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Eugene - RAW/Fan Favorite/BASH All Axxess
« on: November 27, 2019, 12:31:49 PM »
Backstage Area: (13)

Eugene Superstar Card
RAW DEAL Fifth Anniversary
RAW DEAL Tenth Anniversary
Backstage Signature
Backstage Signing Appearance
Backstage Autograph Session
Celebrity Shenanigans
Nostalgia Shenanigans
Enough Shenanigans!
Old School Shenanigans
No More Shenanigans
Defeating Villainous Shenanigans
Really, That's Enough Shenanigans

Pre-Match: (12)

I'm Al On the Winning Side - MY Side!
I'm Gonna BASH Your Brains In!
Bad Blood
<R> Judgment Day
I'll Taunt You...then I'll BASH You!
It's Time for a Great American BASH x3
A Quick BASH-ing
Drawing a Blank
I Like to Play Games!
Armageddon Is Upon Us

Mid-Match: (12)

Introduce Your Brain to Your Mouth...
Restricted Use in This Area
You're as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
The Road to Victory
Your Reach Exceeds Your Grasp
Inspiration for a New Generation
Trevor Murdoch Is Gonna BASH Your Brains in x2
For The Love of The Game x3
The King Interferes!

Maneuvers: (21)

The Matt Hardy Movement Has Begun
Patented Rock Footstomp TB
Giant Head Butt
Funaki's Ensugri
Cobra Clutch TB
Japanese Flying Bulldog
Girly Choke
The Three Amigos
Spinning Straight Elbow
The Johnny-Go-Round Kick x3
<R> Kane's Big Boot
<R> Ego Cutter
<R> The Samoan Spike
BASH Punch x2
BASH Suplex x2
BASH Headlock x2

Hybrids: (15)

Trish's Chick Kick x3
Edge's Running Spear x3
I'm Driven By Anger x3
Don't Try This at Home x2
Sidewalk Slam TB
Don't Be a Douchebag
The Dream Lives On

Reversals: (20)

You Won't BASH Me!
The Return BASH for Scotty's W-O-R-M x3
Me Llamo...Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrada x2
Get the "F" Out! x3
Over Sell Maneuver x3
Divine Intervention
The RAW DEAL Revolution
<R> Two for the Show...
...I Change the Questions x2
Eugening Up
The Pride of the Family

Actions: (4)

The Jacket's Coming Off...
I'm Special
Hello, My Name is Eugene
McMahon Family Values
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