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Viscera (or Big Daddy V)
« on: December 26, 2007, 02:39:46 PM »
Backstage signature
Signing appearance
5th Anniversary


Bitter Rivals
Managed by William Regal
Raw IC belt
The Champ is here
Size Matters
A No Show
It's Showtime
Underrated superstar
Trash Talking Interview


Introduce your Brain to your mouth...
Restricted use in this area
Your as graceful as a cow on ice
Unscrupulous SOB
Shoot Counter
The King Interferes
This is going nowhere fast
The Road to Victory
a Phoenix rising x2


The Maneuver of doom
Atomic powerbomb..... of doom
Take it like a man
The sex drive
Tilt a whirl powerslam x3
Atomic back body drop x3
Precsion suplex x2
Leaping DDT x2
Atomic Driver x3
Shoot Suplex x3

Actions: 10

500 Pound love machine
Gut Wrench x2
Irish whip x3
Throw into the corner turnbuckle x4


Dont try this at home x2
sidewalk slam (TB)
Flying somersault kick
Me LLamo... x2
the Raw deal revolution
A Big man has a big ... Appetite
Volley This! x3
It's Great to be back here in ..x2
No Chance in hell (TB)
Anything and hate it x3
manager interferes x3
A revolution of the mind x3
Hold the phone!x2
the coach says todays the day x2
Divine Intervention
Elbow to the face x2

Prematch goes

Boston mass
trash talking interview
Managed By Regal
Raw ic belt (only if you think you can get champ is here on the table)
Size Matters (getting 3 throw into corners, 2 irish whips 1 gut wrench)
a no show (getting anything and hate it and manager interferes)
its showtime (put this in after you take out a no show)

this deck works very well unless they use fortitude surge and anything and hate it.