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#TheLast ReZort #WWWYKI
« on: October 27, 2019, 10:13:54 PM »
zack ryder (heel/raw/cheater)

prematch 12
trash talkin interview
christopher nowinski GRA
backstage interview with terri
tech in the bottle
underrated superstar tb
slandered online
internet championship belt
the title is on the line
managed by william regal
managed by stacy keibler tb
making your escape
distractingly divalious

midmatch 12
woo woo woo you know it
throw into the corner turnbuckle tb
irish whip tb
z true long island story
restricted use
old school brawl
king interferes
dirty low blow tb
flawless transition

arsenal 60

maneuvers 17
steel chain shot tb x2
atomic back body drop x2
running clotheline x3
quick snap body slam
pump kick
shoot lock-up x3
german suplex tb x3
zack attack
long island knee drop
the elbro drop

hybrids 19
broski boot
rough ryder
inside cradle
superplex x3
dun try x3
volley this x2
shocking interference
sidewalk slam tb x2
boot lace x3

reversal 17
elbow to the face x2
divine intervention
you missed your chance
come at me bro
jive soul bro
are you serious bro
stay hype bro
MI x3
get the f out x3
revo of the mind x3

action 6
here comes the calvary
broski of the week
take care and spike your hair
shoot action x2

Basically to play all your prematch with z! true long island to make all ACE free slots.
slander online to start the match
ability ACE managed by stacy to search and play Pump kick
then follow up with flawless +quick snap to gain fort for atomic back body drop
put irish whip into play and play atomic back to jump fort for running clotheline and superplex.
simple and easy
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