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Second Revision
« on: July 19, 2009, 01:13:48 PM »
Sorry this has taken so long to put up, but we want to see this take effect around the end of the month.  It won't affect any tournaments next weekend, like Dark Tower, but would go into effect July 31st.  In addition, I'll be updating EVERYTHING (text spoiler posts on here, images posted, the Lackey patch) for release on or right before July 31st to make up for the issues with getting the First Revision information clear and comprehensively posted.  So here's the cards and their planned changes, the two major changes listed in blue:

* nWo Beatdown - gains "Can only be reversed by 2 reversal cards."

* Extreme Rules Match - text removal effect limited to cards played from hand.

* Handicap Match TB - the hand size effect is changed to +1/-1, and the Capacity effect is changed to +2/+2 for the player instead, with a Champ is Here play restriction.

* Old School Cage Match - Stipulations are not affected by this card.

* My Game, My Way - the Event effect occurs at the end of the Pre-match phase.

* A Quick BASH-ing - now D:0 with a -2F to non-Unique maneuvers.

* Buying Myself Some Time - Fan Favorite logo removed, it gains 'When you do not have a card with 'interest' in the title in your Ring...'

* Enough Shenanigans - the cards are blanked, not restricted.

* Bringing the Title Home to Canada - gains "Can only be packed by Chris Benoit."

* The Most Powerful Champions of Raw - the +2HS is only when you have no Revolution cards in your Ring, and your Lou Thesz Press loses the 'Strike' text.

* A Giant Shift in Power - the card becomes Permanent, the LAISE effect removed.

* The Nature Boy - renamed "Flair's Robe", the second paragraph is replace with: "When packing this card, you may pack 4 additional Pre-match cards and the first 2 Ric Flair-specific Pre-match cards played do not take up a Pre-match slot in your Ring.  The number of cards removed for Yesterday Is So Long Ago is reduced to 0."
EDIT:  Adding to the end: "Your Ric Flair-specific Pre-match cards do not count towards I'm Gonna Break You."

* We Got a Lot of Heat in the Back For This Gimmick - Cannot be packed with Interest of Fairness or Best Laid Plans, and the cards hidden are limited to 5.

* Head of the J.O.B. Squad - gains "Replace the "played" text with "reversed by Unique reversals" on your Snow Plow."

* The Summer of Love - gains "When you are not packing Enforcers,"

* Still Drinkin' Beer & Raisin' Hell - Rattlesnake's effect requires a discard of 1 card, and it loses the 2MPT logo.

* Full Blooded Italians - the card text now allows 2 cards to be drawn at the end of Pre-match, AIUU does not make them discard, it makes FBI maneuvers Multi and also TMFs, and no reversals can be played to FBI Hit List.

* As Big and Tough As Any Two Men - text changed to "Revolution The Great Khali", Andre the Giant's logo added.

* Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! - only cards that are not non-hybrid reversals can be recovered.

* The King's Court - changing 'Your first 3' to 'Your next 3'

* DX Crotch Chops - all Superstars can remove up to 5 cards, recover double the amount, and <R> The Degenerates gains your logo.

* Bret Hart - he's a Legend now.

* Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - loses the "and F: 0" text.

* Time to Face Your "Doom" - to match the errata, this card gains an RMS.

* The Future of Sports Entertainment - cannot pack Michelle McCool.

* Chyna's Lariat - gains the text "When you are a female Superstar..."

* Chyna's Press Slam - see Chyna's Lariat

* Managed by Miss Elizabeth (original) - loses the 'Draw 1 card a turn' text.

To answer a few questions ahead of time, we're not trying to constantly change the R4 cards, but there was simply no way to completely test everything every possible way with the few people available that were actively playtesting with these cards.  So issues that are spotted that weren't intended, or discovered to be too good - or someone's card that simply didn't boost them as intended and left them still too weak too be playable - is what we're changing to try and make every Superstar reasonably playable and keep the game balanced.

Thanks for all your support, everyone!  Feel free to ask questions, add comments, point out any issue we may have overlooked, and so on.

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