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SGT Slaughter
« on: May 04, 2020, 07:45:57 PM »
SGT Slaughter (Heel/Cheater(?)/Smackdown)

Backstage (8 including superstar card)
SGT Slaughter
Legendary defense
Hometown hero
Fifth Anniversary
Tenth Anniversary
Backstage Signature
WWE Signing appearance
Backstage autograph session

Pre-match (13)
The Motor Pool
Trash talkin’ interview (?)
Boot camp match
In the interest of fairness TB (?)
Smackdown! #1 announcer Funak TB (?)
WWE Championship belt
The champ is here TB
The American turncoat
The Marquee says “Wrestling”!
Through all the years TB
Banned from ringside TB
A no show
This is gonna be a rocket buster (switched out after A no show)

Mid-match (9)
Dirty Low Blow TB
You’re as graceful….
Restricted use… TB
Sustained damage
Flawless transition
Ready to fight TB x2
Living the good life TB

Arsenal (79/80)

Specifics (6)
Violent vendetta TB
Gimme ten, maggot
At ease, soldier
Cobra clutch TB
Real American cobra clutch

Maneuvers (31/33)
Bulldog takedown TB x2
German suplex TB x3
Big splash in the corner TB x2
Steel chain shot TB x2
Shoulder block TB x2
Chain lashing TB
Kick TB x1
Sucker punch TB
Apply legal leverage TB x2
Bear hug TB x2
Choke hold TB x2
Chin lock TB x1
Bow & arrow TB x2
Camel clutch TB x2/3
Chicken wing TB x2
Judo choke TB x2
Scoop slam TB x2

Actions (7)
Take it back
Don’t cross the boss TB x2
Maintain hold TB x2
Shoot action TB x1

Reversals (15)
No chance in hell TB x2
Escape move
Step aside
Break the hold
Lift a boot TB x2
Cowboy bob orton
Get the F out TB x2
Manager interferes TB x2
Carlito says
Divine intervention TB
Raw deal revolution TB
Elbow to the face x3

Hybrids (17)
Iron will TB x2
Don’t try this.... TB x2
In my day…….
Don’t be a douchebag
Leg drag TB x1
Sidewalk slam TB x2
Spine buster TB x2
Knee lift TB x2
Volley this TB x2
Strangle hold TB x2

Hey team! Obviously, I need to cut a bunch of cards from the arsenal but which ones? Really need some help as I’ve not made a proper deck in a long time and need some help figuring out what it is. Also missing some mid match cards and not too sure what to add in.

My plan for the pre-match phase is to try and get a significant hand and manipulate it. Use belt to draw out scoop slam and a no show to draw out choke hold/steel chain and strangle hold/MI. Decided to use the TB versions of the TK cards and some of the staples (MI, DTTAH, etc.) to make use of motor pool. Decided to go the heel route to use turncoat and get an f0 camel clutch which I can use rocket buster to make it multi.

One of the main problems I’m facing is recovery. Some of the maneuvers that I picked can help me with recovery (shoulder block, chicken wing) but not sure if they’re that useful. Also feel that i can pack more maneuvers with higher damage but not sure what to pack. Am really open to any suggestions and advice on what to cut and strategy. Thanks!
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Re: SGT Slaughter
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2020, 02:01:25 AM »
My suggestions would be to go for chain and lessen your maneuvers since you can search for them. Banned from Ringside OG is preferred so you don't need to drop another card for the turn. Some TB reversals really lose out too much to their OG counterpart.

You can take the bottom for reference and play around with the list. Sgt Slaughter is a very easy superstar to play as it is very easy to gain fortitude through Cobra Clutch and German Suplex already, so you just need to find ways to end the game. Below build either wins with chains, painful reversals, or a sneaky backslide/inside cradle if you have enough fortitude.

Pre-match (12) *=free
Winning Side* - free slot to +1 handsize
The Motor Pool
Trash Talking Interview TB
Boot Camp Match
Managed by Jimmy
Frankie takes Hollywood - this is to make sure your Powerslams and Spinebusters do the full damage
Banned From Ringside - Non-tb so you don't need to discard another card each turn just to put it back
Night of Champions* - free slot to +1 handsize
Through all these years*
Intercontinental Title TB* - free slot to +1 handsize
Any other title (only play if you start the pre-match first, since you need The Champ is Here to make it a free slot. Otherwise you wouldn't have enough to run your other more important pre-match)
The Champ is here

Mid-match (12)
Restricted Use
Reach Exceeds your Grasp
Graceful as a cow on Ice
The Road to Victory
Outside Interference
Living the Good Life
5 more slots to play around with

Maneuvers (18)

Cobra Clutch TB
German Suplex TB x 3
Bulldog Takedown TB x 3
Vertical DDT Drop TB x 2
Camel Clutch TB x 2
Big Splash in the Corner TB x 2
Dynamic Finisher TB
The Finisher TB

Actions (8)
Take it Back TB x 2
Here comes the Calvary
Maintain Hold TB x 2
Tech Bear Hug - to have infinite recovery for Removed from Game
Violent Vendetta
Gimme Ten

Reversals (34)
Elbow x 2
MI x 3
You missed your chance (Staple)
Don't be a Douchebag (staple)
Carlito Says (staple)
Divine (staple)
Hold the Phone
Don't Try this at Home x 2
Sidewalk Slam / Unintended Consequences
Powerslam TB x 2
Spinebuster TB x 2
Inside Cradle
Get the F Out x 3
Volley this TB x 2
No Chance in Hell TB
Will you Stop
In my Day
Cowboy Interferes
At Ease Soldier
Real American Cobra Clutch
At Ten Hut

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Re: SGT Slaughter
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2020, 04:59:53 AM »
Hello Senor~

I'm not going to provide an exact deck list as it would be more fun for you to build around it the style you want. So I'm just sharing some points where I find is a problem with Slaughter:

1) Lacking of hand/drawing power; getting that fortitude from a easy Cobra Clutch TB may be sweet, following that with a chance at throwing a protected German Suplex TB may be even sweeter, but all those cards yield no stun value, resulting in the eventual declination of your hand (esp with Revo TB not being able to draw). Furthermore, if you don't even have a comfortable hand size to begin with, it is very unlikely you can get the counter for a protected German TB. In this case, Evening Up the Odds may be your MVP Pre for granting that extra draw.

2) Very packed and clunky superstar specifics pre; when there are so much superstar specifics pre (I mean you do want to play turncoat right?), the best belt would have to be the Undisputed TB belt, you can run Bitter Rivals to ensure that you are able to play it first before your opponent (as well as playing The Champ is Here first), but this is far from a fool proof plan as a higher ss value superstar may just drop his own Bitter Rivals/Product Endorsement TB before you do, so although you can run it, don't over rely on it.

3) Bridging the fortitude; although you shouldn't have much problem gaining the initial 6F (thanks to Cobra Clutch TB once again), the problem now is how do you grow even more? *echoes of German Suplex & chain TB moves heard in the background* As much as those may help in the bridging, the very negative backlash from point 1 makes it hard to pull off (small hand and Evening up the Odds usually don't work well in chain decks). In this case, I would suggest another form of aggression, instead of protected maneuvers (German TB), go with penalty maneuvers; and since Chain is not best combined with Evening up the Odds, I would suggest throwing penalty moves like Shoot Punch TB (opens Shoot Counter too) or a Sucker Punch TB if you find them heavy with the blue waves. Of course you can still go with Camel Clutch TB and hitting till it sticks, so what I have provided may be a situational back up (why not waste their Revos on penalized Shoot Punch TB and Your Reached with Sucker Punch TB right?)

4) Ending the game; so you have throw some good moves and get decent fortitude, its time to throw the big moves now! The most straightforward hard hitting maneuver you can find is definitely What A Maneuver TB which allow you to hit it till it sticks and once it lands, you are likely to get some good draw from the stun value and your fortitude is good for trying to Mania for the win.

5) Other contingency cards: Waist Lock TB may necessary help with blanking some key card from your opponent (e.g. Wrestlemania, HiaC) to ensure you are able to pilot your deck smoothly. Judo Choke TB is especially helpful if you run into a blue wave deck and can slowly watch them bleed. This next one might a bit tad risky but OSWM TB with Summerslam dual stipulations might force your opponent to attack and refrain from sponging your mostly stun valueless maneuvers and run into that big Powerslam TB/Spinebuster TB from you.

6) Checks & Counters to look out for: Your number one bane card of existence - Back Throw. This card can be your absolute downfall if you play a TB card at the wrong time, always be mindful of it and remove it as soon as you can with your Boot Camp Match (but also take note of 10th Ann shuffling it back again). Overly aggressive decks (usually with humongous handsize) may overrun you too, so I would more likely recommend you to go with Jimmy/Revos instead of Jimmy/Step/Escape (why Keith why?) or Legendary Defense. Aligning with overly aggressive deck, chain deck may give you a hard time too with the discards and you ACE-ing every turn, exposing to DTTAH is going to hurt you so much that it may justify running 3 x Ego Boost for consolation.

In conclusion, Slaughter is very good superstar to run but a difficult one to master. Balancing between dealing the punishment and adjusting to the situation is the key to win the game. Since he has a search engine ability, means he is less dependent on luck and a correct play at the correct time will very likely determine his victory.

p.s. Last bit of side note tip, using I'm Gonna Break You as a replacement for his Boot Camp Match second ACE allows you to ACE it again for another 10 more shuffle from the RFG!

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Re: SGT Slaughter
« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2020, 07:54:30 PM »
Just sharing an idea
Formed a no escape slaughter a long time back after some discussions with DebuRaito during one of our post deck supper session.
Offset the lack of stun & kind of negate drawback from back throw if yr opponent uses his restricted early.

Major flaws of the build is giving up tons of gd tb moves for a really restricted movepool & how to earn the extra 5f for yr tb tmfs after u spammed & hit blatant choke tb.

Wincon: tb tmfs, mania or out stall.