Author Topic: VC OCTGN League 1 (7th of Sept 2020 - ?th of ? 202?)  (Read 141 times)

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VC OCTGN League 1 (7th of Sept 2020 - ?th of ? 202?)
« on: September 06, 2020, 03:56:17 PM »

dilbert505 vs niiiiick
mikeskizo vs    BigPimpin
Hogtrail   vs CRASHER
BigPimpin vs   niiiiick
CRASHER vs   House
Hogtrail vs mikeskizo            
dilbert505 vs   BigPimpin
niiiiick vs Hogtrail
House vs mikeskizo    
CRASHER vs   dilbert505
Hogtrail   vs BigPimpin
House vs niiiiick        
dilbert505 vs   Hogtrail
CRASHER vs   mikeskizo
BigPimpin vs    House           
mikeskizo vs   dilbert505
House vs Hogtrail        
dilbert505 vs   House
mikeskizo vs   niiiiick
CRASHER vs   BigPimpin
HOUSE vs Shelan
Shelan vs dilbert 505
CRASHER vs Shelan
Shelan vs mikeskizo
niiiiick vs Shelan
Shelan vs BigPimpin
Hogtrail vs Shelan

No rush or hurry to play matches, please post winning and or losing results below with superstars used and fortitude each player finished on as well as any positive or negative feedback any player wishes to give for each match and will be updated to an excel spreadsheet every week with whatever matches were played that week, posted on discord tournament chat to track performance, keep statistics for the purposes of fun, braggin rights for promotion and demotion at the end of each cycle after all matches are played.

For any other details that you may not be aware of just ask on discord.
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