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The Immortal One
« on: December 21, 2007, 09:55:43 PM »

The Immortal One
Feathered Boa
Signing Appearance (Victoria)
Backstage Signature (hardcore Holly)
5th Anniversary

Pre-match 10

Osaka Japan
Trash Talkin' Interview
Managed by Jimmy Hart
Raw IC belt
The Champ is Here!
<R> Judgement Day
Though All of these years
whatcha gonna do brother
i am a real american

Mid-Match 10

When hulkamania runs wild on you
the road to victory
the king interferes
you're as graceful as a cow on ice
introduce your brain to your mouth
restricted use in this area
this is going nowhere fast
shoot counter
took that on the chin

Maneuvers 22

Kick (TB) x3
What a Maneuver x3
atomic driver x2
shoot lock-up x3
shoot double arm lock x3
the finisher
hollywood's big boot
hollywood's leg drop
hogan's patented overhand punch
Atomic Powerbomb of doom
dynamic finisher
tornado takedown of doom
the maneuver of doom

Actions 8

I live for my hulkamaniacs...
say your prayers & eat your vitamins
fight for the rights of every man
... and the crowd roars x2
thats broken! x3

Reversals 30

Sidewalk slam (TB)
Dont try this at home x2
volley this! x3
Once is Enough x2
the raw deal revolution
Sloppy very sloppy x3
Raw and Ready x2
<R> welcome to my world
24-inch pythons x3
No Sell Maneuver x3
Over Sell Maneuver x3
"cowboy" bob orton interferes
original wwe icon (TB)
hulkin' up (TB)
never forgive - never forget
in my day a maneuver was a maneuver
divine intervention

NOTES: nothing too special here. just smash with shoot and unique Moves.
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