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Revo Kurt Angle
« on: September 14, 2008, 02:10:48 PM »
Alright people, here's my take on a Revolution version of Kurt Angle

<Revolution> Kurt Angle
Starting Hand Size: 6
Superstar Value: 7
Superstar Ability: During your turns, when you successfully play a hold you may either shuffle up to 1 card from your ringside into your arsenal or draw up to 1 card.
During your opponent's turns, he reveals his hand to you unless he discards 1 random card before his draw segment.

<Revolution> Kurt's Gold Medals
If you have less fortitude than your opponent: this card has momentum.
You draw up to 6 cards and all players discard 2 cards.
F:4 D:0

<Revolution> Olympic Size German Suplex
Trademakr: Mean/Reversal: Assault or Follow-Up
As a maneuver, this card is -10F.
Target: Back
F:15 D:10

<Revolution> Angle's Olympic Headbutt
Trademark: Core
Target: Head
F:0 D:4

<Revolution> The Three I's
When successfully played your opponent discards 3 cards.
Your mid-match capacity is +2.
F:10 D:0

<Revolution> It's True, It's True
Reversal: Core or Mid-Match
Can only be played if this is your opponents second card played.
F:0 D:2

<Revolution> Kurt's Olympic Challenge
Pre-Match: Storyline
Draw 2 cards.
Superstar Value +4.
New Superstar Ability: Succesfully play an antic, discard 1 card.  Succesfully ply a reversal overturn 1 card.  Successfully play a maneuver your opponent draws 1 card.  IF you end your turn without attempting a maneuver after you overturn for aggression shuffle up to 3 cards from your ringside into your arsenal.

<Revolution> Angle's Olympic Slam
Trademark: Colossal/Reversal: Hold or Throw
As a maneuver if you have more antics in your ring than your opponent this card is -15F.
As a reversal all players discard 3 random cards.
Target: Back/Head
F:30 D:25

<Revolution> Olympic Ankle Lock
Trademark: Mean/Reversal: Momentum or Antic
As a maneuver this card is -1F and +2D for each hold in your ring.
Tarhet: Leg
F:25 D:10

<Revolution> Olympic Size Invitational
Mid-Match: Antic
Overturn up to 6 cards and place 1 card from your ringside into your hand, then shuffle up to 3 cards from your ringside into your arsenal.
F:7 D:3
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