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Baron Corbin
« on: May 05, 2020, 03:51:51 AM »
havent been playing Virtual classic too much recently, but with the semi-lockdown, i've decided to come back into the game
this is the first virtual classic deck i've build in a long time, so there might be many missing things

Baron Corbin

NXT Breakout Star
Fifth Anniversary
Tenth Anniversary
+Shenanigans stuff

NXT Arrival
Corey Graves
The Lone Wolf
The NXT Arena, Full Sail University
WWE Homecoming
Banned From Ringside TB
Lethal NWO T-shirt
Lethal NWO Poison
A No Show
Taunt the Fans
NXT Title Belt
The Champ Is Here

Dirty Low Blow TB
See How It Feels TB
The Alpha of NXT
Undermine the Competition
Restricted Use in Arena
Cow on Ice
King Interferes
Road To Victory
The King Interferes
Sustained Damage
This is going to be an old school brawl
Your reach exceeds your grasp


Maneuvers (30):
Cranial Crunch (Multi & RMS)
What A Maneuver x2 (Multi & RMS)
Lariat Takedown x2 (Multi & RMS)
Suplex (WWE Homecoming)
Superkick (WWE Homecoming)
Corbin’s Powerful Punch (Multi & RMS)
Short Arm Rim Breaker x2 (Multi & RMS & WWE Homecoming)
Rolling Head Vise x2 (Multi & RMS & WWE Homecoming)
Atomic Lariat x2 (RMS)
Superlock x2 (RMS & WWE Homecoming)
Maneuver of Doom (Multi)
Gut Punch Body Slam (Multi & RMS)
Lone Wolf Clothesline (Multi & RMS)
nWo Beatdown (Multi)
Spinning Wrist Lock Hammerlock Headlock Takedown Armbar of Doom (Multi)
Blindside Takedown (Multi)
Tornado Takedown Of Doom (Multi & RMS)
Corbin’s Big Boot (Multi & RMS)
Backbreaker Torture Rack x2 (Multi & RMS & WWE Homecoming)
Precision Haymaker x2 (RMS)
Deep Six (RMS)
End Of Days (Multi & RMS)

Reversals (27):
Revolution of the mind x3
Elbow to the face x2
Get The F Out x3
Manager Interferes x3
All Hail Baron Corbin
An Eye For An Eye
The Big Bad Wolf
Divine Intervention
Unintended CONsequences
Don’t Try This At Home x2
Don’t be a D-bag
Carlito Says
Volley this x2
You missed your chance
Breaking Ground
Shocking Interference
I gotta stay outta play
Hold the phone

Actions (3):
Here Comes The Calvary
The NXT Generation
Andre The Giant Battle Royale Winner

So all the maneuvers are either RMS, Multi, can be searched by WWE Homecoming. With my ability to Promo when RMS is unsuccessful and The Lone Wolf allowing to pick up a card when RMS is successful, and WWE Homecoming having no cost to search, my hand size should be sustainable even with Banned from Ringside TB. No real tactic other than to keep hitting every turn and trying to remove opponent's cards from the game as much as possible to reduce recovery. Also, feels like i am missing something in the reversal department, but not sure what

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