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2 fantasy cards from 20 years of raw deal
« on: May 24, 2020, 09:57:00 PM »
Been playing the game since Premiere all the way to V9 and until work took most of my time away.
Nevertheless, just wanted to share 2 cards that I toyed around the idea with..

Before going into the cards, my personal opinion about the game today (other than the fact that it is still one of the best card games around) is that:
1. Deck maneuvers and styles are circled around themes "Bash/dynamic/heat/chain/b2b etc" , which is totally cool but frequently
"boxes" deck forming and playing to categories of styles.
2. Most of the decks I see today has the "standard" set of reversals, which tries to cover as much ground (yes I'm looking at Revo of the mind), that takes away from the strike/grapple/submission/high risk psychology.

With that, I prototyped 2 cards that i sadly had to play test only against myself.... but it was a ton of fun creating decks with "rarely used" maneuvers (knee bar??)


Old school offense
Cannot be blanked or prevented from being played.
Cannot be packed when packing other feuds, maneuvers with bash, dynamic, technical, precision, blindside, shoot in the title and/or non-superstar specific maneuvers that have “be reversed” in the text, are unique, multi, volley, chain and heat, raw, smackdown or foreign object.

When your fortitude is not greater, your first non-superstar specific maneuver played each turn can only be reversed from
hand or backlash deck by superstar specific reversals or reversals that only reverses that maneuver type (eg strike:strike), or from arsenal.

Card effects and superstar abilities can not modify your maneuver's fortitude and they are considered active.


Old school defense
Backstage card
This card is considered superstar specific.
Cannot be packed when packing "legendary defense", non-superstar specific reversals with “completely” in the text, or “a revolution of the mind”.
When your fortitude is not greater, your step aside, escape move and break the hold counts as 2 reversals and you may promo 2 when playing them.


Hope you enjoyed these ideas and maybe it will be considered one day!
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