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Question about Back to Basics and playing an Allegiance

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If i want to build a Back to basics can i still be able to play I know who pays my salary! or Saturday Night's Main Event or nWo T-shirt TB

Please let me know.  But if you follow the pre-match
you play an Allegiance before the Feud.

Please let me know I am not sure i believe you could if Back to basics isn't played yet.

You may play an Allegiance and a Venue, or any card that stipulates you may play it during any phase (such as the Steiner Brothers' The Dog-Faced Gremlin), before B2B shuts off your capacity to play other cards.

For back to basics can I run the classic versions of the moves?

No, they have different titles, you can pack throwbacks like tb Backhand Slap

No. Back to Basics looks for exact titles, and the Classic maneuvers all have the word "Classic" in their title. Backhand Slap (OG) and Backhand Slap (TB) are each valid options because both are titled "Backhand Slap" (though remember you only get to search for one copy, so you cannot pack both the original and the throwback in the same deck), but Classic Vertical Suplex is not, since Back to Basics specifically wants a card titled "Vertical Suplex."


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