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It's Time.
« on: May 25, 2020, 07:19:01 PM »
Ladies, gentlemen, otherkin, folk of all identities. My friends.

I have had the opportunity to be Your Raw Deal Rules Manager ever since Virtual 1, all of those years ago. I've met so many incredible people through this game. I've been all the way to the top, flown with the giants and beaten my foes through sheer, unadulterated bluffing, and I've been doing everything that I can to ensure that this game that we all love is at its brightest and its best, in every way that I can.

Unfortunately, everything changes, and everything has to end.

My life is changing, my friends. More importantly, Raw Deal is changing, and I am absolutely certain that it is in the best hands that I could put it in, or it would not be in those hands to begin with. The changing of the guard means that it's time for some new blood in the Rules Manager position. I've been keeping an eye out for the past few months, and I found the perfect man for the job.

My final act as the Raw Deal Rules Manager is to appoint dilbert505 to the position. I am intensely fortunate to be able to choose my successor, and I know, one hundred per cent, that Dilbert is the man for the job. From this moment forward, he's the man. His rulings are the top. I'll still be around to help out, do what I can behind the scenes when I have time, but Dilbert is going to be your go-to for rules and rulings for Raw Deal, in all of its incarnations.

It has been my pleasure and privilege, dear friends. Until we meet again.

P.S. Keep an eye on VelaCards in the future. There may be a surprise in store...

P.P.S. I'm sorry for inflicting Vickie Guerrero on you all. The design sounded a lot cooler in my head. EXCUSE ME!  :laugh:
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Re: It's Time.
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2020, 09:06:40 PM »
Thank you, Daeva, for all you've done for Raw Deal. The privilege has been ours. I can say with some certainty that we would not be here today had you not shepherded the game through its first 12 years of community production, fighting the ruleset into something manageable and understandable. I know that a good half of my understanding of how this game operates comes not from the OmniFAQ and Timing Breakdown, but from reading your explanations of card interactions in the Rules forum, and seeing how each of the pieces comes together to form a coherent whole. We can even forgive you for Vickie. Mostly. ;)

Whatever I can do as Rules Manager will be because I stand upon the shoulders of giants. Which is a terrible idea, by the by; I have absolute garbage balance, and could stand to lose a few pounds to boot. But nonetheless, I'm happy for the opportunity to help keep Raw Deal alive and well, and will do my utmost to ensure that I provide fair, reasonable analysis of the rules, and take swift action if needed to correct anything that comes out of design and playtesting less than fully baked.

Three cheers for one of the main reasons we're all still here! Happy trails.
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Re: It's Time.
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2020, 11:56:15 AM »
Happy Trails

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Re: It's Time.
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2020, 12:02:01 PM »
Good luck with moving forward in life, thanks for the years of answering my many rules questions :)
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