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« on: April 21, 2010, 08:40:42 PM »
1.backstage politics
3.frankie takes hollywood
4.underated superstar
5.vince gra show
7.break you the champ and nothing is gonna change that
9.the champ is here
10.cruiser belt

1.victory roll
2.ready to fight
3.ready to fight
4.Can U Believe the Witte Retort?
5.Can U Believe the Witte Retort?
6.beg for mercy
7.beg for mercy
8.road to victory

2xjr style slobber knocker
1xiron will
1xYou Talkin’ to Me?


2xshoot headlock
3xTechnical Monkey Flip
5xTechnical drop kick
3xTechnical crab
3xTechnical Topé
3xTechnical bear hug
3xback body drop
1xTechnical power bomb
1xTechnical Splash in the Corner
1xnoble bomb
1xtrailer hitch
1xatomic lariat


1xnidia interfers
3xalways have a plan b
3xonce is enough
3xA Revolution of the Mind
3xelbow to the face
2xhold the phone
1xdivine intervention
1xtoo many rules
2xthe coach says
2xdont try this at home
1xsidewalk slam
3xvolley this
1xraw deal revolution
1xNow I’m Gonna Get Some Respect
1xlets wrestle already


Basic idea is to make the cruiser permanent and get redemption in play as fast as possible.  From there work towards getting beg for mercy and jr style slobber knocker out and then use the technical cards to mill/replenish the deck.  I was thinking of working a no way out into the prematch to help with the burn late game but am not sure what to take out.

I haven't made Noble in awhile so I may be glossing over or missing something