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Lita: The Xtreme S!UT
« on: April 05, 2020, 11:04:33 PM »
Lita (Heel/RAW/Cheater)

Getting an edge on a competition
the era of a superstar

Pre-match 12
flaunt it
time to be yourself at last
high flying style
tech in the bottle
bad blood
a no show
managed by vince tb
taunt the fans x2
underrated superstar TB
it's showtime
my sacrifice

Mid-match 12
the woman evolution
king interferes
your reach
old school brawl
dirty low blow tb
team xtreme
xtreme thong
the road to victory

arsenal 60

maneuvers 13
lita's DDT
clutch onto opponent x3
apply illegal leverage x3
precision sleeper x3
precision haymaker x3

hybrids 20
lita's drop kick
lita's twist of fate
art of persuasion x3
goddess return
volley this x2
dun try x3
sidewalk slam tb x2
shocking interference
two time two time
out of nowhere
revolutionizing the division

reversals 20
dun call me a..
crimson goddess
you missed your chance
carlito says
unintended consequences
jive soul bro
revo x3
elbow x2
get the f out x3
MI x3
no chance x2

action 6
here comes the calvary
less travelled road
the xtreme taunt
just the way i planned

taunt for clutch, no show for apply
bad blood for lita's ddt
tech in the bottle for haymaker or sleeper
mania ftw (if can go in)
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