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Tornado Tag Team (unofficial) format rules
« on: July 02, 2007, 11:57:19 AM »
Tornado Tag Format FAQ
Version 1.4

NOTE: This is a popular fun format with structured rules for clarification, now played for variety.

NOTE: This format does not allow use of Virtual cards.

Updated with new banned combination on May 28th 2016 - People's Champ + Lashley.
Updated with new banned Superstar on August 19th 2009 - JBL.
Updated with new banned card on July 17th 2008 - "Revolution The Conscience of the WWE".

OVERVIEW:  This format enables you to play as 2 Superstars in the same deck, simulating a Tornado Tag Team match, where both members of a team are in the ring at the same time.  This allows for the packing of both sets of Superstar Specific cards as well as using both Superstar Abilities to maximize the possibilities!

Superstars: You choose 2 Superstars that represent single wrestlers.  You cannot use different personas of the same superstar, such as Mankind and Cactus Jack, Undertaker and Phenom, and so on.  Tag Team Superstars are not allowed; this includes Superstars with a Tag Team Ability and Superstars who can not pack any belt other than the Tag Team Titles, as well as Spirit Squad and Gail Kim & Molly Holly.

Superstars that can pack Enforcer cards are legal, but Enforcer cards are NOT legal to pack for Tornado Tag.  Your other Superstar is considered your Enforcer and cannot be changed by card effects like Suplex.  EXAMPLE: Eric Bischoff could team with Shawn Michaels, but no Enforcer cards would be packed.

You may pack all of their Superstar-Specific cards as long as you don't break the basic Raw Deal rules. (60-card Arsenal, Raw/Smackdown, Face/Heel, Fan Favorite/Cheater, 1 Unique unless Test is involved, etc)   

Unlike the Tag Team format, if your team consists of 2 Superstars that are also a Tag Team, (such as Austin + HHH = 2 Man Power Trip, D-Von + Buh Buh Ray = Dudley Boyz) you are not considered to be that Tag Team Superstar and cannot pack cards with that Team's logo.  EXAMPLE:  If your team is Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H, you cannot pack Ambush Finale, and the text of Ring Rats does not apply.

Starting Hand Size: Your SHS is determined by adding the SHS of the 2 Superstars together and dividing by 2, rounding up. Example: Triple H and Eugene add up to 10 + 5 = 15 / 2 = 7.5, which rounds up to a Starting Hand Size of 8. In instances involving Edge and Kurt Angle, your SHS is not determined until the end of the Pre-Match phase because of their abilities.

Superstar Value: Your SSV is determined by adding the SSV of both Superstars and dividing by 2, rounding up. Example: Edge and Tazz add up to 3 + 2 = 5 / 2 = 2.5, which rounds up to a Superstar Value of 3.  For Eugene and Jerry Lawler, your SSV is determined when the Superstars are revealed; Eugene equals the combined average SSV of your opponent minus 1, and Lawler equals the combined average SSV of your opponent. However, if both players have variable SSV superstars, all variables are replaced with 0 and calculate accordingly.

Superstar Ability: Both abilities are considered active at all times, unless one or both are blanked. If an effect (such as Cerebral Assassin or Revolution Judgment Day) would blank an ability, you must choose which ability to blank. You are bound by each ability as pertains to Arsenal and Backlash deck construction. This will be covered further in other sections.  If White Wedding switches abilities, the two Superstars switched must be specifically named.  If a card would alter or replace a Superstar Ability, it can only replace the ability for the Superstar packing the card.  EXAMPLE:  If Randy Orton and Vince McMahon are a team, Revolution I Am the Legend Killer could only replace Orton's ability.

Backstage Area: You may pack Superstar-specific Backstage Area cards like normal, and other cards applicable for packing.  However, normal rules apply - you cannot pack more than one copy of a Backstage Area card, unless it states more than one copy can be packed, such as World Tour '05.

Backlash Deck: Your Backlash deck consists of 12 Pre-Match and 12 Mid-Match cards. For Test, you may only pack 2 copies of Managed by Stacy Keibler and 2 copies of Once You Go Test in your Pre-Match and 20 Mid-Match cards. Shawn Michaels simply packs 2 additional Pre-Match and Mid-Match cards to the existing amounts.  However, regardless of partner, Andre cannot pack any Backlash deck cards.  Note:  You are still limited to playing 5 Pre-Match and 5 Mid-Match, unless another effect is used to change those numbers.
SPECIAL NOTE:  Pre-match: Corner cards are NOT legal for this format.

Arsenal: Your Arsenal consists of 60 cards; though this number will change when using Superstar Abilities that modify the number of cards, card type, and/or card damage you may pack. For example, when using Sable, you may only pack 50 cards; when using Big Show or Sgt. Slaughter, you may not pack High Risks; and when using Christy, you may not pack maneuvers of 3D or greater.

However, when using two Superstars who pack a number other than 60, you must go with the lower number. So in the case of Paul Heyman (50) and Mae Young (45), your Arsenal must contain 45 cards.  For Shawn Michaels and Andre the Giant, you simply add the additional number of cards, so that Shawn and Mae Young would have 45 + 15 = 60 cards in the Arsenal.

In instances involving damage and type restrictions, you may still pack Superstar Specific cards of the type being restricted.  EXAMPLE:  Lita cannot pack Grapples of 4D or greater, but could pack Lita's DDT and her partner Snitsky's No Fault Drop.

General Raw Deal rules apply when it comes to Raw/Smackdown, Face/Heel, and Fan Favorite/Cheater cards; with the exception of Vince McMahon (Raw/Smackdown), Kurt Angle (Face/Heel), and Superstars that ignore certain traits via their ability or card text.  EXAMPLE: Rob Van Dam ignores the Heel trait on the card titled Chair Shot, Carlito ignores the Heel trait on Spit at Opponent, and Rhyno ignore the Raw trait on Foreign Objects.

Cards that cannot be packed by a specific Superstar or type of Superstar cannot be packed.  For example, if one of the Superstars is listed on Over Sell Maneuver, it cannot be packed; a male / female team cannot pack Hittin' the G-Spot, as it cannot be packed by a male superstar.  However, if one of your Superstars can pack a card, it can be packed, such as a Heidenreich and Hurricane team packing No Sell Maneuver.

If your superstars are 1 Diva and 1 male, you count as both a male, a female, and a diva superstar, and you can pack cards that can only be packed by each such as Viva Las Divas, Girly Punch, and Modified Clutch Onto Opponent. However, when pairing the two genders, you CANNOT pack Multi maneuvers that are not Superstar-Specific, and you must abide by any and all restrictions between the two abilities.

Banned Cards:  A banned list has been used to eliminated specific interactions which seem to remove the fun from the format, eliminating the following:  Andre the Giant, Big Freak'n Machine, Eddie Guerrero, Eugene, Ken Kennedy, Largest Athlete In Sports Entertainment, Mr. Pay-Per-View, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Test, The Ultimate Survivor; as well as the combinations of Paul Heyman and Doink or People's Champ and Lashley, with the rule that First to Tap Out Match and Cobra Clutch could not be packed together.  Also, the card titled "Revolution The Conscience of the WWE" is not allowed, and JBL is added to the list of banned Superstars.

Original version written by Paul "C.A." Pickett
Assisted / Updated by Creed
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