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APA enforcer
« on: January 28, 2007, 09:50:35 PM »
I tried to play TB Billion Dollar Princess as Steph with APA, but the judge said no. I argued that (red) and he argued that (blue). Which overrides?

-Superstar Abilities are active during the Pre-match phase.
NOTE: This is a reversal of a previous ruling
-Superstars with an ability that says 'You may' use a cost 'and then' have an effect require you to use that effect, such as Home Team and Ric Flair, who cannot use their abilities unless there is an applicable card for their effect.
-All Superstars are considered to be a 'male superstar' unless the superstar is female, or is comprised solely of two females. No superstar is considered to be both male and female.
-Any Superstar Ability that describes cards that can or cannot be played is considered to read ‘pack’ instead, with the exception of Vince McMahon (see below).  Superstars with a Damage limitation on maneuvers they may play only affects the ability to pack these maneuvers; they can still play these maneuvers if the Damage has been raised over the limitation on the Superstar Card.
-A card with a Superstar logo can be packed and played by that Superstar, regardless of restrictions from the Ability.
-Unless stated in the text of a Superstar Ability, an optional non-reversal effect cannot be used before the Draw Segment.
-All Superstar Abilities with a reversal effect are considered as ‘reversing from Backstage Area’, but will only be considered as one reversal against a Multi card.
-Any Superstar Ability moving that player’s cards from that Superstar’s Ringside Pile to another location will trigger the removal of Heat cards from their discard pile.  These Abilities are not affected by The Rattlesnake’s ability or Hell in a Cell Match.
-Superstar Abilities that offer a ‘discard to search’ are not required to find the card in question.  The card is still discarded.
-Any text in a Superstar Ability text box that defines a variable (“#”) given for the Starting Handsize or Superstar Value is not considered to be a Superstar Ability, only a definition of the Starting Handsize / Superstar Value.
-Superstar Abilities do not prevent a Follow-up.
-Any Superstar Ability that requires an effect to take place must be performed completely to gain the results.  EXAMPLE:  The Undertaker cannot use his Superstar Ability with only one card in hand, and René Duprée cannot use his Ability to recover cards if he has no Backlash deck cards remaining.

So can I play the TB Billion Dollar Princess or no?

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Re: APA enforcer
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2007, 09:57:40 PM »
Most recent text of APA's ability:

•   Starting Hand Size: +12
Superstar Value: +3
Superstar Ability: + Your maneuvers played from your hand are +1D. You cannot play non-unique Action cards from your hand.

The "pack" text is invalid, due to the fact that's the MRP in SS3.  It's play and they mean that.

The red one is correct.  You can play it because you are Stephanie McMahon.
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Re: APA enforcer
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2007, 10:09:45 PM »
I should probably sit down and specifically NAME the superstars who's 'play' becomes 'pack' in the OmniFAQ... but Enforcers can never define what you can or can't pack, because you may or may not choose them.

Stephanie (with APA) canNOT play Billion Dollar Princess TB with the APA Enforcer, as it is a non-unique Action, and she has a play restriction - that's why Vinny Mac Attack was given errata to allow Vince to play it despite his SSA restriction.  (Also, Eugene's restriction of 'one Unique per turn' wouldn't matter if Superstar-specifics overrode the rule, heh)

Again, no, Steph/APA can't play B$P TB.

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