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: Pre-Match Phase Order
: Hutch37 June 03, 2021, 11:07:09 PM
I have several questions that could probably be answered by reading through a rules document, so if possible can someone provide a link? I haven't been able to find it through my searches.

First question is about playing Pre-Match cards, orders, limits, etc.  I believe each player is allowed up to 4 Pre-Match cards (unless other cards allow more/less). Is there a sequence to how they are played? (i.e. for stipulations, venues, managers, do they have to be played in a specific order?) Can both players play a different Venue? Seems odd that one superstar is in Philadelphia and the other in Houston.

Thanks for the help!
: Re: Pre-Match Phase Order
: dilbert505 June 03, 2021, 11:28:46 PM
The play and pack limits differ depending on whether you are playing Classic or Virtual.

In Classic, you may pack 10 Pre-match cards and 10 Mid-match cards, and you have 5 slots available to play each (though this number can be modified throughout the game.)

In Virtual, the limits are raised to 12/12 for packing, and 6/6 for playing. This is to accommodate an additional type of Pre-match card.

The phases of the Pre-match in Classic are as follows:

Events (and everything else that isn't one of the above)

In Virtual, there is also the Allegiance phase, which goes before the Venue.

As to whether multiple Venues can be played, there are some cases where you may, and some where you may not. Venues are (exclusively in Classic, IIRC; less so in Virtual) Universally Active, which means only one card of that subtype may appear in any Ring. Once a player has played a Venue, no others can be played.

In Virtual, there are cards like Hometown Hero that allow you to circumvent that rule, for a price; there are also Unique Venues, that, if they are played first, do not block the other player from playing a Universally Active Venue. (This does not work in the other direction; once a UA Venue is down, you need another means of getting around the rule, again like Hometown Hero.)
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