways with fairly easily with, this Tuesday we meet up at a store of fire and dice in lynbrook to play Supershow. It's about 40 minutes from NYC.
Other Gaming Discussion / Re: New ccg to play?
July 18, 2018, 05:57:30 AM
Quote from: SoxFan89 on July 16, 2018, 08:59:09 AM
Hey all, so recently I've gotten some raw deal fatigue and have been looking at other ccg's to play. I have some cards for the Dragonball z ccg but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Ideally, I'm looking for something that would fit this criteria:

1 deck built around a single character

Cards in deck would be used to respond to cards played against you

Not overly complicated to learn

Tl;Dr I'm looking for a ccg simmilar to raw deal. Dragonball is cool but I'm more into the mechanics of raw deal

The Supershow
Competitor to build around. Check
Cards in deck can respond to cards played. Check
Not overly complicated to learn. Check

Diddo on what Mr. Taft said, Supershow is similar to raw deal is theme and card types.
Check it out, it's $20 for a 2 player set.
Needless to say I'm always excited for GenCon.
First off GenCon Tip.
#1 and I seem to always break the rule.
Stay Hydrated. Seriously, you do so much walking and moving and gaming it's easy to forget and very important to your body. Drink it in maaaaaan.
#2 Drink it in maaaaaaaaan. There is so much going on at gencon, stop by new booths, check out new things, meet new people have a good time. For me it's always been a great experience for me. I've build some serious friendships and great memories here.
#3 Uber is your friend if your not a Super morning person parking is very tough and can be costly.
A round trip Uber with friends can cost less then parking when split up amongst a few people.

#4 come visit me at the SRG Universe events and booth.

Side rant
Taft is correct GenCon for the second year in a row is giving us a hard time with allocating space. We sold nearly 400 tickets last year total, and had a 90 person event, yet they still think it can't happen this year. The previous year we had about 70 people.  They are really hurting us by not putting us on the event board.

SuperShow Fans in the San Francisco/Oakland Area.
Here's a message from CMON's Ray Rappaport, he's looking to run an event for this convention.
"I will be at Kubla Con Memorial Day weekend and want to put together an event on Friday or Sunday night.
Who's with me?"

Our team will Make sure to provide full prize support if the event is set up. Already a few confirmed!
Supershow / Re: Supershow Set 4 The Knockdown
April 03, 2018, 09:13:58 PM
Rip thanks for the support since day one! Hopefully you can talk your brother into that tag team match at gencon !
Supershow / Supershow at the ELKS LODGE!
March 25, 2018, 09:57:22 AM
Welcome to WrestleMania! at the ELKS LODGE. Featuring a Supershow Event

Sunday April 8th Belleville Elks BPOE 254 Washington Ave Belleville, New Jersey

Entry $10 dollars,
Includes a hot buffet, soda, water and a cash bar.
Beer Wrist Band, $10 dollars, all you can drink. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. or GET 3D'D.
Doors open at 6.
PreShow: 6 MainCard:7

Join Us for A Spectacle so GRAND, it can only be called...the Supershow!

Supershow / Re: Supershow Set 4 The Knockdown
March 24, 2018, 09:14:02 PM
We did it! We hit our 200 hundred backer mark which unlocks another competitor set!
There is still 1 day to back. Incase you missed it you will get
4 promos, Grim from GTS, Brian Cage from Lucha Underground and TNA, Sierra Nevada, Mercintor,
Gropar the great and powerful all with your pledge! Plus el Super Hombre and Snake Pitt entrance music cards!
Supershow / Re: Supershow Questions
March 22, 2018, 06:09:53 PM
Quote from: Addam on March 21, 2018, 06:12:50 PM
How does Snake Pitts gimmick work in Triple threat matches?

As long as you have less cards in hand than any opponent your gimmick activates.

Also in Triple threats, if you play something like Sleeper Hold (draw one card fir each other follow up...) does that count all the follow ups you have it just the ones against that opponent.

Cards played only "see" the cards played against the same player. You would only draw for the follow ups you have in play for that opponent.
Supershow / Re: School Boy
March 19, 2018, 05:51:09 AM
Sean is correct, it comes in promo pack 3. I'll make sure our website is corrected to update the images on this promo pack as soon as possible. Of the top of my head it comes with

The pack has
Paiger Raiger
El Gato Sombrio (flip version)
El Pollo Emnescarada
Jump kick
Gut buster
Rolling headlock
Discus elbow
Brain buster
Finger snap
School boy
+2 blank spectacle cards
Supershow / Re: Supershow Set 4 The Knockdown
March 17, 2018, 09:38:55 AM
We added 2 more stretch goals and hit them both. All our backers will be getting 5 Extra competitors plus promo's with their order (Including The FN Machine Brian Cage!!!). This is an pretty insane time to get involved with the Kickstarter if you have not already!
Supershow / Re: Supershow Questions
March 17, 2018, 07:15:39 AM
Quote from: Addam on March 16, 2018, 07:36:52 PM
Just getting into the game, I love it.

1.  If Snake Pitt's Strike Finisher is played as a Lead (due to his opponent having 7+ cards) can it be blocked with a 'block any lead strike' STOP card?

Correct it can be stop as if it were a lead.

Quote2.  For the School Boy, does your Finisher Roll being 8+ include the addition of the Crowd Level, or is that added after you compare your Finisher Roll to the card text of the School Boy.

Crowd meter is always applied last after all other effects.

Quote3.  Cards like with text like Blatant Chokehold (Your Opponent's Gimmick is Blank"  is that in effect only while the Chokehold is the most recent card played?  Or for the entire time it is 'in play'?

The gimmick is blank as long as it is in play.
Supershow / Re: Supershow Set 4 The Knockdown
March 04, 2018, 07:51:29 AM
Supershow the Knockdown has hit another stretch goal! Backers will get 3 promo cards, 2 extra competitors (4 extra total) and 2 alt art Kickstarter Exclusive competitor cards! Getting in now means supporting company and getting tons of free stuff. With enough momentum you all will get even more exclusives.

To those of you here who have already backed and made this our biggest release. I truly thank you for helping bring this to life and keeping it around for what will be 4 years.
Supershow / Re: Supershow Set 4 The Knockdown
February 28, 2018, 08:28:54 PM
Knockdown Update! Supershow Set 4 the Knockdown is officially funded and has unlocked a few stretch goals. Now is a great time to back since there are still 8 slots left to get a promo for being in the first 130 backers. Right now you will get at least 4 additional promo cards and 1 additional competitor set, making this one of our best values ever.