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Srgt Slaughter
« on: January 06, 2008, 03:46:24 PM »
(Heel, FF)


The Motor Pool
Bitter Rivals
Managed by Jimmy Hart
Boot Camp Match
Its All About the Game
5 TB cards


10 of any TB card

Maneuvers: 20

Cobra Clutch (TB)
Real American Cobra Clutch
Scoop Slam (TB) x3
Gut Punch (TB) x3
Struck with a Kendo Stick (TB) x3
Chain Lashing
German Suplex (TB) x3
Garbage Can Lid x3
Steel Chain Shot (TB) x3


Cowboy bob interferes
In my day a maneuver was a maneuver
Revo of the mind x3
Volley this x3
Elbow to the face x2
Spine Buster (TB) x2
Overshot your Mark x2
Lift a boot (TB) x2
Side walk slam (TB) x2
Anything and hate it x2
Manager Interferes x3
Booby Trap (TB) x3
Divine Intervention
Raw Deal Revolution

Actions: 9

Gimme Ten, Maggot!
At Ease Soldier
Maintain Hold (TB)
Thats Broken x3
Kristal: Broadcast Beauty x3

NOTES: with the prematch you get to mess up his game plan with yours and at the same time put 15 TB cards in your ring side. after that you should be able to out last him.

Let me know if i missed anything

EDIT: for got the legend cards
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