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Bianca Belair
« on: September 11, 2021, 11:38:30 PM »
Bianca Belair's build skews towards multi manuevers but with a twist to have different maneuver types. This deck is another swerve on the idea without running those per say, but focusing on Watch Me Shine's RFG effect to make anything we play multi with different maneuver types. I went with Technical for this build because it was easy to understand, gave me all the 3 maneuver types I want, and I don't really need to worry about my fortitude since I can keep searching for them because of Great Technical Prowess.

Watch Me Shine
Backstage Card
You may not flip cards face-up.
When your card reverses (even from Arsenal) you may put it face-down in your Ring.
Your Fortitude is +1 for each maneuver type and face-down card in your Ring.
When you play a printed non-Multi maneuver without a reversal restriction from your card, you may RFG 1 non-Multi Ringside Strike, Grapple, or Submission, and your played maneuver is now Multi and gains that type until reversed or resolved. If it is unsuccessful,  Bury 1- non-"Divine" RFG card.
Unique     RMS

Bianca Belair / Heel / Fan Favourite / Technical

Bianca Belair
Watch Me Shine
The Era of the Superstar
Great Technical Prowess
Hometown Hero

I'm Always On the Winning Side - MY Side!*
Boston, Massachusetts
Trash Talking Interview TB
Technically Sound and Brutal
The EST of WWE
I've Had More Championships than You've Had Women
Raw Women’s Championship Belt*
Smackdown Women’s Championship Belt*
Night of Champions*
Luck is for Losers
For the Love of the Game x 2

You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Restricted Use in This Area
Your Reach Exceeds your Grasp
The Road to Victory
The King Interferes
The Women’s Evolution
Beware The Hair of Bianca Belair
Dirty Low Blow TB
The Sex, The Gods, The Freaks, The Frauds x 3

Maneuvers (22)
Technical Drop Kick x 2
Technical Monkey Flip x 2
Technical Slam x 3
Technical Body Lock x 2
Technical Lunging Lariat x 2
Technical Power Bomb x 2
Tornado Takedown of Doom
Maneuver of Doom
Press Slam
Classic Gorilla Press Slam
Chicken Wing Facebuster
Kiss of Death
Back Body Drop TB x 2

Actions (8 )
Technical Bear Hug x 2
Here Comes the Cavalry
Simply the Best x 2
The StrongEST
The FastEST
The ToughEST

Reversals (30)
Revolution of the Mind x 3
Elbow to the Face x 2
Get the F Out x 3
Manager Interferes x 3
Volley This x 2
No Chance in Hell TB x 2
Don't be a Douchebag
Carlito Says That's Not Cool
Divine Intervention
Out of Nowhere
Sidewalk Slam TB x 2
Hold the Phone x 2
Don't Try This at Home x 2
You Missed Your Chance
Breaking Ground
Revolutionizing the Division
I'm On My Own, Against the Wall
You Don't Even Go Here!

Pre-match: The first 10 cards are the ideal cards to get down. Boston lets you use Tech MF and Tech DK as protected Set-ups. Trash TB is there to get rid of some initial reversals that you opponent would have. Technically Sound and Brtual is there for the 2 card hand refresh and 2 card recover. The belts are there for recovery as well, since either belts can both recover technicals. Luck is for Losers is to help keep the 1 Tech MF / DK that you search for with Great Technical Prowess in case your opponent plucks it away, leaving you with 0 starting maneuvers.

FtLotG x 2 is just there in case you need to drop some Pres, or give you that extra 2F since Hold the Phone is probably going to be used on your maneuvers instead.

Mid-match: Standard reversals. Went with 3 The Sex The Gods because I foresee a lot of RFGs to trigger Watch Me Shine. Upside down is there to eventually turn some of your reversals face up (if required).

Maneuvers: Mostly Technical maneuvers with 2 Back Body Drops to get back the Technical MF and DKs in Ringside. Press Slam and Classic Gorilla Press Slam are both TMFs, while Tornado Takedown of Doom and Maneuver of Doom are just largely packed for its multi with different maneuver types. If you are uncomfortable with starting only with vanilla maneuvers, they can be swapped for Boot Lace to go off your DLB as well.

Actions: You will probably be stacking a lot of RFGs, so I ran 2 Technical Bearhugs for that recovery. The rest are specifics and Simply the Best to have some ring manipulation.

Reversals: Standard pack. Spinebuster OG and Indian Deathlock is just there for the random overturn reversal from arsenal to put into Ring, only to be flipped over the next turn with Upside down for the free fortitude. You can obviously swap those 2 cards for whatever else you deem fit.

Overall, this deck is built to fully utilise Watch Me Shine if you are lost on how to build her. Like the other V12 superstars, she is very versatile as well, so this is just one of the few methods that she can be played. Swapping the maneuvers up for Dynamic could be a possibility too since you have Matt Strikers to be put into Ring for fortitude. Alteratively I can see her, with some effort, run a First Blood Match and just multi her way for Kitchen Sink into victory. The plain old Homecoming Build would be another simple alternate build for her too.

Hope the decklist helps to get you started!
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Re: Bianca Belair
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2021, 02:43:51 AM »
Thank you. I will give this to my friend to try out.

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Re: Bianca Belair
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2021, 05:52:11 AM »
Watch Me Shine prevents Bianca from flipping cards face up