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Team Fortress 2 ideas
« on: February 06, 2009, 01:25:38 AM »
Lets start with:

6 HS
24 Vitality
[air] [earth] [fire]
E commit: This attack gets +3 speed.
E commit: This attack gets +3 damage.
[[[ He can rocket jump to speed along, or he can just rocket you ]]]

6 HS
20 Vitality
[all] [good] [life]
Whenever any player plays an attack, you may gain one vitality.
F commit: Choose a player. That player gains 5 vitality.
[[[ I purposly gave him the ability to heal teammates in a multiplayer game. like the medi-gun ]]]

Heavy Weapons Guy
5 HS
30 Vitality
[earth] [evil] [void]
E, Discard one momentum, commit one foundation: Your attack gets +1 damage. You may play this ability any number of times in this enhance step.
[[[ chain gun is devestating ]]]