Author Topic: Serene Raw/SD (August - Number 1 Contender Match/Storyline)  (Read 911 times)

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Serene Raw/SD (August - Number 1 Contender Match/Storyline)
« on: August 04, 2007, 05:25:07 AM »
The players had assembled.
Rumi and Xiu Bin came to contend the NEW champ belt!

and the NEW Winner CHEE XIU BIN with his KENNEDY DECK..

Music plays - *NO CHANCE.. NO  CHANCE IN HELL!!

Muahahahaa!! my Enforcer is the eventual winner of the champship match! fitting for someone who can back up this reign.. heh heh..

The RAW GM is scared and the SD GM is nowhere in sight!! my enforcer's opponent didnt have it HIS WAY either!! hahah.. he could better sing Sinatra's song in his shower!! and Edmund ran like a scalded dog heh..
I am the Standard.

U beat me, your play skills are above the standard.
I beat u, your play skills are BELOW the Standard!

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Re: Serene Raw/SD (August - Number 1 Contender Match/Storyline)
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2007, 06:20:16 AM »
*Hey! Nothing you can say..*

Yeah! Now i see the true colours of the Rated R superstar. He will try to win it underhand, if not he run away. That's what he meant by partner! However, all this doesn't matter anymore, cause I'm the champ now!

The legend killer is afraid of no one. This(tapping at the belt on the shoulders) is my destiny. No one stops my destiny.


Come on people! The champ is standing right before you people. You guys should be feeling honoured to be able to see the legend killer, the youngest champion in serene history, the THREE time serene champion!

Frankie BisHo, Teddy xiong, bark all you can now! Your can boast, but your must be able to back it up with actions. I backed my words with actions. Nobody gonna stop my destiny!
RKO hit-list:
Edmund Heng; Rinson Yak; Frankie Ho; Liu Zuo Ren; Cheong Zhen Xiong; Muhd Sahil; Kenneth Goh; Alvin Lee; Heinz ; Andrew Oh; Lau Khee Yuan; Aaron Chua; Ruben Sabejon; Ang You Ren; Timothy Tang