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Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker [No spoilers, but a RANT]

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So i've just finished watching this show and I just got to rant. This is just my personal opinion on the movie.

I had almost no expectation going into this movie, and yet i still came out disappointed. The best part of the film was the score, i mean it's John Williams after all. But wow, the rest of the film, was a greatest waste of 142mins in my life. This is the worse star wars film of all time. Poor character development, the dialogue seems so unnatural, the transitions between each scenes were poor, the action sequences and the cinematography were not on par with the previous film, and again, too many side characters that had little introduction or background for the viewers to care about. I won't start on how the story goes as I want this to be a spoiler free zone, but man, set your expectations really low. People were complaining about The Last Jedi, but i sort of liked that movie, and thought the complaints were blown out of proportions. This movie, however, is worse than The Last Jedi. ok rant over.

Would love to hear what you all thought of the movie, and perhaps some positive of the movie. i hereby apologize for being such negativity on this forum, but i really had to let it off my chest.

I had the polar opposite experience, and enjoyed all of it.  It felt like the kind of big, epic movie I go to theaters hoping to see.

The story felt like the natural arc progression from 7 & 8, I found the character development to be rather rich, and the dialogue was good and at the right times, made me laugh. The transitions between scenes felt the same as any other SW movie, the sliding shift to a new area. There were some excellent callbacks to previous moments and characters, and things that made me gasp and 'mark' a bit.

Visually, it's incredible as they found new ways to present the old environments (desert, forest, etc) and some new locations, like a massive ocean with enormous waves.

Perhaps I just don't understand why people watch movies sometimes, it feels like they want to see the negative parts, and forget that entertainment is for the purpose of being entertained. (Note - that's a statement in general, not at you personally Ironteeth, the internet is full of examples, heh)  That's why I go to the theater, sometimes yes, it feels a bit lacking, and potential wasn't reached - however, Rise of Skywalker felt like it surpassed the potential, and I'm looking forward to seeing it again in the near future.


Better than ep.1&2
Better than solo.

Thank you Creed for your response. I will keep in mind those points you have mentioned and try to watch the movie with the frame of mind when it comes out on Netflix. Personally, i would not watch it in the theaters again, but i will come back to this and take note of the points you have mentioned before watching it again. I think it might help improve my viewing experience of this movie.

Hey necrobaron, completely agree with you on this movie being better than Solo, despite my rant. Ah, i should have been clearer with my statement when i said it was the worst star war film, i meant within the 9 main movies. episode 1 & 2 were better for me, maybe because i was still pretty young when i watched it? ah damn, perhaps i've just become more cynical as i got older and thus found this movie worse. Damn you, adulthood.

I kinda wish this had been split into two movies ....it had sooo much to cover (if this has been 8 and 9, it would have been much better), it's a shame this movie had to spend so much time cleaning up the mess of the Last Jedi....but damn somehow it did manage to pull this off, I was ok with Palpatine coming back (but I love Ian McDermond in that role and will mark out for that EVERY time)....it was great to see the cast united and working together too.....lots of fun there, and I'm glad that I never need see the Last Jedi again  :laugh: :laugh:....you can watch 7 and 9 and pretty much get the gist of it all, but I did very much enjoy this movie and I'd see it again, it's sad that it took three movies to give us some sort of back story to our lead characters .....and lots of emotional stuff in this one, if you liked Star Wars....go see it .....if you liked the Last Jedi..... go see Knives Out :p

and I'm glad JJ went out of his way to fix some of the massive damage the last movie did :)


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