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« on: February 03, 2017, 10:44:50 AM »
Each player that is participating in an event must submit a deck list after they have submitted in their Superstar selection

Deck List Submission Protocol

- When the tournament is announced, a bystander that will not be part of the event will be named. Deck lists will be PM'd to that person with the subject title: LACKEY TOURNAMENT DECK LIST. This way it won't get lost in the shuffle with there other PM's.

- Like the Superstar submission to me, the Deck List will be required to be sent to that person by the time sign ups are over. You 100% can submit your superstar early and then submit your deck list at a later date as long as it is prior to deadline.

- If in the case you submit your deck list prior to deadline and realize a mistake or you would like to change something you can. You must PM that person a revised deck list with the Subject title: REVISED LACKEY TOURNAMENT DECK LIST

- Once deadline is passed you cannot modify your deck unless you are caught with an illegal card(s) in your arsenal (example: two Don't be a Douchebag) In the case the player will take an auto loss AND then adjust accordingly and send a REVISED LACKEY TOURNAMENT DECK LIST POST DQ to the designated person. Hopefully with this system the person receiving the deck lists can catch something like this prior to a DQ, but I don't expect the person to read through all deck lists for the event. It is encouraged of course but this person would be doing me a favor holding on to these lists, I don't ask them to do any more work then that.

- I will be in constant contact with this person regarding List Submissions, they will let me know when a participant has submitted their Deck List so I can mark them down as being good to go, the last thing we need is a communication error and someone is dropped from the event because they submitted their Superstar to me but forgot to submit their Deck List to them.

- Additionally, like a normal tournament event when a player calls "Deck check!" on another player, the person will notify me when a player has inquired the legitimacy of another players deck. If this happens by the same person on a consistent basis then I may or may not need to ask the participant to leave the event and/or not participate in the future. This is a fun tournament for everyone and is not serious enough that a player will need to ask "Does this guy really pack this card?" frequently. Only ask the designated person if you TRULY feel it's necessary and that there is some sort of shenanigans going on. Like I said the person is doing us a favor, If they aren't playing in the event then I'd like them to have to do as little work as they actually need to do.

Current Volunteer List of 3rd Party Deck List receivers (One will be named for the event during the opening announcement)

- RatedSRH
- BigPimpin
- Daeva
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