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Looking for advice with enforcers


 just looking for some overall advice and recommendations from more seasoned players,  their opinions on the best GM's and enforcer card combos maybe some fun shenanigans. We play classic but would love to hear some Virtual stuff too Thanks in advance cant wait to hear from ya'll

I built a rough base for bobby heenan and hes a bit on the anti fun side

The Hurricane:
I enjoyed playing as Bobby Heenan with the Michael Cole enforcer. It just works so well.

If strictly speaking for GMs, I like Paul Heyman best with his thick pile of backstage stipulations which I try to make use of each and single one (including falls count anywhere).

On another note I like Mystery Wrestler with the hidden ECW and nWo enforcers that jumps out when you drop your T-shirt.

Lastly for cheap thrills, Sheriff Austin playing an abundance of pre match with "draw seGMent" in the text to open as many enforcers as possible to build up for his Mid match winning card is fun too. p.s. his ability work so well with No Way Out TB to avoid opponent from spinning a reversal for its effect

Those are some really fun combos and GM's to try out


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