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<R> Inverted Jackhammer
« on: July 15, 2007, 08:32:40 PM »
Inverted Jackhammer
Throw: Mean: Follow-up: Maneuver
When played, if you have fewer cards in hand than your opponent, you may discard 2 Reversals: this card has Momentum.
F:5 D:8

Forget the History
Requirement: Fewer Cards in Hand
Your opponent discards 5 cards.
F:9 D:0

There is a ruling on Forget the History stating that you must have fewer cards in your hand (including Forget the History itself) before you can attempt to play it.  Meaning if your opponent has 5 cards in his hand, you can only have at most 4 cards in your hand (Forget the History and 3 other cards) if you want to play Forget the History.

Does Inverted Jackhammer work the same way or is it different because the wording is "when played" instead of "requirement"?  If you and your opponent both had 5 cards in the hand (Inverted Jackhammer being one of your cards), can you play Inverted Jackhammer and, because it has already left your hand, qualify for the optional Momentum effect?
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Re: <R> Inverted Jackhammer
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2007, 08:36:54 PM »
"Requirement" means it can't even leave your hand (or Backlash, etc) unless the condition is met, its simply not a legal play (like playing a 5F card when you have less than 5F).
"When played" happens after the card is verified to be a legal play, and  since it is resolving, it is no longer in your hand.

In your example, if both players have 5 cards in hand, then I try to play <R> Inverted Jackhammer, its no longer in my hand, so I have 4 cards in hand and can use its effect.

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