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CWA Wired 4-12-10
« on: April 12, 2010, 08:32:59 PM »

Joey Styles: Here we are live with another exciting show you for CWA fans.
Christopher Nowinski: Of course it's exciting. The DiBiases are in the main event.
Joey Styles: ...moving along we have two debuting stars in our opening bout.

Singles Match
Jason Myles vs Shawn Cortez

The larger Jason Myles starts off in complete control wearing Shawn down with a variety of clubbing blows from his gigantic arms. He then pulls him in and hits a devastating short arm clothesline. 1..2..not yet! Myles shows a bit of anger at not getting the pinfall. He pulls Cortez off the mat and whips him into the ropes and nails a crushing snap powerslam! 1..2.KICKOUT! Again Cortez refuses to stay down and Jason is now visibly flustered by this he. He lifts Shawn up once again, but Cortez strikes back! He lands a swift high kick which staggers Myles and he then runs behind him for a chop block! This takes Myles to his knees, but he gets off favoring his right leg which Cortez grabs for a dragon screw! Jason's right leg is clearly hurt as Cortez tries to continue the offensive by mounting for a ground and pound, but the stronger Myles tosses him off and starts to rise to his feet. As he turns around Shawn is rushing right towards him, but is met with a right hook from Jason Myles which knocks him slightly back. Myles puts both of his hands around the throat of Cortez to set up the MYLE HIGH DR...NO! Shawn Cortez wriggles out as Myles' knee gives out on him. Shawn quickly grabs the right leg of Myles and locks in the IT'S SIMPLY OVER! Jason struggles to reach the ropes, but to no avail and he is forced to tap out!

Winner: "Simply" Shawn Cortez

Joey Styles: An impressive start for this newcomer to CWA! I can't wait to see how he does in the coming weeks.
Christopher Nowinski: He got lucky. He will get set straight soon enough!
Joey Styles: Now it's time for our second match of the evening.

Suddenly Trish Stratus' music begins to play and the owner of the Canadian Wrestling Alliance begins walking to the ring with an angered expression upon her face. She is holding a microphone and moving quickly as if she means business. The fans don't know how to react given her current demeanor.

Trish Stratus: I have to make a very disappointing announcement. One which all wrestling promoters hate to do. I am going to have to cancel the planned match up between CM Punk and Awesome Kong against Raven and Sean Storm. Apparently they think they can do as they please and just not show up to the arena. I have had it up to here with the antics they have exhibited in recent weeks and I am fed up with it. I am putting all of them on final notice. If they step out of line one more time they are going to be stripped of their respective titles and fired, that is if they can defend their titles at the CWA Pay-Per-View next week. It is going to be called Shockwave and there will definitely be some aftershocks coming from that event. At Shockwave, CM Punk will defend his title against the number one contender Alpha! Raven and Sean Storm will defend their tag team titles in a four team ladder match against the teams of Jarek Mace and Keldon Bloodsword, Joey Cilo and Drew McIntyre, and the self-proclaimed Million Dollar Champions the DiBiase Brothers. There will also be...

BREAK THE WALLS DOWN! Chris Jericho's music begins to play and out comes a visibly furious Chris Jericho sharply dressed in an all black suit!

Chris Jericho: Now what you have said is good and all, but you have failed to address the fact that my protege Jason Myles just got screwed in his match against some rookie! I demand to face Shawn Cortez at Shockwave so I can show him why I am the best in the world at what I do!

Trish Stratus: I don't like the fact that you think you can come down here and interrupt me, but I know a good match when I hear it. You will face Shawn Cortez on Shockwave in a submission match!

Jericho seems placated though not entirely pleased with this and the crowd prepares for the next match.

Joey Styles: Wow, what a huge announcement!
Christopher Nowinski: Yes! After Shockwave the DiBiase Brothers will have two sets of tag team championships!
Joey Styles: Somehow I doubt that. Anyway here is our next bout.

Triple Threat Match
Alpha vs Joey Cilo vs Nick Brolic

Alpha starts off hot and begins beating both of his opponents down with ease. Nailing each of them with damaging strikes and high impact grapple moves. Eventually he catches Joey Cilo in a bear hug and begins wearing him down until Nick Brolic comes up from behind and hits him with a double axe handle! Brolic then tosses Alpha through the ropes and to the floor. Cilo capitalizes on this and hits an explosive german suplex from behind! Brolic gets to his feet only to be met with the ACE HIGH KICKER! Brolic is out cold after that sickening kick to the face. Cilo taunts to the crowd then turns around to catch an ALPHA STRIKE! The force from the impact pushes Cilo right outside the ring and Alpha lays down on the incapacitated Nick Brolic for the 1..2..3!

Joey Styles: Alpha looks impressive once again with another victory!
Christopher Nowinski: He still has no chance against the Straight Edge Savior.
Joey Styles: Next up is a match that I have been looking forward to. Gavin Payne against John Bradshaw Layfield!

Gavin Payne enters first and is warming up in the ring when John Bradshaw Layfield's limousine pulls in at the top of the entrance ramp. The door opens and a half dozen men in suits come out before JBL does. The men are all holding briefcases and are clearly the lawyers Bradshaw said he would have with him this evening.

Singles Match
Gavin Payne vs John Bradshaw Layfield

Gavin Payne gets off to a quick start with precisely located strikes to wear down the body of his much larger opponent. JBL tries to punch back, but Gavin Payne is just a step quicker at every turn and keeps countering his moves. Eventually JBL fires a particularly strong punch which is caught...OBJECTION! 1..2.foot under the rope! JBL barely escaped losing right then and there. Gavin Payne continues his assault for several minutes before one of the lawyers leaps up onto the apron with an objection of his own. The referee confronts the out of place attorney while Gavin Payne sets JBL up for the Death Sentence! Just as he is about to lift him up another lawyer smacks Gavin in the back of the head with a briefcase! Payne staggers around while JBL quickly bounces off the ropes and hits a CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! 1..2..3!

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield

All of the lawyers and JBL begin stomping Gavin Payne down into the ground and beating him with their briefcases. Eventually they roll him out of the ring and Bradshaw picks Gavin Payne up. He kicks him in the stomach and powerbombs him through the announce table! JBL and his attorneys leave the scene in his limo while paramedics treat Gavin Payne for his injuries and cart him off on a stretcher.

Joey Styles: That was a cowardly assault after they screwed him out of the win!
Christopher Nowinski: Payne was trying to end JBL's career with that move he was setting up for. He deserved the punishment he received!
Joey Styles: That is outrageous!
Christopher Nowinski: Shut your mouth! It is time for the beatdown of the century!

Singles Match
Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Ashley Lane & Mike DiBiase vs Dilbert

Ted DiBiase Jr. has a wide grin across his face as he approaches the raging Dilbert. The two face off at the middle of the ring when suddenly Ted Jr. open palm slaps Dilbert who immediately recoils and cracks Ted Jr. in the face with a spinning kick! Dilbert goes crazy and puts DiBiase in the MEETING FROM HELL and starts twisting and contorting while almost frothing at the mouth with rage! The audience is going wild as Ted Jr. writhes in agony. He looks like he is about to tap at any second when Mike DiBiase jumps up on the apron and the referee comes over to stop him from interfering. Ashley Lane takes this chance to slide into the ring and kick Dilbert in the back of the head. Dilbert barely even reacts at first. He slowly releases his grip on Ted Jr. and rises to his feet. His eyes are burning as he stands up towering over Ashley as she slinks back towards the ropes. Dilbert suddenly snaps out and shoves her with his palm on her face forcing her between the ropes and to the floor. Ted Jr. who has somehow managed to crawl behind Dilbert low blows him! Dilbert goes down to his knees and DiBiase attempts to stand on rubber legs. Mike drops down from the apron and the ref is standing behind Ted Jr. who is wobbly when Dilbert rushes at him. Ted Jr. ducks and rolls out of the way causing Dilbert to crash into the referee who is out cold! Mike DiBiase, Ashley Lane and Christopher Nowinski all rush into the ring and begin beating down Dilbert. Eventually they lift Dilbert up and Mike slaps him in the Million Dollar Dream!

Out of nowhere Trish Stratus' music plays and she sprints down to the ring with a microphone in her hand.

Trish Stratus: Absolutely not! This is not happening on my show! Either get your asses out the ring and backstage right now or all of you are going to be fired! I don't care who your father is. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. If you can not learn to accept that then security is going to escort you out of the building.

As she says this a dozen well built security guards begin filing onto the entrance ramp from the locker room area. Mike DiBiase and Ashley Lane reluctantly leave, vociferously complaining the whole way. While Christopher Nowinski slinks back to his color commentator's chair hoping no one notices him. The ringside area now clears out leaving Ted DiBiase Jr. struggling to reach his feet, with a dazed and now back to consciousness referee with Dilbert laid out in the middle of the ring.

Ted Jr. limps his way over and falls on top of Dilbert. 1..2..NO! Dilbert somehow mustered the strength to kick out! DiBiase can not believe it. He slowly lifts Dilbert up and tries to mount an offensive, but Dilbert breaks out and kicks him in the stomach. FINAL TALLY! 1..2..3!

Winner: Dilbert

Christopher Nowinski: THIS IS A FARCE!

Christopher Nowinski tosses his headset aside and rushes into the ring. He jumps Dilbert from behind and just gets hit with a FINAL TALLY! Ted DiBiase Jr. and Christopher Nowinski are both laid out in the ring with a furious Dilbert standing victorious in the ring.

Joey Styles:That...was the greatest thing I have ever seen.

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Re: CWA Wired 4-12-10
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You know you guys can comment on these shows if you'd like. *HINT HINT*

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Re: CWA Wired 4-12-10
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i dont like that i keep losing lol but it was entertaining to read