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This will be where some general card templates are, I will be creating them from scratch for myself and for anyone who wants to use them, so far I have 2 done, I am doing these when I have time to do them, if you can find me some good high res card images that would make things go faster, especially for classic cards, I am starting with revolution because I found a whole batch of high res revolution cards.

This is what I got so far:

Mid-Match Antic:

Mid-Match Manuever:

Fonts Used:
For the title and text the font used is: Trebuchet MS
For the Damage/Fortitude Boxes:Impact Wide(commerical font you have to purchase, or just modify Impact a bit wider)
Unique/Permanent/targets: jackinput

These templates are to be used only for the creation of fantasy cards, and are not to be used to duplicate what is posted on the site from the new sets.

What kind of resolution do you want? I have a really good scanner and i can get some in the resolution you want

Ah high as possible, need a clean crisp image

Like how my images look for quality the templates up there

Hey man here are some of the templates of the cards just missing the stun value, cheater, fan favorite, Smack Down and Raw logos buy I have all of it so if you want them send me an e-mail and I will send to you the files

these are the templates to work with FOTOSHOP




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