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Title: Raw Deal Scotland - 17th September 2017
Post by: redyellowedge on October 05, 2017, 07:04:33 AM
Tournament Report: Raw Deal Scotland 09th September 2017

Format: Virtual Classic up to V1
Rounds Swiss (50 min time limit) + Top X Cut to title matches

Players and Superstars used:
Joe – Mr. Pay-Per-View   Ben – Chavo Guerrero
Richie – Chris Masters      Dave – Mr. Perfect
Mike – 4 Horsemen      Ally – FBI
Newlands – Rikishi      Richard – Christy
Titan – The Future of Sports Entertainment
Current Champions
CAIRDS World Champion    – Richard (Christy)
Intercontinental Champion    – Joe (Mr. PPV)
European Champion       – Ally (FBI)
NOTE: If any player defeats a current champion during Swiss Rounds they will receive a credit towards a MITB style cash-in on that championship

Results from Swiss
Round 1
Joe 2-0 Ben      Richie 0-2 Dave
Mike 1-0 Ally      Newlands 0-3 Richard
Titan 2- BYE
Round 2
Richard 3-0 Joe   Dave 0-0 Mike
Newlands 0-3 Richie   Ben 3-0 Titan
Ally 2-BYE
Round 3
Richard 0-2 Mike   Dave 3-0 Joe
Richie 3-0 Ben      Ally 2-0 Titan
Newlands 2- BYE
Round 4
Mike 3-0 Richie   Dave 3-0 Richard
Titan 0-3 Newlands   Joe 2-0 Ally
Ben 2-BYE
Final Standings after Swiss
Dave      8
Mike      6
Richie      6
Richard   6
Newlands   5
Ben      5
Joe      4
Ally      4
Titan      2
Dave – World Credit by pinfall, IC Credit by pinfall
Mike – World Credit by pinfall
Richard – IC Credit by pinfall
Joe – EU Credit by pinfall

NOTE: Our title matches are determined by the current champions finishing position and worked down from top to bottom, if any champion finishes higher than his bracket, they will get a credit towards a MITB style cash-in for the title of the bracket they finish in. If any champion finishes at the bottom or below their bracket they will compete in a triple threat or fatal four way for their title. If there are 2 or more players not involved in title matches they will compete in a one fall Battle Royale where the winner receives a credit towards a title determined by the number of players in the match

Title matches
CAIRDS World Championship
Richard v Dave v Mike – Mike wins by pinfall, new champion
Intercontinental Championship
Joe v Richie v Newlands – Newlands wins by pinfall, new champion
European Championship
Ally v Ben – Ally wins by pinfall, champion retains
Credit Battle Royale

Statistics for title reigns, cash-ins and credits, rosters, and player records can be found at
Please contact me, Liam Noble on facebook messenger, or redyellowedge on TCO for access to this group

Our play group has specific rules regarding title belts:
-Only 3 players (our champions) are permitted to use them (excluding Superstar Specifics) and tag team superstars may hold singles titles
-During Swiss play these belts gain the text stating they do not take up a slot in your ring area or backlash deck
-During Title matches these belts are treated as backstage cards, but count as being in the ring area for other card's effects

Title: Re: Raw Deal Scotland - 17th September 2017
Post by: redyellowedge on October 05, 2017, 07:07:46 AM
Little Bonus: Heres the 2nd Place, World Championship winning deck:

Mike Forman: Four Horsemen – FF/Cheater/Face/Heel/Raw
WWE Raw Deal 5th Anniversary
Enough Shenanigans!
The Numbers Game
Backstage Signature
WWE Signing Appearance

That's Value!
Handicap Match
Managed by "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart
Product Endorsements TB
Find Out How to Fight from Finlay
Taunted by the Chanting Fans
Through All of These Years
Tear You Down Like a Minnesota Wrecking Crew
Let's Get It On

Actions (1)
The Stylin' Strut

Reversals (9)
Classic Teamwork
Shoot Counter
When You Thought You Had All the Answers...
Unscrupulous S.O.B
Restricted Use In This Area
This Is Going to be an Old School Brawl!
The King Interferes
Outside Interference

Maneuvers (20)
6x Technical Dropkick
3x Straight Clothesline
2x Shoot Forearm
2x Kidney Punch
Blindside Hook
Maneuver of Doom
Hung Out to Dry, Horsemen Style
Arn's Abdominal Stretch
Flairs Famous Figure Four
Dynamic Finisher
The Finisher

Reversals (27)
3x A Revolution of the Mind
3x Manager Interferes
3x Sloppy... Very Sloppy
3x Get the "F" Out!
2x Once is Enough
2x Elbow to the Face
2x Quick Reflexes
2x Unexpected Turn of Events
2x Volley This!
Sidewalk Slam
Total Teamwork
In My Day, a Maneuver was a Maneuver
Cowboy Bob Orton Interferes
Divine Intervention

Actions: (13)
3x Charismatic Style TB
3x Drawing Extra Heat TB
2x Did I Just Say... Three Minutes? TB
2x Comeback! TB
2x Shoot Action
The Best Thing Going Today

Deck overview: with the option to pack face and heel, fan favorite, cheater as well as being a legend, a stable and a tag team a lot of cards are open to you and while there are some obvious choices: Sloppy, Manager, Handicap, both Teamworks, Jimmy Hart, All These Years, In My Day and Cowboy; there are a lot of difficult decisions when it comes to paring it down to 60 cards
That's Value is much more versatile with the ability to pack any card on it, so the 10 cards are there to thin the deck out (along with the tech kicks to search themselves) so that you have a good reversal base and always have something to play. The 3 Minutes take advantage of Let's Get it On.
The Figure Four is mainly only played when it can't be reversed, a Dirty Low Blow might be added for this purpose.
With the card pool being so wide, there's no room for Carlito or Great to be Back; but a lot of these cases are handled by Old School Brawl and the Unique reversals. the capacity of the deck also led to going with 2 Once is Enough, and 3 GTFO, chosen this way because of GTFO's versatility.
The kidney punches are only in the arsenal to remove Wrestlemania, which works with the value modification in the backstage and prematch (Sig, Appearance, Endorsements)

The 2 cards in the deck that didn't see any use were Wrecking Crew, which was played every match but the effect never used, and Best Thing Going which wasn't played, but is still worth packing.