Author Topic: Top 5 Virtual Revolution Superstars through Virtual 4  (Read 3923 times)

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Top 5 Virtual Revolution Superstars through Virtual 4
« on: September 01, 2012, 09:24:44 AM »
In this forum, I saw an excellent request for a write-up on the best superstars in each of the Virtual Formats. Consider this the first in a series of write-ups on the 3 Virtual Formats, with Revolution being the first.

Now, because these lists are bound to be subjective, I decided to bring in some ringers so as not to unnecessarily put all the burden of making these lists all on to my shoulders. As such, I solicited the opinions of the 2 guys that made the undefeated <R> Ric Flair deck I piloted the last 2 years at Worlds, TCO users Velacards & Elceh. These are the same <R> mad geniuses behind the upcoming all Revolution set.

Now, you may disagree about a certain <R> Superstar that was left off the list, but Velacards & Elceh came up with great reasons why this list is the way it is, and they even went so far as to rank them when I just asked for a non-ranked list. In fact I'm expecting these articles to spark some lively debate.

Without further ado, I present to you their list...

The Top 5 Virtual Rev Superstars through Virtual 4 by Velacards & Elceh


#5 <R> Christian:
The ability to play Antics from Ringside is unique tech in <R>, making The CLB one of the best superstars in <R>. While he is limited in what Antics he can have in his Ring, it doesn’t stop him from setting up any type of Antic strategy. This is especially useful when you have <R> Ashley’s an Awesome Asset in Ring or Ringside.

Even with his limited Superstar-specifics, Christian has revised the metagame of <R>. Before Christian, Antics were sparse and rarely played, with the exception of a few Superstars (Undertaker, Randy Orton, Edge), the appropriate # of packed Antic Reversals were limited only to a couple cards. After Christian, every Superstar needed to pack that extra Antic Reversal in case they face him. It also helps that one of his Superstar-specifics aids against the Aggression Rule, one of the primary elements in <R>. Also, there are only so many non-Superstar-specific Antic Reversals, enabling him to eventually enact his strategy.

Match-ups - Christian's limited Superstar support creates some less than favorable match-ups, as he has to rely on more non-Uniques than most regular Superstars. However, with his Unique ability and a clever deck strategy, he still plays very well.

#4 <R> Shawn Michaels:
Even though he has to rely on Antics, Shawn has one of the best abilities in <R>. After discarding, it enables him to cycle though his deck and find more desirable cards at any point in a match-up. While <R> Stone Cold gets a fresh hand and <R> Tommy Dreamer can pick up from Ringside once per turn, Shawn gets to cycle through the most cards. It comes in handy when you need that late-game Reversal or Maneuver.

Shawn has support from one of the best Factions in <R> The Degenerates. He also has great Superstar-specifics, including an Antic Reversal at 2F that deals 5D (H-B-K) and one of the best overturn cards in <R> (Iconic Kip-up) at 0F. Along with a great 0F Antic and some decent Follow-ups, he has support that matches up well against many superstars.

Match-ups - Shawn Michaels is another Superstar that matches up well against varied deck styles, Superstars, and Extremists. His only drawback is his reliance on having Antics in hand and 3 of his Superstar-specifics are Follow-ups. While 2 of them are Hybrids, the current style of <R> increases the difficulty of successfully playing the non-Hybrid Follow-ups without some support.

#3 <R> HHH:
Besides the non-Uniqueness tied to his ability, HHH has one of the most open builds in Revolution. Since one of the current primary elements of <R> involves Maneuvers, his ability to pick up non-Unique Maneuvers from Ringside almost rivals <R> Ric Flair. While it does cost him a card to pick up a non-Unique Maneuver, it does allow for a change of strategy on the fly. When you really need to recur and you have no <R> Dragon Sleeper or <R> Bow & Arrow in hand or you really need that speific Mean reversal and <R> Big Boot or <R> Chicken Wing are in ringside, HHH is very adaptable.

Also, just like Shawn Michaels, HHH has the added support of <R> The Degenerates, giving him some of the best reversals in the game. Along with one of the most notable Hybrids in <R> (Smacked with a Sledgehammer), he can set the tone for a match once he reaches a certain Fortitude. Taking 20D from a reversed Mean or Colossal can determine whether a game continues or ends.

Match-ups - there is not one Superstar that HHH does not match up well against. His cards provide excellent support against any Superstar. The only drawback is his lack of a Unique Antic Reversal, as they come in handy against <R> Christian, who can play Antics from Ringside.

#2 <R> Undertaker:
With essentially 2 Superstar Abilities, Undertaker is one of the toughest Superstars in <R>. His Ability allows for a fairly open build, as the reactionary effect of his ability let you pick up non-Unique, non-Hybrid, non-Extreme Maneuvers from Ringside; and this flexibility allows for any number of strategies to be executed. This is very useful when you have multiple copies of a particular Maneuver in your Ringside and/or hand that you want to push through.

While he is a part of the worst Faction in <R> (<R> Attitude Adjusters), this lack of support doesn't make for a lesser Superstar, as he has some of the best Superstar-specifics in <R>: a Mean that shuffles 15 from Ringside into your Arsenal (Demon of Death Valley’s Chokeslam), one of the cheaper Colossals in the game at 12F that can goes to his hand if overturned in <R> Red Devil's Snake Eyes and one of the best Superstar-specific Antics in <R> The Lord of Darkness – a 6F for 6D card that also lets him overturn up to 6 cards and then put that many from Ringside into his hand. Of course, he can be also drafted to another Faction or add a Corner for more support, but his ability is just so outstanding as a base to build upon.

Match-ups - the ability to pick up maneuvers from Ringside when his cards are reversed from hand is a great ability, as it plays right into one of the primary elements in <R>, the Aggression Rule. You can essentially keep swinging the same maneuver over and over again each turn until it sticks (assuming you have 2 copies of that card in your ringside as you cannot pick up the exact card that was reversed – meaning if you throw a <R> Gut Punch, you can’t put that same card back into your hand unless you have another <R> Gut Punch already in your Ringside). Now add the ability, that when Undertaker is behind on Fortitude, to have the same Fortitude as the opponent and you have a really tough Superstar with an Ability that matches up well against anyone. He will eventually have the Fortitude to make cards in his hand useful, either from own Ring or from the opponent's Ring. <R> Too Extreme For Your Own Good is the only card that stops him from being the best Superstar in <R> (nerfing his ability to play <R> New Breed, making him an Extremist and utilizing <R> Overexposure).

#1 <R> Ric Flair:
The Superstar Ability of The Nature Boy makes him the best Superstar in <R>. When a player builds their deck strategically around his Superstar ability, he’s able to pick up almost any Maneuver in his Ringside, WITHOUT A COST. That is what makes Flair so good, even overcoming his printed 4 Starting Hand Size. It can limit what Maneuvers he can pack, but the lack of cost is well worth it. Even his Superstar cards play into his ability (Space Mountain PUNCH, Profilin’ Shin Breaker with Target: LEG, Nature Boy CHOP, Flair's Figure Four Finale with Target: LEG)

Like HHH and Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair has the added support of <R> The Degenerates.. It gives him some of the best Reversals in the game, including a 4F Core Reversal (Assisted by the Dirtiest Player in the Game) and a Mean or Colossal Reversal (Heartbreaker). Include one of the best Faction Antics (Eat Spit) in <R>, and Flair has great support.

Match-ups - most Superstars in <R> have a COST or have to react to pick up from Ringside; Flair does it once during his turn without a cost. This enables him to match-up against anyone in <R> and consistently win. He can consistently play Maneuvers every turn, enabling him to wear down an opponent’s Reversal base and win in any stage of a match-up.

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Re: Top 5 Virtual Revolution Superstars through Virtual 4
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2012, 03:56:39 PM »
While I feel this list highlights some great points about the Superstars, it is not the definitive list for Revolution.  There were some Superstars that almost made the cut, but were stifled by a number of factors, with some of them only being one card (REV Batista and Live Fast Fight Hard, for example).  This list is subjective to regional play, but has been strenuously tested.
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Re: Top 5 Virtual Revolution Superstars through Virtual 4
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2012, 09:38:37 PM »
While I feel this list highlights some great points about the Superstars, it is not the definitive list for Revolution.  There were some Superstars that almost made the cut, but were stifled by a number of factors, with some of them only being one card (REV Batista and Live Fast Fight Hard, for example).  This list is subjective to regional play, but has been strenuously tested.

Total agreement here.

There can be a case made for several <R> SS/Extremists ...

Matt Striker (great <R> HS and ability is sick hand manipulation. V1 card makes him even more deadly late game), Sandman (great open ability + his V1 support card just made him more lethal), Cena (with his new V1 Pre-Match card, he jumped pretty high on the list).

Speaking of V1 support, HHH got an amazing boost as well, so he fits just fine on this Fast 5 list.

Try them out or just list <R> stars you feel should have been on this list. Or, maybe the list is right, just in the wrong order.

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