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Neil Swint:
Roster will be posted 11am est on the 20th. Rumble will be run on the night of the 24th, so results on the 25th.
No CORNERMAN power-up this year. No where to hide! The TEAM PLAYER power-up is better. And no women! (Damn.)
The winner of this years Royal Rumble will get an APA superstar card signed by Ron Simmons himself. DAMN!
Good luck Rumblers!

2007 Online Royal Rumble Winner: BATISTA (BENDER)
2008 Online Royal Rumble Winner: THE BRITISH BULLDOG (thedemonkiller)
2009 Online Royal Rumble Winner: RANDY ORTON (Randy_Trash)
2010 Online MEGA Royal Rumble Winner: LEX LUGER (Phenominal1)
2011 Online Royal Rumble Winner: BIG SHOW (DogTheUnemployed)
2011 Online Royal Rumble Revenge Winner: RANDY ORTON (Anthony Lurty)
2012 Online Royal Rumble Winner: DANIEL BRYAN (Turd Ferguson)
2013 Online Royal Rumble Winner: RYBACK (Mitch!)
2014 Online Royal Rumble Winner: JOHN CENA (Suicidal_Sephiroth)
2015 Online Royal Rumble Winner: CESARO (WC Champ)
2016 Online Royal Rumble Winner: STARDUST (TimJR)
2017 Online Royal Rumble Winner: GOLDBERG (MrPeoplesTeam)
2018 Online Royal Rumble Winner: BRAUN STROWMAN (CreedP)
2019 Online Royal Rumble Winner: HULK HOGAN (Ekhari)

YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW OR DO ANYTHING TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS!!!! YOU the players just have to pick some wrestler names AND DO NOTHING BUT SIT BACK, while I play out the 14th Annual TCO ROYAL RUMBLE! Since you won't be controlling things this is where reading the Royal Rumble match posting becomes very exciting and fun.

Here is the link to the last Royal Rumble held on TCO back at the start of 2019:

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING carefully, as it will explain the EASY wrestler selection process that you MUST ADHERE TO.
YOU MAY SPEND UP TO 15 POINTS. You MUST select 1-3 wrestlers OR you may select exactly 4 Cruiserweights. (Only up to two players can do this special Cruiserweight selection.) After you have selected your wrestlers, if you have any points left you may spend the remainder of your points on the power-ups listed below the roster.
Sign up will be closed as soon as 30 WRESTLERS HAVE BEEN SELECTED BY ANY NUMBER OF PLAYERS. Any other players that end up trying to join in will unfortunately be cut off. DO NOT SELECT WRESTLERS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN SELECTED BY SOMEONE ELSE AND DO NOT SELECT A 31ST WRESTLER! It is your job to look over and correct your choices if need be otherwise I will, and you might not like it.

BRIEF GAME MECHANICS OVERVIEW (you don't need to know any of this, the link below leads to full Rumble mechanics)
Wrestlers will be posted with 2 numbers, #/#. The first # is their hand size (HS), and the second # is their superstar value (SV).
- The higher the HS the more damage a wrestler can take before having to make a save roll (failed save rolls result in elimination).
- A HS0-4 wrestler removes 1 hit from themsef at the end of each round and they have a slightly easier time at saving (see link above).
- A HS5 wrestler can reroll all their dice once each round.
- If a wrestlers HS is 8+, then they are a tank or are a very skilled athlete. These wrestlers have a small chance to avoid making a save roll (see link above).
- The higher a wrestlers SV is determines how easy it is for them to hit other wrestlers and avoid being hit by other wrestlers. The higher the better!
- Recoveries can happen (hits removed and/or reroll counters gained). Low SV wrestlers (and/or HS0-4 wrestlers) have a better chance at recovering.
- HS11+ wrestlers cannot reroll their RECOVERY ROLLS.
- HS0-1 wrestlers begin with 2 reroll counters. HS3, 6, and 9 wrestlers begin with 1 reroll counter.

You are allowed to spend UP TO 15 POINTS and you must select 1-3 wrestlers OR exactly 4 Cruiserweights. (Only up to two players can do this special Cruiserweight selection.) Wrestlers with a legit injury, that make occasional appearances, and that have been inactive for 30+ days have been omitted from the roster. Or have they?
Frantic Finale: When 28 wrestlers have been eliminated, if there is a lowest SV between the two remaining wrestlers, the lowest SV wrestler hits at 5+ for the remainder of the Royal Rumble!

-Mojo Rawley 6/1
-No Way Jose 7/1
-Akira Tozawa 5/1 (cruiserweight)
-Ariya Daivari 7/1 (cruiserweight)
-Drake Maverick 1/1 (cruiserweight)
-Drew Gulak 6/1 (cruiserweight)
-Mike Kanellis 5/1 (cruiserweight)
-Mustafa Ali 7/1 (cruiserweight)
-Ricochet 8/1 (cruiserweight)
-Tony Nese 6/1 (cruiserweight)

-Aleister Black 6/2
-Andrade 8/2
-Buddy Murphy 7/2
-Eric Young 5/2
-Erick Rowan 10/2
-Heath Slater 5/2
-Titus O'Neil 6/2
-Cedric Alexander 6/2 (cruiserweight)
-Gentleman Jack Gallagher 3/2 (cruiserweight)
-The Brian Kendrick 2/2 (cruiserweight)
-HAWKINS AND RYDER (Curt Hawkins 5/1, Zack Ryder 5/1)
-THE SINGH BROTHERS (Samir Singh 4/1, Sunil Singh 4/1) (cruiserweights)
-THE STREET PROFITS (Angelo Dawkins 7/1, Montez Ford 6/1)

-Apollo Crews 7/3
-Bobby Lashley 9/3
-Elias 5/3
-R-Truth 7/3
-Shelton Benjamin 7/3
-Humberto Carrillo 8/3 (cruiserweight) (Ninja: RING GENERAL can be allocated to Carrillo)
-Shorty G 5/3 (cruiserweight)

-Big Show 9/4
-Cesaro 9/4
-Drew McIntyre 6/4 (The Celtic Colossus: RING GENERAL removes 2 hits instead of 1 from McIntyre)
-King Corbin 6/4 (The King: When RUMBLE ROYALTY is removed from a wrestler that Corbin is attacking, Corbin chooses where that wrestler moves and DOWN BUT NOT OUT)
-Rusev 7/4
-Samoa Joe 7/4
-Sheamus 9/4
-Shinsuke Nakamura 8/4 (Strong Style: 205 can be allocated to Nakamura)
-Rey Mysterio 8/4 (cruiserweight) (Giant Killer: READY TO RUMBLE can be allocated to Mysterio)
-HEAVY MACHINERY (Otis 11/2, Tucker 11/2)
-THE B-TEAM (Bo Dallas 2/2, Curtis Axel 6/2)
-THE COLĂ“NS (Epico 5/2, Primo 5/2)
-THE VIKING RAIDERS (Erik 9/2, Ivar 9/2)

You may spend 4PTS to get 1 random surprise entrant from a predetermined pool of 13 superstars. YOU CAN DO THIS 1-3 TIMES.
You will not know who you have selected until you see them in the Rumble!
You may allocate ANY power-ups to your surprise entrant. (Allocations that end up being illegal will be converted into equivalent reroll counters.)
Each surprise entrant is worth 2-8PTS. 55% of the entrants are worth 4-8PTS.
Guarantee: At least one 5-8PT entrant will be given away.

-Braun Strowman 12/5 (Get These Hands: LUCK OF THE DRAW cannot be allocated to Strowman)
-Daniel Bryan 5/5 (Yes!: 205 can be allocated to Bryan, when Bryan is automatically eliminated he can remove his 205 as if it were DAMN!)
-Kevin Owens 8/5
-Randy Orton 7/5
-Roman Reigns 7/5
-"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt 9/5 (Firefly Fun House: Wyatt makes a RECOVERY ROLL when a DAMN! power-up is removed from him)

-Brock Lesnar 9/6
-Triple H 8/6
-THE NEW DAY (Big E Langston 5/3, Kofi Kingston 7/3)
-THE REVIVAL (Dash Wilder 6/3 , Scott Dawson 6/3)
-THE USOS (Jey Uso 7/3, Jimmy Uso 7/3)

-MIZ & MORRISON (John Morrison 6/3, The Miz 7/4)
-ROODE & ZIGGLER (Dolph Ziggler 6/4 Showoff: CARDIO KING removes 3 hits instead of 2 from Ziggler, Robert Roode 6/3)
-Undertaker 6/7 (The Phenom: Undertaker makes a RECOVERY ROLL that cannot be rerolled when a DAMN! or RUMBLE ROYALTY power-up is removed from him)

-Sami Zayn 6/4 (Managerial License: select Zayn for 4PTS or select Cesaro, Nakamura, Rawley, and Zayn for 13PTS)
-AOP (Akam 8/2, Rezar 8/2, Seth Rollins 6/5 Monday Night Messiah: Rollins is a cruiserweight for REROLL COUNTERS) (select Rollins for 5PTS or select all 3 for 9PTS)
-LUCHA HOUSE PARTY (Gran Metalik 4/1, Kalisto 4/2, Lince Dorado 4/1) (Cruiserweights) (select Kalisto for 2PTS or select all 3 for 4PTS)
-THE O.C. (AJ Styles 8/5 The Phenomenal One: 205 can be allocated to Styles, Karl Anderson 6/3, Luke Gallows 9/3) (select Styles for 5PTS or select all 3 for 11PTS)

You can buy each power-up as many times as you want, points allowing. When you buy a power-up you MUST immediately allocate it onto one of your wrestlers.

#PTS spent gives this wrestler #+1 reroll counters. If this wrestler is a cruiserweight and 3PTS or more are spent, +1 becomes +2.
When buying this power-up, 1PT or more must be spent.

1PT: CARDIO KING (can only be allocated to a HS 3-10 wrestler)
This wrestler removes 2 hits from themself if their RECOVERY ROLL sum is negative. (Cumulative with RING GENERAL.)

2PTS: 205 (this power-up is allocated to all of your cruiserweights, you can only buy this power-up ONCE)
When your cruiserweight attacks by themself (empty the ring does not count), if the cruiserweight would hit at 6 they hit at 5+ instead.

Do not underestimate your chances of being eliminated automatically. Anything CAN and WILL happen in the Royal Rumble!
When this wrestler is automatically eliminated, one of these power-ups can be immediately removed from this wrestler. If removed, this wrestler is no longer being eliminated and is immediately moved to the start or the end of the ring and is declared DOWN BUT NOT OUT.

2PTS: TEAM PLAYER (this power-up is allocated to all of your wrestlers, you can only buy this power-up ONCE)
Your double team declaration roll succeeds at 3+ and each subsequent roll that round at 2+.
Your wrestlers can automatically double team with your other adjacent wrestlers. No declaration roll is made.
Your opponent(s) cannot use your wrestlers in a double team against your other wrestlers.
Your wrestler may skip their turn (decline to attack) and remove 1 hit from themself if the only attackable targets are your other wrestlers.

3PTS: READY TO RUMBLE (cannot be allocated to a cruiserweight)
When this wrestler is eliminated (not automatically), one of these power-ups can be immediately removed from this wrestler. If removed, this wrestler is no longer being eliminated and is immediately moved to the start or the end of the ring and is declared DOWN BUT NOT OUT. This wrestler immediately rolls 1D6 that cannot be rerolled. If 5-6 is rolled then this wrestler gains a READY TO RUMBLE power-up!

3PTS: RING GENERAL (cannot be allocated to a cruiserweight)
Whenever this wrestler tries to empty the ring, the attempt succeeds on a roll of 2+ instead of 3+.
This wrestler removes 1 hit from themself if their RECOVERY ROLL sum is negative.
This wrestler gains 1 reroll counter if they roll a BOTCH/SHOOT and they may reroll such a roll. (Even against HS 6-7.)

4PTS: LUCK OF THE DRAW (you can only buy this power-up ONCE) bought twice
As soon as this power-up is bought by two players, it cannot be bought again by any player.
This wrestler will enter the Royal Rumble in either the number 1 or number 30 spot. It's a 50-50 chance!
If two wrestlers have this, one of them will randomly be 1, the other will be 30.

4PTS: RUMBLE ROYALTY (cannot be allocated to a cruiserweight)
When this wrestler is eliminated in ANYWAY, one of these power-ups can be immediately removed from this wrestler. If removed, this wrestler is no longer being eliminated and is immediately moved to the start or the end of the ring or to any hole within the ring and MAY be declared DOWN BUT NOT OUT.


Buddha Dudley:
2 Raw Deal World Championships, 2 ACMTs, 2 Beers for lunch and 1 whole situp when I got out of bed this morning have prepared me for this moment... Finally winning a TCO Online Raw Deal Royal Rumble...

back off, buddha boy!  I finally have an event I can beat you at and I intend to do so!   :laugh: :laugh:

You sweathogs can keep arguing over second place all you like...


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