Author Topic: Lashley and the Resticted Modification Symbol  (Read 856 times)

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Lashley and the Resticted Modification Symbol
« on: April 23, 2009, 02:18:53 AM »
Okay, I have a question regarding Lashley and the Resticted Modification Symbol

Restricted Modification Symbol is described as;

A card with this symbol cannot be modified by ANY card played or in the Ring.  No card in the Ring or played by a player can modify a player’s attempt to reverse the card. The card may not have its Fortitude Value raised or lowered

Restricted Modification: a card that cannot be modified by other cards in any Ring area, or by cards played by you or your opponent.

And this is where my confusion lies. According to the above, only cards played or in the Ring Area cannot affect Restricted Modification Cards.

According to the Rulebook;

Superstar abilities are not ACEs because they do not count as cards in the game.

Backstage Area: a separate area from your Arsenal and Backlash deck, from where your Superstar card is revealed  Enforcers and other cards can be packed in your Backstage area, they can only be packed if your Superstar can reveal these cards.  Using a Superstar Ability to reverse is considered reversing ‘from Backstage Area.

Ring Area: all cards that you play from your hand that are not reversed from your opponent’s hand go into this area, face up (unless the card states otherwise).  Sometimes shortened to the Ring

So, can Lashleys ability affect Restricted Modification Symbol Maneuvers?  According to the above, Lashleys ability comes from the Backstage, not the Ring Area and isn't a card played.  However this seems to be VERY strong!

I'm currently building a Lashley deck and the thought crossed my mind. My theory seems right but being newish to the game i'm certain this will get shot down fairly swiftly! ;D

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Re: Lashley and the Resticted Modification Symbol
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2009, 02:35:17 AM »
RMS cards exist in a vacuum. Nothing can change any trait or ability on the card or the reversibility of the card unless it specifically says it hits RMS cards (Piper). Lashley's RMS maneuvers are not protected; he's in the same boat as BFM.


Restricted Modification Symbol (RMS)
-A card with the RMS cannot have any of its wording, traits, or numerical values altered, increased, removed or ignored. RMS cards cannot be affected by any effect or ability that specifically refers to a single card. RMS cards cannot have their reversibility modified by any card, effect, or ability.

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