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Raw Deal Virtual FAQ and Revision Notes
« on: September 01, 2010, 09:44:55 PM »


- These cards are legal for play when 'Virtual' cards are allowed, provided other conditions are met.  EXAMPLE:  A "Classic Virtual" tournament would permit The Ultimate Warrior to be played, but not <Revolution> Judo Takedown.
- Cards with terms associated with Revolution ('Momentum', 'Assault') are still legal for Classic play if they do not have the Revolution logo.
- The Virtual cards may either be placed over another card (which has no bearing on play) or printed on cardstock equivalent to Comic Images product, but these MUST be indistinguishable during play.
- The early sets were renamed, "Revolution 4" is now "Virtual 1", "WCW Invasion" is now also "Virtual 2", "Revolution 5" is now "Virtual 3", and "Saturday Night's Main Event" is now also "Virtual 4".
- Sleeves MUST be used when using these cards.
- As of Virtual 3, for Virtual Classic / Virtual All Axxess formats, Backlash decks may now contain up to 12 Pre-match and 12 Mid-match cards, with a maximum of 6 of each in the Ring.


Beth Phoenix
-"Completely reversing a card" is reversing it until it is unsuccessful (or reversed from Arsenal). Beth will search when she reverses a non-Multi card once.

Bray Wyatt
-His Ability works on a 'played' card (not 'successfully played'), so it can be used to reduce damage before playing a card like Elbow to the Face.

CM Punk
-Punk does not have to play his maneuver in the same turn that he names a card to get protection from that declaration. EXAMPLE: CM Punk can name A Revolution of the Mind, end his turn, then name Elbow to the Face next turn, play Precision Kick, and both of those Reversals are blocked.

-ERRATA: His Ability should refer to Hide and Seek, the Cheater Arsenal card, not Hide & Seek, the Pre-match Tag logo card. Additionally, The Diamond Cutter should be -5F for every DDP-specific non-Backlash card in your Ring.

Evan Bourne
-Evan's Ability cannot make Prepare For Takeoff not take a slot in the Ring due to that card's Restricted Modification Symbol. He can still play it during any Pre-match phase, as this modifies Evan's permissions and not the cards themselves.

-Finlay's Maximum Hand Size is only relevant as referenced in his Ability. It is not a hard cap on the number of cards Finlay may have in his hand at any time other than when his Ability kicks on and he buries/discards cards.

Gail Kim
-Gail's ability converts Raw Superstar-specifics to SmackDown! as soon as she packs them, so she may pack printed Raw Superstar-specifics in a SmackDown! Arsenal and Backlash deck.

Hart Foundation
-The moves are Chain when packed, so they cannot be packed with BASH cards.

Kevin Nash
- Since the Kevin Nash player is moving Egomaniacal, he can't use Judo Takedown in response.

Molly Holly
ERRATA: "You may not pack Deadly Diva Duo, Evening Gown Match, or Skirt vs. Skirt Match.

-Since MVP both controls the effect that removes his Pre-match cards and removes his Pre-match cards himself, he may not put any copies of Judo Takedown into play when he removes one of his Pre-match cards with his Ability.

Muhammad Hassan
-Frankie Takes Ho-llywood will prevent Hassan's ability from modifying Headstrong.

-Only Superstar-specific cards with the logo on the Nexus Superstar card can be packed.
-High-Flying Style cannot be packed, as that Ability is not added until the game is already being played.

nWo Wolfpack
-Backstage area cards like Enough Shenanigans or Raw Deal Fifth Anniversary, as well as Wolfpack's Superstar card itself, count toward their 20-card loss condition, even when they are hidden.

Rated RKO
-This Superstar is legal for the Revolution format if the Revolution logo is added as per its card text.
-You may add the Revolution logo even if you are not playing in Revolution format.
-Frankie Takes Ho-llywood will prevent You Think You Know Me from gaining the +20F from Rated RKO's Ability, as will Fortitude Surge, but Rated RKO cannot play Surge just from their own Ability.

Raw Guest Host
-Guest Host's ability converts SmackDown! Superstar-specific maneuvers to Raw as soon as they are packed, so he may pack SmackDown! Superstar-specific maneuvers in a Raw Arsenal.
-Guest Host's Superstar card has the Raw logo.

Razor Ramon
-RMS Heel reversal cards such as Anything and Hate It are legal to pack, as they are not being modified.

Roman Reigns
-Roman cannot pack The Maneuver of Doom as he cannot bypass the Chain or Heat traits.

- Regardless of which version of Struck by a Kendo Stick is used, only 5F is given for face-down cards.
- The Backstage Area is public knowledge, so while Kendo Stick is hidden, the opponent can still see which version is there.

Stevie Richards
-Once Stevie sacrifices the Ability that he stole from the opponent, he cannot regain it.

The Great Khali
-Khali's Ability is blank. There is no text missing from the card.

The King of Kings
-ERRATA: ".. and then search your Arsenal for 1 Triple H-specific maneuver...

The Legacy
-Legacy's ability cannot prevent an RMS maneuver from dealing its Damage.
-An "applicable reversal" is one that could potentially reverse the card from Arsenal.
-Legacy's Ability has full effect on a Multi maneuver and will still end the turn.

The Second Coming
-The face-down cards in his Ring can be played as if from hand or Backlash, depending on the type of card.  If they are not successful, they go to the Ringside as usual.
-If The Second Coming player flips That's Broken face-down, it will prevent the card under it from being played, as there is no text to allow it.  If the Broken is played, the card under it will go to Ringside.

The Showstopper
-The search for The Legend Lives On is performed when the Superstar card is revealed at the start of the game.

The Stinger
- Cards that would normally be removed from the game, such as A Revolution of the Mind, can be put in the Ring instead with Stinger's Ability.

The Total Package
ERRATA: Add "You cannot pack Corners." to the end of his Ability.

The Ultimate Warrior
-Warrior's Ability cannot affect RMS reversals, and they will still completely reverse Multis.

The Wyatt Family
-Bray Wyatt's pack text isn't applicable during construction.
-Putting Bray Wyatt into your Backstage Area with the text of The Rocking Chair does not change your Superstar, it is still "The Wyatt Family".  Effects specific to Bray Wyatt are not applicable.

Revolution Brothers of Destruction
-Cards that would be discarded as part of their text when played, and no longer have a destination, will default to the Ringside.
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Non-Superstar-Specific Cards
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2010, 05:35:02 PM »

-If you are required to identify this card for an effect (i.e. Cole Calls It Right!, etc.), either "ellipses" or "dot dot dot" will suffice.

12 Rounds
-The F:12 is thematic, you do not need to have 12F to use this card's effect.

Accompanied by Beulah McGillicutty
- This effect cannot be used with a Panic card in any way.
- When the Foreign Object is successful (for effects like ECW One Night Stand), but since it resolves to the Ringside, the text has no effect (unless specified, as Dreamer's Kendo Stick does).

Again With This Crap?! (Throwback)
-This card will reverse a card that has been played more than once in the same turn, or a card whose title exactly matches a card played earlier in the turn.
-This card cannot ignore reversal restrictions from a card with the Restricted Modification Symbol, but it can ignore the restrictions imposed by the Chain trait.

A Poem From the Genius
-This card uses strict rules of rhyming. Words may not rhyme with themselves, even buried into compound words. "Kick" and "Superkick" do not rhyme, and neither do "lock" and "headlock", for example.

Backed by Melina
-You may use the reveal effect of this card even if it is hidden.

Backed by SmackDown! GM Vickie Guerrero
-Vickie's protection for SmackDown! maneuvers modifies the opponent, not the maneuvers, so it cannot be removed with Restricted Use in This Area.

Backhand Slap (Throwback)
-The Godfather may still play this card to reverse a card that cannot be reversed.

Bionic Kicking Machine
-Despite the fact that this card has the Restricted Modification Symbol, Restricted Use in This Area can still remove the modification it applies to Patented Austin Kick to the Gut.
-Revolution Stone Cold Steve Austin cannot pack this card.

Bourne to Fly
-Evan Bourne may play this card during his turn even if all of his Pre-match Capacity is spent, even if his Ability is blanked and his Superstar-specific Pre-matches take up slots again, because Pre-match Capacity only matters during the Pre-match phase.

Breaking Ground
-Cannot be put into Ring in response to effects that cannot be responded to.

Carlito Says, "That's Not Cool!"
-This card is fully functional when overturned, thanks to its new wording. This is a reversal of a previous ruling.
-This card can reverse a chain card, but will not disregard the Chain trait, as it is not a card, but a trait.
-Carlito only ignores reversal restrictions from the card that it is reversing. Outside restrictions, like The Title's On The Line!, cannot be ignored.

Chair, Ladder, Stop Sign, Table (rulings for all four)
-You may only "choose" these cards per their card text as you play a maneuver. Specifically, in step 3a.
-If your maneuver is successful, you may only use these cards' Activated Card Effects before damage is applied, as using ACEs is not allowed while damage is being resolved unless those ACEs specifically permit it. Specifically, these cards' ACEs are activated in step 7a.
-If these cards' Activated Card Effects are reversed, the turn does not end until the maneuver being played fully resolves.
-Packing these cards does not influence how many copies of Chair Shot, Ladder in the Ring, or Table! Table! Table! may be packed. This will be made explicit in a future revision.

Chaos and Pandemonium at Ringside!
-This card has no maneuver type. It will not count toward Beth Phoenix's Ability or Simply the Best.
-The opponent may draw less cards than he shuffled in; the damage bonus and Ringside-removal-if-successful will only accrue for cards that he actually draws from the effect.

Cheat to Win
-When this card's Activated Card Effect is used, the opponent does not get another opportunity to respond to the Cheater card, as he already responded.

Con-Chair-To (Throwback)
-Even though Revolution Tomorrow's WWE Legends Today can be packed by any Superstar, that does not allow all Superstars to pack Con-Chair-To; only Superstars with the Randy Orton, Edge, or Christian logos on their Superstar card, Superstars that stipulate that they can pack cards with the Randy Orton, Edge, or Christian logos (i.e. Leader of the Edge Army and Leader of the Peepulation), or Superstars packing a Corner that allows one of those logos may pack Con-Chair-To.

Corporate Kane
-The reveal effect only works with cards with a Kane logo, not cards that are just Superstar-specific (for example, Respect the Authority making Backed by Stephanie McMahon 'Superstar-specific').

Dallas, Texas
-"Half of the Arsenal" refers to half of whatever size the Arsenal is after cards are removed. EXAMPLE: Booker T removes 15 cards with Dallas' text; if his opponent finds more than 22 reversals in the remaining 45 cards, he can trigger Dallas' loss condition on Booker.
-Wrestlemania and Pay-Per-View Main Event cannot prevent the Pinfall from this card. Don't even ask.

Dirty Low Blow
-This card's protection is set when played. If the opponent's Fortitude changes during this card's Timing Sequence, it will not affect whether Low Blow can only be reversed from Arsenal or not.

Diva Bikini Contest
-This card is intentionally blank.  There is no text missing from this card.
-Stun Value is only drawn from maneuvers, so if this card somehow deals damage, an overturned reversal would not cause the player to draw cards.

Don't Be a Douchebag
-This card will not ignore the Chain trait, as it is not a card, but a trait.
-This card can reverse a Chain card, as it has a 'reversal restriction from an opponent'.

Don't Treat Me Like You Know Me
-If your opponent does not wager a card, either because he has no cards in his hand or he chooses not to, you will put every card under Know Me into your hand.
-A hybrid card that is part maneuver is a maneuver card, not a "non-maneuver" card.
-If a Multi maneuver is revealed as a wager, all the cards under Know Me will go into Chyna Doll's hand.

Double-Crossed the Boss!
-This effect does not stack with the Fortitude doubling of Revolution Double Your Value - Double Your Fun, due to the specific wordings of both cards.

ECW on Sci-Fi
-Restricted Use in This Area will not allow the opponent to play Elbow to the Face if the ECW player chooses that option, since ECW on Sci-Fi modifies the opponent and not the maneuvers.

Elevated Double Chicken Wing
-The "When you have 20 or less cards in your Arsenal" effect allows you to replace the target of an Arsenal search with Elevated Double Chicken Wing, from the Arsenal.

Enough Shenanigans
-The Ability alterations from this card are continuously checked; any new Abilities assigned to JBL or Ken Kennedy will be blanked, and Roddy Piper's Ability will always revert to what is printed on Shenanigans.

Flair's Robe
-ERRATA: Replace "The Founder of the Four Horseman" with "Revolution The Founder of the Four Horsemen".

Flawless Transition
-The card played with this card must be printed F:0 and printed Chain.

Flanked by Arena Security
-The protection that this card provides lasts through the entire Pre-match phase, so any effects that occur at the end of the Pre-match phase will still be limited by the protection granted by Flanked. Effects that occur after all Pre-match phases, like Backstage Donnybrook and WWE Spinner Belt, will not be affected by Flanked, as its protection has expired when those cards resolve.

Getting an Edge on the Competition
-This card deals no damage, as it is never played.
-If it is removed from the Ring, it cannot be shuffled into an Arsenal.

Green Bay, Wisconsin
-The +20F for this card's Activated Card Effect will apply toward playing Green Bay Plunge.

Halloween Havoc
-The fake Strike 'played' will not be restricted by There Is No Escape.

Hawk's Neck Breaker
-When you are the Road Warriors, this card reverses nothing. It's still a hybrid.

Hellraisers 'till the End
-This card's Activated Card Effect can be used if you put the card into your Backstage Area, since it does not include the words "When this card is in your Ring," and as the card is not in the Ring anymore, the effect will not qualify as an Activated Card Effect and cannot be reversed.

I Have 'Til FIVE!
-The F:5 is thematic, you do not need to have 5F to use this card's effect.

IRAN... Number One!
-ERRATA: "your cards with that title are now Heat when played until the end of the turn,"
-Cards named for IRAN are Heat everywhere, and will satisfy the play restriction of You Will Witness History.

Lu-cha! Lu-cha! Lu-cha! Lu-cha!
-The blanking happens after the High Risk is a legal play.

Moonlight Drive
-# cannot be greater than 10, not the number of cards cannot be greater than 10; if 6 cards are removed from the game, Drive will only be -10F.

Mr. McMahon's Lead Pipe Shot
-This card deals no damage as an Action, since successfully played cards only deal Damage when they resolve to the Ring.

Old School Cage Match
-This will prevent cards with effects requiring movement of other cards from Ringside from paying the cost, such as Thrust Knee Lift or Kidney Punch.  Since the cost cannot be met, the effect fails and nothing happens.

On Your Knees, Dog
-This card only interact with cards with a Triple H logo, not cards that are just Superstar-specific (for example, Respect the Authority making Backed by Stephanie McMahon 'Superstar-specific').

Open Your Eyes to the Truth
-This card will prevent the need to discard cards to prevent Hassan's Modified Camel Clutch from removing itself from the game if it is unsuccessful, as the card is considered played from Ringside until it is completely finished resolving.

Out of Nowhere
-Using the reversal effect does not give a reduction to playing the card as an Action, it is still F: 25.

Piper's Legendary Presence
-The additional cards packed in the Backlash do not count toward the limit of cards normally packed.

Playing Head Games
-Cards named in the text of this card are played during the end of the Pre-match phase as directed, triggering their text.
-The opponent cannot play reversals to these card, as reversals cannot be played during the Pre-match phase.

Punch (Throwback)
-Traits include Chain, Heat, Volley, Multi, Foreign Object, Set-up, Follow-up, and hybrid.

Raw Roulette Wheel (Throwback)
-You must be able to play the Stipulation that goes atop the Wheel, since it is played and not put on top. Skirt vs. Skirt Match will only be playable if the opponent is a female Superstar.
-If there is no Stipulation on top of the Wheel, the ACE may still be used. "Any Stipulation" includes the state of having no Stips on top of the Wheel at all. A fresh Stipulation will be placed atop the Wheel.

Ref Takes a Bump
-If another card tries to move the maneuver affected by Ref Takes a Bump (Banned from Ringside, The Coach Says, "Today's the Day!"), that effect will fail once Ref Takes a Bump redirects the card to the Ring. Effects that resolve before Ref Takes a Bump (Piper's Pit original, etc) will not fail, and the maneuver will be ineligible to be moved by Bump.

Regret Nothing, Fear Less
-ERRATA: "Can only be played after a successfully played maneuver, that maneuver is blank until the end of the turn and deals no damage."

Reinforcements from the DX Army
-This card will allow The Game to draw when he uses his Ability, as triggered effects may fire before the Draw Segment, just not activated ones.
NOTE: This is a reversal of a previous ruling.

Respect the Authority
-Backed by Stephanie becomes Superstar-specific, but that does not equate to being specific for a Superstar, such as 'Kane-specific' or 'Triple H-specific' cards.

Revolution Too Extreme For Your Own Good
-ERRATA: "Your Revolution Outmaneuvered cards are F: 0."

Rockin' Raw
-She's Got Legs cannot be reversed as long as this card is in the Ring.

Rude's Changing Alliances
-The Allegiance cards are not 'packed' so it is legal to put all 10 Allegiance cards into this deck.
-Cards on top of this card are considered to be 'in your Ring'; it will allow you to play cards with an Allegiance Requirement (such as Team Spirit) and its effects will affect your cards.

Sandman's Singapore Stash
-When played, the face-down card is titled Struck by a Kendo Stick and it is a Strike and a Foreign Object. When in the Ring, as noted, the face-down card is titled Struck by a Kendo Stick, it is considered to be a Foreign Object, and it is considered to have ECW in the title, but has no additional properties.  It is not a maneuver, a Strike, a Throwback, etc.

Saturday Night's Main Event
-The phrase 'of the same type' refers to whether the card is a Pre-match or Mid-match, in other words playing Interviewed by Mean Gene Okerlund would increase Pre-match Capacity by +1.

See How It Feels (Throwback)
-The card is a legal play when the search is performed after it is successful, so using a Trademark Finisher with 'Can only be played...' text is acceptable.
-The search is only performed when the card is successful, so it is a 0D maneuver (and action), and can be reversed by cards like Elbow to the Face or Clumsy Opponent.

Spinning Arm Lock, Spiral Bomb, Whirlwind Kick
-These cards are all legal in the Virtual Classic format, as they do not have the Revolution logo. The extra maneuver types will count for cards like Beg For Mercy and Simply the Best.

Standing Moonsault
-The opponent may reverse the Moonsault with effects that do not involve playing Reversal cards, like putting Stop Sign into his Ring from his hand.

Tag Team Shenanigans
-This card can be packed by any Superstar, including Doink.
-This card will not grant any packing permissions, it only explains how Tag logo cards are resolved for non-Tag format play for the Superstars that can pack Tag logo cards (such as The Rockers and Demolition).

Taking One For the Team
-A Bella twin that is removed from the game with this card cannot be shuffled into the Arsenal or placed into the Ringside or hand, as neither Brie nor Nikki specifically permit placing Superstar cards in the Arsenal like Dude Love does.

Tear You Down Like a Minnesota Wrecking Crew
-Discarding cards that return themselves to your Backlash deck, like Hardcore Style Throwback or Touch Turnbuckle #3, will not give any Fortitude reduction, as these cards are never put into the Ringside.

The Hitman
-The Hitman player may use the effect on this card any number of times during a turn. EXAMPLE: If Bret named The Three Amigos, he could discard 1 card to reverse that card three times, all in the same turn.
-As always, the Hitman player must name a real, existing Raw Deal card.
-The Hitman player does not have to specify any Throwback condition, and naming a card will allow him to reverse both the Throwback and non-Throwback version.
-ERRATA: Change the first sentence to read, "Your opponent cannot play Pre-match cards with "blank" in the text unless those cards have "Cannot be blanked" in the text."

The House That Hardcore Built
-The ECW logo in the Backstage Area may come from a Superstar Card, such as an Extremist.

The Lone Warrior
ERRATA: Replace "Guest Ring Announcer" with "Guest Ringside Announcer".

The King's Throne
-Revolution Triple H cannot pack this card.

The Paparazzi Princess
-While your Arsenal is being shuffled, the sequence of cards is in flux and thus, there is no "top card" to reveal. Once the shuffle is concluded, the top card of the newly shuffled Arsenal is revealed as normal.

There Is No "I" In Team
-"Your Faction's reversal card" describes the Reversal card with your Faction's card title in the Requirement.

The Straight Edge Superstar
-ERRATA: Add "to them" to the end of the first sentence.
-CM Punk's Double Underhook Back Breakers are the only thing that you ignore "completely" in reversals to from this card, it doesn't help any other Multi.
-If played by Revolution CM Punk, he will need to make the DUBBs Multi by some other means (JR Style Action, etc.) for them to benefit from the first effect.

The Wildcat
-Remakes and alternate names can be ignored for packing.  Here is the list:
Big Freakin' Machine = Kane
Kevin Nash = Hall & Nash
Syxx = X-Pac
The Game = Triple H
The People's Champ = The Rock
Your Freakin Hero = Kurt Angle
- Packing the ECW Enforcer card will allow the packing of card with the Dudley Boyz logo, but not D-Von Dudley or Buh-Buh Ray Dudley.

This Is Going To Be an Old School Brawl!
-Maneuvers count toward this card's effect as long as they have a reversal restriction from that player's cards. The restrictions do not need to necessarily come from the maneuvers themselves. EXAMPLE: Activating The Title's On The Line! will make the maneuver that Title affects count toward Old School Brawl's count.

Through the Fire and Flames
-The +8F to reversals applies to Reversal cards that do not reverse. EXAMPLE: Showdown! or The Road to Victory.
-Revolution Kane cannot pack this card.

Tree of Woe Dropkick
- Since the first effect only works when the card is being played, it won't allow additional uses of Accompanied by Beulah McGuillicutty later in the turn.

Unstoppable Force
-The reversals are blanked once they are played, so they are still legal reversals and will still end the turn.
-Reversals are not blanked by Force until they are legal plays, so any Fortitude modifications printed on those Reversal cards will still apply. EXAMPLE: The Rated R Superstar.

Who Wants an Escort For the Night?
-Specifically, this card refers to Sharmell: Sizzling Spouse, Maria: Ideal Interviewer, Christy: Curvy Cutie, Melina: Naughty Manager, Lilian: Amazing Announcer, Candace: Internet Icon, Ashley: Pretty Punk, Mickie: Fervent Fanatic, Krystal: Broadcast Beauty, Jillian: Foxy Fixer, and Lita to the X-Treme.

World Champion Athleticism
-Cards named in the text of this card are played during the end of the Pre-match phase as directed, triggering their text.
-The opponent cannot play reversals or use reversal effects to these card, as reversals cannot be played or used during the Pre-match phase.
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« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2010, 05:35:12 PM »

-A Virtual 'shorthand' term for "using an Activated Card Effect".  It does not apply to effects that are not Activated Card Effects.

Applicable Reversals
-A card is an "applicable reversal" if it is able to reverse the card in question from the zone in which it currently resides.
-A reversal is "applicable" regardless of its Fortitude requirement or your Fortitude Rating.

-Pre-match Capacity refers to the number of Pre-match cards that a player may play. Likewise, Mid-match Capacity refers to the number of Mid-match cards that a player may play.
-As of Virtual 3, a player's base Pre-match and Mid-match Capacities are 6 each.

-This term replaces the phrase 'When you reversed a card to end your opponent's turn and this is the first card played on your turn...'
-Additional modifiers can be used, such as 'When played as a Counter (maneuver)', to indicate the reversed card had to be a maneuver.  Another example is 'When played as a Counter (hand or Backlash),' meaning the opponent's card had to be reversed from hand or Backlash.

- Plus and Minus signs have been included to replace 'or greater' / 'or less', such as 'Can only be played after a 5D+ maneuver' or 'any 3D- cards' (meaning '3D or less', in the latter example.)

-An ECW card is a card with the ECW logo in place of the WWE logo, or an ECW logo in the card title.
-Any color of ECW logo marks the card as an ECW card, cards with red, gold, or white ECW logos are all ECW cards.

Flip Over
-Cards that are flipped over do not affect the game, they lose all traits but retain their card title, and they become the card type 'Face-Down'.
-A Permanent, Active or RMS card cannot become face-down.
-Face-Down cards are public knowledge, just like face up cards.
-Note that this has no bearing on cards placed face-down under other cards, such as That's Broken or Back to Basics.  These do not interact with cards like Turning Everything Upside Down.
-If a card such as That's Broken is flipped over face-down, it will prevent the card under it from being played, as there is no text to allow it.  If the face-down Broken leaves the Ring, the card underneath it will go to Ringside.
-Face-Down cards have no Fortitude or Damage values. Anything that relies on one of those values will fail when it attempts to interact with a Face-Down card.
-Once a face-down card leaves the Ring, it stops being face-down and returns to normal. Any effects on the formerly face-down card that reference it leaving play will not fire, since they will only return after the card has already left.

-Female Superstars may pack Multi Superstar-specific maneuvers when one of the following conditions are met:
 -Their Superstar logo is on the card.
 -A Superstar logo that they are given specific permission to pack cards from by their Superstar Ability is on the card.
-EXAMPLE: Gail Kim and Gail Kim + Molly Holly may pack Flying Dragon Armbar, but cannot pack Edge's Running Spear, even if they are packing Revolution Edge Is In My Corner!.
-Female Superstars that explicitly have permission to pack Multis, like Beth Phoenix and any version of Chyna that packs Don't Treat Me Like a Woman, may pack Multis normally without being affected by this ruling.
-(This ruling is intended to preserve previous Corner functionality even though Multis with female Superstars' logos now exist.)

-An nWo card is a card with the nWo logo in place of the WWE logo, or in the card title.
-Any color of nWo logo marks the card as an nWo card, cards with red, gold, or white nWo logos are all nWo cards.

NXT Superstar
-A type of Superstar that gains perks from other cards, such as The NXT Breakout Star.  There are no other special rules for a NXT Superstar.
-A Printed NXT Superstar is noted by the NXT logo, also present on Rookie Superstars.

-A new type of card packed in the Backstage Area that can only be packed by a Rookie Superstar.
-Only 1 PRO card can be packed.

-Promo: # is short for "Look at the top # cards of your Arsenal, put 1 of those cards in your hand, and the rest in your Ringside."

Response, Respond
-A player responds to a card by playing a Reversal card, activating a card effect, even if the card is not in their Ring, or activating their Ability.
-Cards that a player may not respond to will still trigger effects from cards in the Ring or Abilities. EXAMPLE: Diamond Dallas Page will still discard for his opponent's copies of Old School Psychology when he plays It's Me...It's Me...It's D-D-P. EXAMPLE 2: Leader of the Edge Army will still draw and cause Raw Guest Host to discard when Raw Guest Host successfully plays The Price is Raw. EXAMPLE 3: Raven will still draw when Festus hits him with a maneuver protected by ....

Reverse, Reversal
-All Reversals that actually reverse cards end the turn unless they specifically state otherwise.

Reversal Restriction
-A reversal restriction is any card, Ability, or effect that modifies the reversibility of a card. EXAMPLE: Turn the Tide adds a reversal restriction to the maneuver following it. Diesel-Powered Sidewalk Slam has a reversal restriction if it is played after a Superstar-specific card. The Chain trait is a reversal restriction.
-A card with Momentum has a reversal restriction.
-Cards that give extra modes of reversibility do not have reversal restrictions from those modes. EXAMPLE: Classic Fireman's Carry has no reversal restrictions in its text. The Volley trait is not a reversal restriction.
-Reversal restrictions are strictly a property of cards. Cards and effects that modify player permissions are never reversal restrictions. EXAMPLE: Panic Grab, Backed by Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero, and the Arm Drag portion of Enter the Dragon are not reversal restrictions.
-Modifications to reversals are never reversal restrictions. EXAMPLE: Get Crowd Support does not grant a reversal restriction.
-A card that cannot be responded to does not have a reversal restriction; losing the ability to respond does not alter what cards will reverse a card, it only alters player permissions to play those cards.

-An "RMS card" is a card that bears the Restricted Modification Symbol, either printed or granted by another card (i.e. Frankie Takes Ho-llywood).

-A Rookie Superstar may pack 1 PRO card in his Backstage Area.
-All Rookies are also NXT Superstars due to the logo on their Superstar Card.

-A type of Superstar that gains perks from other cards, such as The Numbers Game.  There are no other special rules for a Stable Superstar.

-A Pre-match or Mid-match slot is one unit of Capacity. Cards that do not take up a Pre-match slot or Mid-match slot do not spend any Capacity when they are in your Ring.
-A player may play a Pre-match or Mid-match card that does not take up a slot even if all of his normal Pre-match or Mid-match slots are filled.
-Making a card not take up a slot is a modification to that card and will be blocked by the Restricted Modification Symbol.

-Sub-classes include Multi, Chain, Heat, Volley, Stun Value, Run-in and Set-up. These only apply to one half of a hybrid card; specifically, the half indicated in the card's type line. The sole exception to that notation is Stun Value; Stun Value is solely a function of maneuvers, by its own definition.
-Hybrid, Foreign Object, NXT, WCW, (classic WWF logo), and ECW are not sub-classes.

WCW Superstar
-A type of Superstar that gains perks from other cards, such as Halloween Havoc.  There are no other special rules for a WCW Superstar.
-A Printed WCW Superstar is noted by the WCW logo, however Superstar-specific cards like Raven's Rules can allow a Superstar to become a WCW Superstar.

WWF Classic Superstar
-A type of Superstar that gains perks from other cards, such as Saturday Night's Main Event.  There are no other special rules for a WWF Classic Superstar.
-A Printed WWF Superstar is noted by the 'classic' WWF logo on a Superstar such as Sid or Yokozuna.  (Note: This does not include the 'scratch' WWF logo found on a Superstar like Mankind.)
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Re: Raw Deal Virtual FAQ and Revision Notes
« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2010, 10:29:17 PM »
Revision Notes

* nWo Beatdown
Gains "Can only be reversed by 2 reversal cards."

* Extreme Rules Match
Text removal effect limited to cards played from hand.

* Handicap Match TB
The hand size effect is changed to +1/-1, and the Capacity effect is changed to +2/+2 for the player instead, with a Champ is Here play restriction.

* Old School Cage Match
Stipulations are not affected by this card.

* My Game, My Way
The Event effect occurs at the end of the Pre-match phase.

* A Quick BASH-ing
Now D:0 with a -2F to non-Unique maneuvers.

* Enough Shenanigans
The cards are blanked, not restricted.

* Bringing the Title Home to Canada
Gains "Can only be packed by Chris Benoit."

* The Most Powerful Champions of Raw
The +2HS is only when you have no Revolution cards in your Ring, and your Lou Thesz Press loses the 'Strike' text.

* A Giant Shift in Power
The card becomes Permanent, the LAISE effect removed.

* The Nature Boy (R4 Flair Backstage)
Renamed "Flair's Robe", the second paragraph is replace with: "When packing this card, you may pack 4 additional Pre-match cards and the first 2 Ric Flair-specific Pre-match cards played do not take up a Pre-match slot in your Ring.  The number of cards removed for Yesterday Is So Long Ago is reduced to 0."
EDIT:  Adding to the end: "Your Ric Flair-specific Pre-match cards do not count towards I'm Gonna Break You."

* Head of the J.O.B. Squad
Gains "Replace the "played" text with "reversed by Unique reversals" on your Snow Plow."

* The Summer of Love
Gains "When you are not packing Enforcers,"

* Full Blooded Italians
The card text now allows 2 cards to be drawn at the end of Pre-match, AIUU does not make them discard, it makes FBI maneuvers Multi and also TMFs, and no reversals can be played to FBI Hit List.

* Money! Money! Money! Money! Money!
Only cards that are not non-hybrid reversals can be recovered.

* The King's Court
Change 'Your first 3' to 'Your next 3'

* DX Crotch Chops
All Superstars can remove up to 5 cards, recover double the amount, and <R> The Degenerates gains your logo.

* Bret Hart
He's a Legend now.

* Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Loses the "and F: 0" text.

* Time to Face Your "Doom"
This card gains an RMS.

* The Future of Sports Entertainment
Cannot pack Who's Cooler than Michelle McCool?.

* Chyna's Lariat and Chyna's Press Slam
Gain the text "When you are a female Superstar..."

* Managed by Miss Elizabeth (original)
Loses the 'Draw 1 card a turn' text.

* Sucker Punch - Throwback:
Volley: 5 is now Volley: 4 instead.

* The Opening Volley
Only non-Multi maneuvers are affected.

* The <Revolution> Will Not Be Verified...
Me Llamo Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrada is added to the list.

* The Hurricane, Hardcore Holly, or Umaga?
The Umaga Enforcer now cannot pick up Unique maneuvers.

* Feminine Wiles
Dropped the Ability blanking/changing already found on 2 other BSCs.

* The Numbers Game
Packing this card now allows for packing Handicap Match.

* Intimidated by Undertaker's Mystique (Undertaker)
Only Undertaker Actions are made Multi.

* Screeching Car Crash! (Mankind)
Only Mankind's first maneuver of 6D or less is protected (Cactus Jack's +4 HS is moved to his card).

* Stealing Life-Cheating Death (Eddie Guerrero)
Overturning as a reversal causes removal from the game, the Latino Cheat effect no longer works from the Ring, and the card cannot be moved when removed from the game except by If You're Not Cheating, You're Not Trying.

* Brothers Forever (Dudley Boyz)
You must have lower Fortitude to gain the protection.

* Evening the Odds (D-Von)
Spike Dudley cannot pack this card any longer.

* The Hardcore Legend Returns! (Cactus Jack)
+4HS effect moved from Screeching Car Crash.

* We Got a Lot of Heat in the Back For This Gimmick (Billy & Chuck)
Cannot be packed with Interest of Fairness or Best Laid Plans, and the cards hidden are limited to 5. Cards affected can be played as if they are Heat, (but are not Heat).

* His Hands and Feet Are Lethal Weapons (Tajiri)
Series of Kicks does not get a benefit.

* You Can't Chain Up This Dog (Junkyard Dog)
JYD's Chain now does not cause a discard when played, rather than rewriting its text.  Returning it when removed from game does not include other cards.

* Legendary Animalistic Offense (Jake the Snake)
JYD's Chain now does not cause any discard, and the reduction in Fortitude is just -4F.

* <R> Legendary Hardcore Icon (R-Terry Funk)
This card is now Permanent.

* Chris Masters
He is now a Throwback, The Master Lock is +1SV.

His ability cannot be switched (via White Wedding).

* (3x MVP Pre-match cards)
They gain the RMS logo.

* Latino Cheat
Now cannot pack Redemption.

* Who Wants an Escort For the Night? (The Godfather)
Only female run-in cards played from hand are F: 0 and protected.

* Backed by Melina  (Johnny Nitro)
This card works even when hidden to reveal any 2 Superstar-specific Backstage cards.

* A Method to the Madness  (Macho Man Randy Savage)
Only the first non-hybrid maneuver played each turn of 6D or less is protected.

* Mr. Perfect
The protected maneuver is blank and only non-Superstar-specific non-Unique reversals are blocked.  He cannot pack Drawing a Blank.

* Mr. Perfect's Towel
Reduction only applies when 12 or more non-Backlash cards are removed from game, the towel can be hidden to protect a printed F:0 non-Unique move.

* Absolutely Perfect
This card is no longer Permanent and has no RMS.

* The Perfect-Plex
Only maneuver types from non-Backlash cards count towards move protection.

* I Am What I Say I Am
Card draw is limited to 3.

* A Perfect Comeback
Play, not pack, requires being a Heenan Family Member.  Ability unblanking works for everyone, but double-use of the Ability was removed.  Removing the card from the game now allows one card to be drawn.

* Cryme Tyme's Money Money Yeah Yeah has 'non-hybrid' added to the effect.
This limits confusion with reversals as well as abuse with hybrid actions like Technicals and Dynamics.

* Ultimate Warrior
Hand Size increases to 5HS.

* As Big As Any Two Men
Kane added to the Khali effect, but it instead compares to 5. Text changed to "Revolution The Great Khali", Andre the Giant's logo added.

* The Fur Coats
Gains the text "Your Pre-match Capacity is +3 and your opponent cannot play I'm Gonna Break You."

* The Power of the Warrior
Wording clarified so if Back to Basics is not in your Ring, playing Power will still make your maneuvers Multi: 3.

* Buying Myself Some Time
Cannot be packed by Test. Fan Favorite logo removed, it gains 'When you do not have a card with 'interest' in the title in your Ring...'

* Ceremony of the Druids
Add 'When you do not have BASH cards in your Ring' prefacing the +2HS and TMF'ing of Chokeslam, and the text regarding AIUU will be removed.
Storyline-playing Phenom is very disturbing, borderline unbalanced.

* Whoooo!
Flavor text added: "It might be the oldest ride in the park, but its still got the longest line!  Whoooo!" - Ric Flair

* Boogeyman's card is now:
From the Bottomless Pit
Backstage Card
When packing this card, you may pack non-reversal Volley cards.
Your Boogeyman-specific Actions are Multi and cannot be reversed by hybrid or BASH reversals, and replace the 'Can only be played' text with 'Cannot be reversed' on ...And I'm Coming To Getcha!.  Your The Tick Tock of the Clock cards do not take up a Pre-match slot in your Ring, and their Activated Card Effect cannot be reversed.
¶  (Restricted Modification Symbol)

* Stone Cold Steve Austin's card is now:
Bionic Kicking Machine
Pre-match Event
Can only be packed by Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Cannot be packed by Two-Man Power Trip.
Search your Arsenal for up to 3 Superstar-specific cards with "kick" in the title, reveal them, put them under this card, and shuffle your Arsenal. You may play those cards as if they were in your hand and they can only be reversed by Unique reversals; when successfully played, you may search your Arsenal for STUNNER!, reveal it, put it into your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal.
Replace the "Can only be" text with "Cannot be reversed when" on your STUNNER! cards.
F: 0   D: 0   ¶   Permanent

* Still Drinkin' Beer & Raisin' Hell
Loses the Two-Man Power Trip logo and the first two lines now read:
"When you are the Rattlesnake, once during each of your turns you may discard one card and then search your Arsenal for a Stone Cold Steve Austin-specific action, reveal it, put it in your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal.
Your Stone Cold Steve Austin-specific Mid-match Actions can only be reversed by Unique reversals."

* The Outsiders: nWo Originals
Now reads:
"At the end of Pre-match search your Arsenal for 1 non-unique card, reveal it, put it in your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal.  You may not play a maneuver with the same title as a card in your Ring.
When your Fortitude Rating is 10F or less, your cards with 'back,' 'power,' or 'slam' in the title are Multi.
Ignore the “Can only be played…” text on your Hall’s Fall-Away Slam, and it is Multi.
Ignore 'completely' on your opponent's reversal cards and effects to your Multi maneuvers."

* High-Flying Style
This card is Permanent and Kenny, Hurricane, and Johnny Nitro added.

* The King's Throne
Gains the text "Cannot be packed by Two-Man Power Trip."

* That's Totally OUR Match!
Gains the text "Your Edge & Christian-specific Actions are F: 0 and Multi."

* My Game, My Way and A Quick BASH-ing
Gain the added text "This card is packed as either Pre-match or a Mid-match." so it does not take up a slot as both.

* Backed by SmackDown! GM Vickie Guerrero
Changes from "non-D: 0 maneuvers" to "non-F: 0 maneuvers".

* The Blue Blazer
His Superstar Ability starts with "Your non-printed Volley non-Unique maneuvers played from your hand..."

* Who Is the Blue Blazer?
Loses the word 'Volley' so it counts any maneuvers in the Ring.

* Unorthodox Style of Wrestling TB
Starts with: "When your Fortitude Rating is 10F or less, your maneuvers are now High Risk and Unique instead.  Your Follow-up maneuvers are also considered High Risk maneuvers."

* The Five Moves of Doom
Now a Mid-match Action.

* A Method to the Madness
Now a Mid-match Action that is Permanent and reads:  "During your turn when this card is in your Backlash, you may put it into your Ring.
Your maneuvers of 6D or less can only be reversed from Arsenal or by D: 0 Reversals from hand, and when you discard cards to play a card with "blindside" in the title from Ringside, discard 1 less card."

* Through the Fire and the Flames
Gains "When you are Kane, your opponent's reversals to your first Kane-specific F: 0 Action each turn are +8F, ACE:  and once during each of your turns, you may draw one card and then discard one card.  This effect cannot be reversed."and is D: 0 instead, but gains the text "Your cards played from hand are -3F." and is Permanent.

* Revolution Beer Bath
Gains the text: "When you have a non-Revolution card in your Ring: ignore the Requirement."

* Premiere WWF Superstar
Added The Mystery Wrestler

* The Marquee Says Wrestling!
Loses 'Pre-match Chain card' (since there aren't any) and gets 'Pre-match card with 'chain' in the text' instead.

* Handicap Match TB
Changed to 'Can only be played when your opponent cannot pack the Tag Team Title Belts' so it works with Numbers Game as intended.

* The House That Hardcore Built, Revolution An Extreme Assault, Revolution Too Extreme For Your Own Good, Revolution Thorn's Cane
All corrected to have 'Revolution' in the card titles they reference.

* Finlay
His Superstar Ability to draw cards is correct to say "When your opponent successfully plays..."

* Arn's Abdominal Stretch
Corrected to be a Submission (multi), not a Grapple.
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