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The state of Raw Deal going into 2020

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Eric RD:
As 2019 comes to a close and this game enters its 20th year, I like to think it has been a good year for Virtual. Some changes have led to new titles being introduced, new leadership and new faces among the developers. I hope the changes can continue the great work that has come before, and this is why I think 2020 will be such an amazing year for Virtual. There are more changes to come and this is what I would like to update you all on.

Transparency/Community Involvement:
If it wasn’t for you, you that is reading this message, there wouldn’t be Virtual expansions. The players keep this game alive and we want to make sure you know what is going on and what our intentions are going forward with this game. With the recent poll for a Superstar choice in V11, as well as seeking input on the 2020 bottom of the barrel thread, your continued support is important to us and we want to have you involved when we can.

New Content:
We’re going to be producing smaller sets going forward. The aim is 8 Superstars per set, with the hopes to have more sets during the year, along with some surprises. Development and playtesting is done with a small team and we still want to release the best product possible. Reducing the size of the sets will make the happen.

Prizing & Tournaments:
There are a few ideas going around. A monthly/quarterly printable tournament kit for local areas to make available to their players however they want, be it in a structured event, giveaways, or another method that hasn’t been thought of.
As for tournaments, a Regional Tournament Kit is being discussed for larger scale events. Like how the North American Championship had alternate art cards, among other prizing, we want to make these events more special with exclusive prizing not available anywhere else.
Formalities are still being worked out, but we’re hoping this is a way to give everyone around the world an opportunity to play an event with the prizing and competition that is seen at Worlds.

We will need new playtesters and would like to bring in some fresh eyes to help with the ongoing work we’re releasing. An application process will be made to add the new members to the playtesting team. Keep your eyes open for that in the coming month or two.

That’s what we have going on with Virtual heading into 2020, the 20th year of the game. Feel free to ask questions in this thread and we’ll be happy to answer them to the best of our ability.

The game is very fringe. It has maybe 10 or 20 people active on Discord, worlds has less people every year, and we may never have a real comeback to the great times of before.

Yet, you guys do an amazing job at keeping alive this game i love so much, that's got me to play people not only from Chile, but from Canada, the US, Philippines, etc.

I hope we can keep it alive for as long as we can, and to be able to help with the task at hand.

Let's make 2020 bigger.

Eric RD:
Thanks for the kind words.

It's difficult to bring in new players who want to try the game for the first time, and we're also visiting various ideas to make that easier for people.

A big part of the game was local game play, due to the game not having a method for online play when it was actively being made by Comic Images. We're hoping Regional Tournaments will help this by giving players the excitement of a large scale event, exclusive prizing and playing people they wouldn't normally play against.

I have tried to get back into the game a few times but have found the barrier to entry too high. Maybe a printable file of 2 starter decks for new players?


--- Quote from: monkey on January 08, 2020, 08:11:57 AM ---I have tried to get back into the game a few times but have found the barrier to entry too high. Maybe a printable file of 2 starter decks for new players?

--- End quote ---

Start with easy superstars. Ultimate Warrior is a good example. Baby steps.


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